There is always a question that every MBA aspirant asks that “What is the best time to Apply for MBA?“. Should I pursue after graduation or should I gain some work experience? Though there is not one definite answer, still there are perks that an MBA aspirant gets in both the situation.

Some say join MBA just after graduation and similarly, some suggest to gain work experience. Even many B-schools allots extra marks for work experience. So, that means “Should I get a job after Graduation first?“.

Decide: When to Start Preparation for MBA?

Pre-MBA Post-MBA
Learning As comparatively Less More
Exposure Limited Higher
Career Scope Can choose any specialization, work-ex will not matter Can choose any specialization
Placements Little less as compared to Post-MBA Higher

Why Pursue MBA just After Graduation?

All candidates pursue MBA for future growth, so why can’t give that leverage just after graduation. Why wait for two or more years, when you have decided on a career in Management. The reasons for the following are as follows.

  • Academics – You could able to cope with studies easily, as working people do not find the same enthusiasm in studies.
  • Placements – Not major differences in packages, the maximum variation of two to three lakhs.
  • Competition – The more you delay the entrance examination, the more competition gets tougher.
  • Demand for FreshersTop B-schools also accept freshers in great numbers. The 25-45% of the batch in IIMs comprises of freshers.
  • Exposure – Though you learn the same curriculum, still the understanding will be less as compared to a work-ex candidate.
  • Type of Jobs – Candidates generally get the entry-level jobs.
  • Finance – Early you do the Mba, less you have to pay the course fee. The fee structure for the b-schools increases every year.

So, if you are planning to appear for MBA after graduation, then you start your preparation atleast in the penultimate year of the college. If you still think work-ex is a better option then let’s see how having the work-ex is better.

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MBA after Graduation MBA after Work-Ex
Academics 😀 🙂
Placements 🙂 😀
Competition 😀 🙂
Demand 🙂 😀
Exposure 🙂 😀
Finance 🙂 😀
Learning 😀 😀

Why Pursue MBA After Work Experience?

Usually people pursue MBA after work experience in two situations. First, when you are getting growth in current profile and second when you want to change the field. That is not a bad option as well. A candidate with work experience gets an edge in a number of ways.

  • Extra Weighage – There are some b-schools that give more preference to work-ex. It depends on the schools which you are targeting.
  • Better Exposure – Since you already know the intricacies of the management world, you will able to grasp the course better.
  • Better Package – The candidates with work experience gets more package as compared to freshers.
  • Lateral Placements – During the placement season, the companies especially organize the lateral placements only for the work-ex candidates.
  • Finance – You will have enough savings to finance your MBA or you will get the education loan easily.

Type of Work Experience – Most importantly, having a relevant work experience is very necessary. Notably, b-schools want to see the exposure that you gained during your job. Managerial posts are largely preferred.

Options after Work Experience – Candidates can pursue one year MBA programme after five years of work experience. Even more, nowadays there are many online MBA options that candidates an pursue.

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