AIMCAT 2018 – The Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd (TIME) provides a mock test series called AIMCAT series. The AIMCAT series are said to be the best Mock CAT series and is considered essential for complete preparation for the CAT. These mock test series have difficulty level higher than CAT exam, hence, the candidates who are preparing for CAT 2018 should go through these mock test series. You can analyze your performance and on the basis of that can better your performance for CAT 2018. TIME provides 04 versions of AIMCAT package for CAT 2018: AIMCAT Basic, AIMCAT Basic with Discussion Videos, AIMCAT Enhanced and AIMCAT Enhanced with Discussion Videos. Check more details about the AIMCAT 2018 from this page.

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AIMCAT 2018 Schedule

You can check complete schedule for AIMCAT 2018 from the table below.

AIMCAT Ref. Start Date End Date
AIMCAT1925 20 Jan 2018 23 Jan 2018
AIMCAT1924 16 Feb 2018 17 Feb 2018
AIMCAT1923 10 Mar 2018 13 Mar 2018
AIMCAT1922 26 May 2018 27 May 2018
AIMCAT1921 8 Jun 2018 11 Jun 2018
AIMCAT1920 23 Jun 2018 24 Jun 2018
AIMCAT1919 29 Jun 2018 2 Jul 2018
AIMCAT1918 7 Jul 2018 8 Jul 2018
AIMCAT1917 13 Jul 2018 16 Jul 2018
AIMCAT1916 28 Jul 2018 29 Jul 2018
AIMCAT1915 11 Aug 2018 12 Aug 2018
AIMCAT1914 17 Aug 2018 20 Aug 2018
AIMCAT1913 24 Aug 2018 27 Aug 2018
AIMCAT1912 1 Sep 2018 2 Sep 2018
AIMCAT1911 7 Sep 2018 10 Sep 2018
AIMCAT1910 15 Sep 2018 16 Sep 2018
AIMCAT1909 21 Sep 2018 24 Sep 2018
AIMCAT1908 29 Sep 2018 30 Sep 2018
AIMCAT1907 5 Oct 2018 8 Oct 2018
AIMCAT1906 13 Oct 2018 14 Oct 2018
AIMCAT1905 19 Oct 2018 20 Oct 2018
AIMCAT1904 27 Oct 2018 30 Oct 2018
AIMCAT1903 3 Nov 2018 4 Nov 2018
AIMCAT1902 9 Nov 2018 12 Nov 2018
AIMCAT1901 16 Nov 2018 17 Nov 2018

AIMCAT 2018 Enrollment And Payment Procedure

Those who want to enroll for AIMCAT 2018 can do it so by either of the following ways:

1. Through any TIME office in the country

2. Through Online Payment Facility

You can enroll for the AIMCAT Package for CAT 2018 at any center of TIME in the country. For this, firstly you need to submit the completed enrolment form and pay the fee. The amount to be paid will depend on the course you choose.

Whereas, you can also choose the other option, in which you have to pay the course fee in the form of cash or through credit card along with three passport size photographs. After you enroll at one of the TIME centers ensure that you collect the receipt for the payment you made for future reference.

AIMCAT 2018 Fees

You will have to pay the following amount if you want to enroll for AIMCAT 2018 package.

AIMCAT 2018 version Amount to pay
Basic 2,750
Basic with Discussion Videos 3,500
Enhanced 5,250
Enhanced with Discussion Videos 6,700

Special Price for ex-TIME Students and students with good CAT percentiles 

If you secured a good CAT percentile or an IIM call in CAT 15/ 16/ 17, you can avail of the AIMCATs at a special price. Also, those who were enrolled with T.I.M.E on the full course for CAT 2015, CAT 2016 or CAT 2017 and have paid the full fee are also eligible for the special price.

Student Category/ Percentile Range Special Price – Basic Special Price – Enhanced
Students with IIM Calls from CAT2015/16/17 950 1750
98+ percentile from CAT2015/16/17 950 1750
Percentile between 95 & 97.999 from CAT 2015/16/17 1650 2450
Percentile between 90 & 94.999 from CAT 2015/16/17 1950 3350
T.I.M.E. Students## for CAT 2015/16/17 who are not eligible for any of the special prices above 2150 4150

How To Enroll For AIMCAT 2018?

Just simply follow the instructions as given below to successfully enroll for AIMCAT 2018:

  1. Click Here to enroll for AIMCAT 2018.
  2. Next, you have to enter details like your name, date of birth, email id, mobile number, your address, pin code.
  3. You will also have to choose a test center and the course in which you wish to enroll.
  4. On entering all the details, tick on the declaration and submit the enrollment form.
  5. Lastly, pay the enrollment fee and take a print out of the receipt.

AIMCAT 2018 Test Centers

You will get the option to choose either of the following test center for AIMCAT 2018:

Agartala Cochin Jaipur Nagpur Trichy
Agra Coimbatore Jalandhar Nellore Trivandrum
Ahmedabad Cuttack Jalgaon Noida Udaipur
Ajmer Davanagere Jammu Nashik Udupi
Allahabad Dehradun Jamshedpur Ongole Vallabh
Ambala Delhi Jhansi Palwal Vidyanagar
Amravati Dharwad Jodhpur Panipat Varanasi
Amritsar Durgapur Kakinada Panjim Vellore
Anantapur Erode Kannur Patna Vijayawada
Aurangabad Faridabad Kanpur Pondicherry Vizag
Bangalore Gandhinagar Kolkata Pune Warangal
Bargarh Ghaziabad Kollam Raipur Yavatmal
Baroda Gorakhpur Kota Rajahmundry
Belgaum Greater Noida Kottayam Ranchi
Berhampur Guntur Kozhikode Rohtak
Bhagalpur Gurgaon Lucknow Roorkee
Bhilai Guwahati Ludhiana Rourkela
Bhopal Gwalior Madurai Salem
Bhubaneswar Haldwani Mangalore Sambalpur
Bikaner Hisar Moga Solapur
Bilaspur Hubli Muvattupuzha Surat
Chandigarh Hyderabad Meerut Tirunelveli
Chennai Indore Mumbai Tirupati
Chhindwara Jabalpur Mysore Trichur

Features of AIMCAT 2018

The candidates not only get the opportunity to take the mock test series but there are many other features which are provided these versions as given in the table below:

Features of AIMCAT AIMCAT 2018 versions
Basic Basic with Discussion Videos Enhanced Enhanced with Discussion Videos
All India Mock CATs 14 (7 Invigilated, 7 Non-Invigilated) 14 (7 Invigilated, 7 Non-Invigilated) 22 (11 Invigilated, 11 Non-Invigilated) 22 (11 Invigilated, 11 Non-Invigilated)
Self Administered Mock CATs 8 8 18 18
Mock OMETs* 12 12 34 34
On-line Sectional Tests in CAT pattern 3500 Questions 3500 Questions 9000 Questions 9000 Questions
Discussion Videos by Expert Faculties 2 AIMCATS All AIMCATS 2 AIMCATS All AIMCATS
Online Feedback and Analysis  
Chat Sessions with CAT experts For All AIMCATS For All AIMCATS For All AIMCATS For All AIMCATS
Test taking Strategy Videos Selected AIMCATs Selected AIMCATs Selected AIMCATs Selected AIMCATs

How To Use AIMCAT Package To Improve CAT 2018 score

Mock Tests helps you to find your strong and weak areas and to check your level of preparedness. Many students get worried that since they are not scoring well in the mock tests, they won’t score well in the exam. However, you should not take them as an indicator of your CAT result, instead, analyze the solutions thoroughly and improve every time.

Utilize the AIMCATs to identify the areas where you are struggling and constantly scoring less marks despite the question being easy or average. The AIMCATs test series give you exposure to different types of questions and also the solutions might show you a whole different and efficient way to solve these problems.

If you are doing a full-time job, then you should give at least 90 min daily for preparation. For VA taking the sectional test is a must. Its always better to have exposure to different types of RC with the time constraint.
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