CAT 2018 Analysis

CAT 2018 Analysis – The CAT 2018 exam slot 1 and slot 2 is now over. The detailed analysis of the CAT 2018 exam is now available on this page below. The CAT 2018 exam is ranged in between moderate to difficult in the level of difficulty. The CAT 2018 Analysis will help candidates to know the type of questions that come in the exam. Also, it will help to compare the difficulty level of both the slots. Evenmore proper analysis will provide inputs to predict the cut off for the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and other 100+ B-school accepting institute. In this page, you will find detailed CAT 2018 Analysis, IIM expected cutoff, college accepting CAT scores, and previous year exam analysis.

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CAT 2018 Analysis

All the CAT 2018 Analysis available is according to reports by institutes like T.I.M.E, Career Launcher etc. Also, CAT 2018 test takers reviews and feedbacks will help to give the authentic analysis of the exam. The CAT 2018 Analysis will consist of questions in each section, difficulty level, type of questions, number of Non-MCQ questions, changes in the exam, cut off prediction etc.

Candidates searching answer key and question paper have to wait for the Official Answer Key for CAT 2018 to release. It is highly possible that it will release in the first week of December.

CAT 2018 Slot 1 V/S Slot 2 Analysis

Around 1 Lakh candidates will take the exam in the first slot. The full CAT 2018 analysis for the first session is now available here.

CAT 2018 Analysis in Glance Slot 1 Slot 2
Total Number of Test Takers 2 Lakhs (moderate)
Total Number of Questions 100 100
Difficulty Level moderate to difficult moderate to difficult
Number of MCQ Questions
  • VARC
  • DILR
  • Quant
  • 27
  • 24
  • 22
  • 27
  • 24
  • 22
Number of Non- MCQ Questions
  • VARC
  • DILR
  • Quant
  • 07
  • 08
  • 12
  • 07
  • 08
  • 12

CAT 2018 Slot 1 V/S Slot 2 Verbal Ability Analysis

Verbal Ability for slot 2 has appeared more or less similar to slot 1. In both the slots, length of the passages intimidated the students. Though the easy options let the students have a sigh of relief. Candidates could not easily able to eliminate 2 choices. The surprising factor was the question of 4 or 5 in each passage as compared to 3 or 6 from last year. Due to change in pattern, makes the English sections little difficult than the previous year.

VARC Analysis

Whereas the ease of Verbal Ability section helped the students to increase their number of attempts. With only 4 sentences in para jumbles, it was easy to solve the para-jumbles questions. Even it was easy to attempt questions of odd-one-out. Out of 3 para summary questions, only one was considered to be difficult.

Area Topic No. of Qs Difficulty Level
Reading Comprehension 5 passages (History, Environment, Economics, Sociology, Biology) 24 Moderate
Verbal Ability Para-Formation 4 Easy-Moderate
Para Odd Man Out 3 Moderate
Summary 3 Moderate-Difficult

CAT 2018 Slot 1 V/S Slot 2 DILR Analysis

The level of difficulty for this sections was easier to last year by the difficulty level was high as compared CAT 2018 morning slot. Apart from that number of questions in each slot was the same. Some sets were easily doable and some were just lengthy and time-consuming. As compared to the previous year, the questions this year were still doable and comprehensible.

DILR Analysis

Area Topic Slot 1/Slot 2 No. of Qs Difficulty level
Data Interpretation N*N Matrix/ Square chart 4 Moderate/ Difficult
Pie Chart/ Profitability and Market share 4 Easy/ Moderate
ATM Machine/ Currency conversion 4 Moderate+/Difficult
Satellites/ B-School grading 4 Difficult
Logical Reasoning Pipes/ Coding – Decoding 4 Moderate/ Difficult
Institutes/ Platinum – gold tickets 4 Difficult
Exam/ Room Numbers and timings 4 Difficult/ Easy
Institutes/ Venn Diagrams 4 Moderate-Difficult

CAT 2018 Slot 1 V/S Slot 2 Quant Analysis

Overall this sections was considered from moderate to difficult. Candidates who judged the book by cover fall into the trap. The easy appearing question appeared to be difficult and vice-versa. Candidates with goof of selecting questions find the section moderate. This section was heavily dominated by Arithmetic questions with also a good number of questions from Geometry and Mensuration.

Quantitive Ability Analysis

Area Topic Description No. of Qs Difficulty level
Quantitative Ability Geometry& Mensuration 6 Moderate+
Numbers 4 Moderate
Arithmetic AMA, TW, CI, TD,P&L, RPV, Equations 14 Moderate+
Algebra QE, Logs, Inequalities,Functions 8 Difficult
Miscellaneous 2 Difficult

CAT 2018 Reviews By Coaching Centres

The below table contains the number of good attempts and expected cutoff scores by each coaching centers in an easy to understand format. Check the comparison here.

CAT 2018 Analysis by T.I.M.E

The cut off this time is expected to be tad higher, as quant gave unexpected surprises this year.

Verbal Ability sections were moderate with the only surprise of length and the number of questions in each set. Whereas in Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning was challenging but still a doable question. Quant sections were overall difficult.

Expected Cutoff by TIME

Percentile Overall Slot 1 Overall Slot 2
97.5 132-136 124-128
99 146-150 138-142

CAT 2018 Analysis by Career Launcher

As per the analysis by career launcher, there was not much deviation in the paper pattern of CAT 2018 as compared to last year. However, they say that there was a slight change in the VARC section. In this section 4 passages had 5 questions each, and 1 passage had 4 questions.

  • The level of difficulty of the paper was higher, compared to last year.
  • VARC continued to be easy.
  • DILR was easier than last year with sets that took less time to solve.
  • However, Quant was tougher.

Good Attempts by career launcher 

Section Expected score for 99%ile Good Attempts
VARC 75 28+
DILR 48-50 16+
Quant 45-50 15+
Overall 155-160 60+

CAT 2018 Analysis by Endeavor Careers

The detailed analysis for Endeavor Careers has been available at Here is a brief summary of the analysis.

According to Endeavor Careers, VARC sections was overall moderate. On an average, for a 98 percentile, 27-28 attempts with an 85% accuracy is considered good. following the same lead, for a 98 percentile in DILR, 22 – 23 attempts with an 80% accuracy is good. With the tough quantitative section, a candidate who able to attempt 25 questions with 80% accuracy has a high chance to get 98 percentile.

CAT 2018 Student Reaction

  • As compared to last year this year, the CAT 2018 exam was easy.
  • The overall difficulty level was moderate to difficult.
  • DILR section was lengthy as compared
  • Quantitative Ability was the toughest section – Arithmetic part was more.
  • DILR section had 32 questions. Other sections had 34 questions.

What’s New CAT 2018 Exam?

As IIMs are well known to throw surprises every year, candidates can now check the changes this year. The areas in which we can see changes in CAT 2018 are:

  • Number of Questions  – The distribution for Non-MCQ and MCQ questions have been changed.
  • Order of Sections – Only in DILR section, the DI and LR were not segregated.
  • Difficulty Level – Slot 2 was slightly difficult than slot 1

Minimum Sectional Cut Off for CAT 2018 Released by IIMs

Candidates can check the cut off for this year by IIMs. Check Expected cut off for CAT 2018.

List of other Top colleges Accepting CAT 2018 Scores Click Here to checklist of top 150 B-schools in India.

CAT 2018 Exam Pattern

As for now, we only know the exam pattern only according to the last year pattern with an only change in the distribution of scores. Moreover, there is no fixed syllabus for the exam.

Non- Variable part of the exam pattern

  • The exam takes place in online mode only.
  • The duration of the test is 3 hours.
  • Paper is divided into three sections – VARC, DILR, and Quant.
  • The exam consists of MCQ and Non-MCQ type questions.

Marking Scheme

Type of questions Correct Answer Negative Marking Marks Deducted for an Incorrect answer
MCQ +3 marks -1 marks
Non-MCQ +3 marks x

Variable part of the exam pattern

The number or type of questions in the exam changes every year. So, here are the expected questions in CAT 2018.

Section Total Number of Questions Number of Non-MCQs
Quantitative Ability 34 7
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension 34 8
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning 32 12
Total 63 27

CAT 2018 Answer Key

After the exam, the exam conducting body is expected to release the answer key for the exam. Last year, IIM Lucknow released the key one week after the exam. On the official CAT 2018 Answer Key, candidates could check the correct answer. In case there are any objections then the doubts can be raised by paying Rs 1000/- per questions.

CAT 2018 Analysis Date
Exam Date 25 Nov 2018
CAT 2018 Analysis – Slot 1
Afternoon after the exam
CAT 2018 Analysis – Slot 2
Evening after the exam
Result Date 2nd week of Jan 2019
IIMs Admission Process Just after the announcement of the result

What After CAT 2018?

As the exam is over, candidates must plan their next move. If CAT didn’t end well then you can still apply for the other national level exams. Things which you can do after CAT 2018 are:

  • Result – Wait  for the official CAT 2018 Result to announce.
  • Attempt other National Level Exams – Giving more number of exams can increase your prospect for admission. Click Here to check MBA Entrance exams 2019.
  • Practice for GDPI – Until the exam result announces, you can start preparing for Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds. You can also start working on your Writing Ability skills.

Previous Year CAT Analysis

Until CAT 2018 Analysis is available, Let’s look at the previous year analysis and see how is changing over the years.

In th year 2017 CAT has few doable questions in VARC & QA section and only a few doable questions in DILR section.

What were the surprising factors?

  • Order of the questions – Apart from the difficulty level, the arrangement of questions was also different. For example, there is no separation between DI & LR questions. After an RC question, candidates came across jumbles sentence question.
  • Slot 1 vs Slot 2 – Candidates in the second slot found LR questions doable as compared to first slot students.
  • Technical Glitches – Apart from the Delhi Centre, the exam took place without any technical issues. Candidates in this centre were shifted to another centre, the exam finally took place at 4:00 PM.

Comprehensive Analysis of CAT Exam in 2017

Here is the comprehensive analysis of each section of the exam in 2017.

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

➡Here are the key takeaways from Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension.

Half of the Non- MCQ questions in VA section motivated the students to attempt such questions.

  • Passages were relatively easier to read, there were a total of 5 passages in the exam.
  • Also, there were 6 questions in 3 passages and 3 questions in 2 passages.
  • Though passages were easy, the options were relatively difficult. Most of the questions were inference based and options were quite close to each other.
  • Candidates able to attempt 20-22 could able to score high percentile in the exam.

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

➡Here are the key takeaways from Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section.

Questions in this sections were not only undoable but also unfamiliar to students. 

  • This section broke the difficulty level of CAT exam in the year 2016. It seemed that this will continue to get tougher in future sessions.
  • Overall questions were difficult, tricky, and lengthy.
  • Not even one complete set was doable. Even more in a particular set, it became improbable to attempt more than 2 questions.

Quantitative Ability

➡Here are the key takeaways from the Quantitative Ability section.

This section has quite doable questions but some questions have traps hidden in them.

  • Most of the questions were from arithmetic and were quite direct & formula based.
  • With the easy questions, there were also few uncrackable questions in the exam.
  • Important lesson to note from this section was that candidates must treat each section independently. In 2018, bad performance in DILR sections made candidates lose confidence in the quant section.

Previous Year CAT Slot 1 vs Slot 2

There were a few difference in CAT 2017 slot 1 & 2. Moreover, the final result of the exam comes only after the normalization process.

  • Pattern – The pattern of the afternoon slot was similar to slot 1.
  • Difficulty Level – Both the slots were the same in terms of difficulty. Though atleast 1 set of LRDI was still similar to afternoon slot students.
  • Security Check – There was strict security checking in both the slots. Candidates were not allowed to wear any kind of Jewellery, accessories, closed shoes/ slippers.
  • Issues – Except a technical glitch in the first slot, the 2nd slot went smoothly.

Year 2016: Analysis of CAT Conducted by IIM Banglore

Common Admission Test every year, throw surprise to the students. So, getting the past year analysis helps to delve deeper and understand the exam.

In CAT 2016, only the questions in the sections appeared easier, though only a few questions were doable.

What were the surprising factors in CAT paper in the year 2016?

  • Difficulty level – Number of tough questions were more in each section.
  • Order of questions  – The order of questions and options were different for the students.
  • Slot 1 vs Slot 2 – The difficulty level of the slots were quite close to each other.

Comprehensive Analysis of CAT Exam 2016

Here is the comprehensive analysis of each section of the exam in 2016.

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

➡Here are the key takeaways from Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension.

Passages were of moderate length with options very close to each other.

  • The passages were comprised of topics from Economics, Linguistic Studies, Environment etc.
  • All the questions of Verbal Ability were Non- MCQ.
  • Para Formations and Para Summary were toughest questions.
  • A total of 22 questions were considered to be the good attempts.

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

➡Here are the key takeaways from Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section.

As CAT in year 2017 set the new benchmark over CAT exam 2016. Similarly, CAT paper 2016 set the benchmark over CAT 2015 in terms of difficulty.

  • Questions were tricky and candidates could not able to attempt more than 2-3 questions in a set.
  • Though sets in the paper were still known to students. questions were from the Venn diagram, arrangement etc.
  • Attempting 14-16 questions were considered to be the good attempts.

Quantitative Ability

➡Here are the key takeaways from Quantitative Ability.

More Number of Arithmetic questions helped to increase the attempts.

  • The difficulty of the exam was considered moderate to difficult with 19-21 considered to be the good attempts.
  • Questions from Geometry and Arithmetic covered the major part of the section.

Paper Leak was a major shock!

After the year 2003, there was a news in CAT exam 2016 that the exam had been leaked. There were screenshots of the exam window that was seen taking rounds in social media. Candidates were even worried if it would to the cancellation of the exam. In the reply to this news, IIM said that integrity of the exam had not been comprised and candidates should not pay heed to any kind of rumors.

Year 2015: Analysis of CAT Conducted by Ahmedabad

This was the first year when the CAT exam went online. In a collaboration with TCS, IIM Ahmedabad conducted the exam pretty flawlessly.

From 40 slot-25 day window to two slots in a day, CAT exam in the year 2015 was remarkable.

Suprises in the Exam

  • Non-MCQ Questions – In this year, the exam has 33% of questions were of Non- MCQ type.
  • Order of the section – In this year,  there were two separate tabs for VA & RC, DI & LR.
  • Section Review – Candidates could able view the performance of the previous section anytime.

CAT 2018

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