The four basic steps for preparing for an entrance exam is to first know about the exam, its pattern, the second step is to know the syllabus, the third step is to get the necessary resources for preparation and the final step is to work hard. The AP ICET 2019 is a national level entrance test which is conducted by Sri Venkateswara University on behalf of APSCHE. To prepare for the entrance test, you must know the AP ICET 2019 Syllabus, only then you can proceed further in your preparation.

The syllabus consists of the important topics which will be asked in the entrance test. The AP ICET Syllabus 2019 contains the chapters from Analytical Ability, Mathematical Ability, and Communication Ability that a candidate needs to study. You can take help of the high school books to help to clear your concepts. Here we have given complete syllabus for AP ICET 2019 which will help you in your preparation.

AP ICET 2019 Syllabus

Since you have a lot of time for AP ICET 2019, you can make a section-wise list of all the topics given in AP ICET 2019 Syllabus and start with the ones which they find the toughest. Check the complete syllabus for AP ICET 2019 below.

Section-A (Analytical Ability)

Data Sufficiency Tables and Graphs Date, Time & Arrangement Problems
Problem Solving Bar diagram Calendars and Clocks
Sequences and Series Pie Chart Blood Relationships
Numbers and alphabet Venn Diagram Arrivals and Departures
Missing number in a sequence Passage Seating arrangements
Data Analysis Coding and Decoding Problems Symbol interpretation

Section-B (Mathematical Ability)

Arithmetical Ability Areas and Volumes Binomial Theorem
Indices, Ratio and Proportion Mensuration Matrices
Surds Modular Arithmetic Notion of a limit and derivative
Numbers and Divisibility Algebraic and Geometrical Ability Statements Plane geometry – lines
L.C.M. and G.C.D Truth tables Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles
Rational Numbers Tautologies-Sets Coordinate Geometry-distance between points
Ordering Relations and Functions Statistical Ability
Percentages Trigonometry Frequency Distributions
Profit and Loss Polynomials Mean, Median, Mode
Partnership Remainder theorem and consequences Standard Deviation
Pipes and Cisterns Linear equations and expressions Correlation
Time and Distance Progressions Probability

Section-C (Communication Ability)

  • Vocabulary
  • Functional grammar for day-to-day communication
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Business and Computer Terminology

AP ICET 2019 Exam Pattern

The test will consist of 200 MCQ questions of one mark each in the following topics.

Sections Number of Questions
Section A- Analytical Ability
Data Sufficiency 20
Problem Solving 55
Section B- Mathematical Ability
Arithmetical Ability 35
Algebraical and Geometrical Ability 30
Statistical Ability 10
Section C- Communication Ability
Vocabulary 10
Business and Computer Terminology 10
Functional Grammar 15
Reading Comprehension 15

Best Books for AP ICET Preparation 2019

After knowing the syllabus and exam pattern, the next step is to select the right reference books. Here’s a list of recommended books one should study while preparing for AP ICET 2019:

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How To Prepare for AP ICET 2019?

Know the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

It is important that you should have complete knowledge of the syllabus and exam pattern. You cannot begin with your exam preparation unless you do not have a proper understanding of its syllabus and exam pattern. Knowing about the exam pattern and its syllabus gives you complete insights into the important features of the entrance exam.

Clear Your Concepts

While preparing for the entrance exam, you should first clear your concepts, and then move to the depths of a particular topic. Understand a certain concept, solve questions on it much as possible. Day by day increase the difficulty level of that topic to analyze your understanding on that topics. Feel free to ask your friends/mentors/teachers for help.

Take Notes While Studying

If you want to score well in APICET 2019, make a habit of making notes of different subjects. It is one of those habits which will help you in the long run. By making note you will memorize the topics that you studied earlier. Additionally, it will further help you find out what all topics you have covered already and what all topics are still left to be prepared.

Do not forget to take Mock Tests

Mock Tests are important for preparing for MB Entrance exam. These tests will help you understand the level of your exam preparation. You can also manage your time better, and improve your performance by paying attention to your weak topics.

If you have any queries or need any guidance for preparing for AP ICET 2019, let us know in the comment section below. 

AP ICET 2019

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