CAT Strategy for 2 Months

CAT 2018 is about to come on 25 November. CAT is like any other exam which needs hard work and above that smart work. Do not panic in the last days of CAT, as more you practice, the better you will see the results. In this page, you will find the preparation tips in two parts. First for the candidates who will start their preparation now and the second for the students who are already preparing for the exam.

How to Start CAT Preparation 02 Months Before the Exam?

CAT is such an exam that does not require strenuous preparation for months. Since there are 60 days left, you have total 60*10= 600 hours for the preparation. By dividing your time wisely you can crack the CAT easily.

Divide Your Time

Give at least 8 hours daily a day. You can divide it like this 3 Hours for English, 3 Hours for DILR, and 4 hours for Quant.

Check: CAT 2018 Syllabus

First 30 Days for Topic Clarity

Stick to the Timeline

Since only a few days left for the exam, you must be punctual. Whatever is the emergency stick to the timetable. Devote atleast 8 hours dedicatedly. If you are not working then you can spend the rest of the time pursuing a hobby, internship etc

Next one Month

You can take a full-length test every third day and rest of the days attempt the sectional test. Revision is also important, revise formulas or concepts. While giving a mock it is necessary to analyze it.

How to Analyze CAT Mock Test?

  • First check the overview of test like the number of questions attempted, accuracy etc.
  • Second, see the incorrect questions done by you. Analyze why they were wrong.
  • Third, attempt the rest of the questions without going through the solutions. Attempt and then see the solutions. Also, analyze why you could not attempt in the first time.

Mock Papers: CAT Previous Year Question Papers

Be Healthy

Do not pressurize yourself and study while enjoying it.

  • Avoid junk food, eat only healthy food.
  • Exercise – go for walking or jogging.
  • Read good books – fiction or non-fiction both.
  • Do not just stop your social life – Spend time your family and friends.

Now, do not think about the result, just enjoy the journey.

CAT Preparation 02 Months if you are Already Preparing for Exam

If you are already preparing for the exam form the last few months then devote most of your in mock tests only.

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  • Revise the Basics – Revise the topics in which you always find difficulty. Try to learn an easy way to attempt such questions.
  • Do not start a new topic – Do not spend much time learning a new topic. Give it a one-shot otherwise leave it. Avoid stress during the last days of exam.
  • Selection of questions – By giving more and mocks, consciously prepare yourself to divide the questions in easy, moderate, and difficulty category.
  • Mock Test – Take more and more mock test to get adapted to the test pattern. Try to improve in every mock test.

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Chhavi CAT 2017 Topper Says – Read Complete

I used to give mock tests at least every other weekend and used to analyse the same to keep a check on my strong and weak areas and see how I’m improving in the same. I did not have much time in weekdays due to my office, however, starting September I tried to study for around 1 hour before office.

Top CAT  10 Preparation Tips

CAT Preparation

#1. Do not Underestimate

CAT is always full of surprises. So, prepare for anything. There could be a change in the number of questions, type of questions etc. New type of question may also appear in the exam

#2. Do not Lose Hope

In the exam, do not lose your heart when you could not able to perform as you have expected. Always attempt the questions form topics in which you are good at. The exam consists of both the type of questions easy or difficult. So, groom yourself to find the easy questions in the pool of problems.

#3. Speed and Accuracy

In the exam, it is necessary to maintain the accuracy balancing with a number of attempts. You can choose the elimination option method in a question but do not make wild guesses. You can try your chances in one or two questions but not more than that.

#4. Review Mocks

Attempting just mocks will not take you anywhere. If it takes even more than 4 hours to completely analyze the mock then do it. Even mark the questions that are good to revise them later.

#5. Tips of English Comprehension and Verbal Ability

It does not matter how much you are struggling in the English section. Just stick to the daily habit of reading and learning new words. Practice more and more for the reading comprehension. 60% of students struggle in this section but do not lose heart work on other sections to balance the scores of this section.

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#6. Tips of DILR

From the last two year, this section proves to be the toughest section in the exam. so, for this sections try to solve different types of questions instead of traditional ones. Concepts remain the same but it is a right approach which will help you to crack this section.

How to Improve DILR for CAT?

#7. Tips for Quant

This section is easy to attempt if you stick to basics and formulas. To gain advantage you can also work on questions form functions, graph, permutation, and combination etc. Questions from these topics are tricky and can be cleared if you practice thoroughly.

How to Prepare for CAT Quantitative Ability?

#8. Stay up-to-date with Formulas and concepts

Sometimes, it happens that questions are solvable by applying a simple formula but at that moment you cannot remember it. So revise formulas after regular interval.

#9. Stay Healthy and Eat Healthily

All you need is the fresh mind. So, exercise daily and eat healthy food only. This way you will not feel lethargic. Talk to friends, read books and watch interesting documentaries etc.

#10. Do not Take Stress

At any point in time especially before the exam avoid stress. CAT is just an exam, getting percentile less than expected will not stop your life. There are many options which you can pursue in management. Even there are many other exams which you can take to get admission in top MBA colleges in India.

CAT 2018 Full Preparation

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