Will I make it, Will I not? Hey guys, this is not the time to think what will happen in future. This is the time where you have to convert your dream into a reality. Taking admission in one of the top B schools in India is the dream of all the MBA aspirants. MAT 2018 is the road to reach that dream.

If you can do today then you can definitely do tomorrow. Remember you were working hard for the last few months. Every day you did your best to chase the dream you have seen. The thought of seating in MBA school and a sight of bright future brings chills in every MBA student.

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This is the second exam to take admission in MBA programme 2019-2021. You must be putting your all efforts to convert the call. Yes, this will be true once you start believing in yourself. Just remind yourself the days where you put your precious time to prepare for the exam. You must have missed the parties, family functions to get what you want. So, by any chance do not let your inner fear overcome your confidence.

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So, let us try what you can do to fight the devil of fear. Are you Afraid of Results? Come on, this is just an exam, a whole lot of good opportunities are waiting for you. what worst can possibly happen that you could not clear the exam? So what, you will have many other exams to clear for the next academic session. MBA is not the last thing you have left, wait for one more year maybe you find something better than this time.

Besides that, just think you will clear the exam and you are sitting for an interview round. Few days, later you will get a call for clearing the interview. Just think positive and the positive will happen. So, just show the exit door to the demon of fear.

For the few hours left for the exam, just chillax. Have some cool drink and enjoy some fresh air. Clear your mind with all the trivial worries. Watch some good movie or anything that relax you. You can also listen to some motivational speech on youtube for say Robin Sharma, Sandeep Maheshwari are all-time favorite motivators.

Apart from that in the meantime, keep your Exam Kit ready and follow the guidelines by AIMA on the exam day. Reach the exam center on time and most important sleep well before the exam.

If you feel like reading something, you can brush up the formulas or word-meanings. So, you have everything fresh in your mind. whereas on the exam day, in the morning have the light breakfast only.  Since this is summertime, you may or may not find an air conditioner in the examination hall. So, Wear comfortable clothes and do carry a water bottle with you.

In the last, Aglasem wishes you ALL THE BEST for MAT 2018 and for your bright future ahead. MAT December

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