CAT 2018 Answer Key

CAT 2018 Answer Key – IIM Calcutta has released CAT Answer Key 2018. The key has been published on December 07, 2018, at 11:15 pm. The candidates can get CAT Answer Key for Shift 1 and Shift 2 from the link on this page. The answer key is open to scrutiny and the candidates need to submit Rs. 1200 per objection. The objections against the answer key of CAT 2018 are also to be submitted online. The last date to submit the objection is December 10, 2018, until 5:00 PM. The details needed to download the CAT 2018 answer key and submit objections via login are user id and password. Unofficial answer key of CAT 2018 and response sheet has already been released. The actual result of CAT 2018 will be declared in the 2nd week of January 2019. Candidates can check details about CAT 2018 Answer Key from this page.


  • CAT 2018 Result Releasing Soon!
  • CAT 2018 Percentile Predictor Available. Check Here.

CAT Official Answer Key 2018

Candidates can download the official answer key of CAT 2018 from the link in the table below. Make sure you are downloading the answer for the correct shift. In the “Question Paper PDF“, you will find the official answer key. Whereas in the “candidates response”, the response sheet of a test taker is available.

The official answer key and question paper are not available on the login anymore. Candidates can check the archives here.

CAT exam year Download CAT Answer Key
2018 Click Here to download for Shift 1
Click Here to download for Shift 2

Download Here: Click Here to download Official CAT 2018 Answer Key.

CAT 2018 Result

CAT 2018 Result releases in the second week of January 2019. However, candidates can use CAT 2018 answer key to predicting the performance in the exam. Candidates receive the overall percentile on their registered mobile numbers. For the complete scores, download the result from official website. Candidates can download the result and can use the result to take admission in management institutes.

IIM on the result day itself will release the list of the students who will qualify for the next round. The list will available on individual IIM website only. For the Non-IIMs, candidates can take admission according to the cut off released by them. It is necessary to fill the forms of these institutes in order to take admission.

CAT 2018 Answer Key

Candidates can only check the correct answer of the questions. The CAT 2018 Answer Key does not contain the right or wrong choices according to the options marked by test takers.

What is CAT Official Answer Key 2018

The Official CAT Answer Key is released by the conducting Indian Institute of Management. Hence, this year, IIM-C has published the answer key of CAT 2018. The institute has released it online and will not send it to the candidates via any other medium. The answer key is provisional and IIM Calcutta will consider all the objections against it.

As per the valid objections, the changes will be made in the provisional answer key. The update key will the final CAT 2018 Answer Key. On the basis of the final key, the result will be prepared.

How to file Objections in CAT 2018 Answer Key?

After downloading the CAT 2018 Answer Key candidates can raise objections if there is an incorrect answer. So, if you find answer wrong, then you can challenge the same within the last day of raising objections. It is advisable that candidates raise the doubts after consulting teachers or other test takers.

Raise Objection: Click Here to file objections in Official CAT 2018 Answer Key.

The last date to raise the objection is December 10, 2018 until 5:00 PM.

The candidates need to pay of Rs 1200/- per objection. In case the doubt is found valid then the objection fee without transaction cost will be reverted back to the students. The process to raise objections in CAT 2018 Answer Key are as follows.

How to file Objections in CAT 2018 Answer Key?

  • Use the CAT 2018 Login and access the student dashboard.
  • Click on the Objection tab and click on “+” to add your doubt.
  • Now in the new window, you will get the option to choose the section, question number, and type of objection.
  • You can select either “None of the option is correct”, “More than one option is correct” or “Given Answer Key is wrong”. Choose the suitable option according to your objection.
  • If necessary, also add the remarks within 500 words.
  • Pay the applicable fee and submit the objections.

Refund of Objection Fee

The proper scrutiny of the objections will take place. Once the final answer key releases, no more objections will be entertained. Moreover, for the valid doubts objection fee will be refunded excluding the transaction and GST charges.

IIM Selection Process

Appearing in the CAT 2018 is the main criteria for the selection process. Candidates who will get a raw score above zero will be eligible to consider in the selection process for phase 1. Though the selection process for each IIM differs, still the general process is as follows. The institute allocates marks to the students on the basis of their CAT performance, academics, work experience, gender diversity etc.

On the final allocation, students who have performed exceptionally well will be called for the second round. Shortlisted candidates have to visit the official website in order to select their interview time and dates. This round generally consists of WAT, GD, and PI. Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of their communication skills, ability to present ideas, knowledge etc. The final list of candidates who are eligible to take admission to the academic year 2019-21 will release on the official website or mailed to the candidates individually.

CAT 2018 Question Paper

The question paper of CAT 2018 is available in the login, as a pdf. Candidates can download it from there.

Shift 1 Download – Question Paper/ Responses Sheet of Rajesh Balasubramanian, 4 time CAT hundred percentiler.
Shift 2 Download

How to Calculate score after checking CAT 2018 Answer Key?

Candidates must check their score after checking the CAT 2018 Answer Key. It will help you predict your percentile and select the management institute accordingly.

Marking Scheme+3 Marks for each correct answer

  • -1 for incorrect answers
  • No negative marking for Non-MCQ type questions.

The formula to Calculate the Overall Marks

Total Marks = Number of Correct Answers x 3 – Number of Incorrect Answers (only for MCQ) x 1

Section Total Number of Questions Number of Non-MCQs Marks
Quantitative Ability 34 12 102
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension 34 07 102
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning 32 08 96
Total 72 28 300

CAT 2018 Answer Key

For the first time, the answer key of CAT was released last year. Now, it is expected that it will be uploaded this year as well. It will be released as a pdf, in which the answers to the questions asked in the exam will be mentioned. The candidates can use the CAT 2018 Answer Key and response sheet to the answers and calculate raw score in the exam.

CAT 2018 Answer Key Date – The unofficial answer key of CAT 2018 has been released on November 30. However, the official answer key is now also available.

CAT 2018 Answer Key Date
Exam Date 25 Nov 2018
Response sheet 30 Nov 2018 – Available
CAT 2018 Answer Key Release Date 07 Dec 2018 – Available
Last Date to Raise Objection 10 December 2018
CAT 2018 Result Date First week of January 2019

How to Download CAT 2018 Answer Key?

The official CAT 2018 Answer Key is available at Candidates can download it after its release by following the procedure given below.

  • First of all, click on the official link available above.
  • Use CAT 2018 Login credentials ie Registration and password to access the student dashboard.

official CAT 2018 Answer Key

  • Therein click on “Question Paper PDF” option.
  • Now, click on the “Download” option to access the CAT 2018 Answer Key in PDF format.
  • Save the CAT 2018 Answer Key for the future reference.

CAT 2018 Answer Key by Coaching Institutes

The CAT 2018 answer key by coaching institutes has been released. The candidates can download it from below:

CAT 2018 Answer Key by IMS

CAT 2018 Answer Key by TIME (Morning Shift)

Important Note: On the social media, some students are claiming that answer key by TIME does not match with the official answer key. So, please refer to the Official CAT 2018 answer Key only for the calculation of raw scores.

  • CAT 2018 VARC Morning Slot Key
CAT VARC Morning Slot Key
Question ID Answer
4891686574 4213
4891686578 1432
4891686592 In most cases, even a small cost of immunization was large enough to discourage most people.
4891686600 Artificial embryo twinning is low-tech and mimetic of the natural development of genetically identical twins from the embryo after fertilization.
4891686610 Professions-approach aims at the institutionalization of knowledge but restricts knowledge production as a function of a select few.
4891686613 The three-dimensional understanding of the organism in Europe led to a similar approach towards the understanding of landscape.
4891686685 Recent elephant behaviour could be understood as a form of species-wide trauma-related response.
4891686686 there is a purposefulness in human and elephant aggression towards each other.
4891686687 elephant mothers are evolving newer ways of rearing their calves to adapt to emerging threats.
4891686688 The development of treatment programmes for elephants drawing on insights gained from treating post-traumatic stress disorder in humans.
4891686689 a metaphor for the effect of human activity on elephant communities.
4891686766 there is no recognition of the Indian soldiers who served in the Second World War.
4891686767 the large financial debt India owed to Britain after the War.
4891686768 a backdrop to the subsequent independence and partition of the region.
4891686769 has been focused on building an independent, non-colonial political identity.
4891686770 a reflection of the academic and popular view of India’s role in the War.
4891686816 Translators are like bumblebees.
4891686847 passing regulations targeted at producers that generate plastic products.
4891686848 air pollution caused during the process of recycling plastics.
4891686849 blame assigned to consumers for indiscriminate use of plastics.
4891686850 focusing on consumer behaviour to tackle the problem of plastics pollution.
4891686851 a sham as it diverted attention away from the role of corporates in plastics pollution.
4891686853 disciplining individuals to be happy.
4891686854 Stakeholders globally are moving away from collecting data on the well-being of individuals.
4891686855 introduced greater stress into people’s lives as they were expected to be responsible for their own happiness.
4891686856 incorporate psychological findings into their research cautiously.
4891686952 genetic, epigenetic, developmental factors, and ecological legacies.
4891686953 Wilson’s theory of evolution is scientifically superior to either Darwin’s or Mendel’s.
4891686954 acquired characteristics
4891686955 A study affirming the sole influence of natural selection and inheritance on evolution.
4891686591 Displacement in Bengal is thus not very significant in view of its magnitude.
4891686824 2413
4891686857 develops sophisticated technologies to monitor its inhabitants’ states of mind
4891687265 1324
  • CAT 2018 DILR Morning Shift Key
CAT 2018 DILR Morning Shift Key
Question ID Answer
4891686545 Must be between 450 and 725
4891686546 250
4891686547 At most 475
4891686548 The number of satellites serving C cannot be uniquely determined
4891686550 The size of the research committee is less than the size of the teaching committee
4891686553 The total number of educationalists in the three committees
4891686891 9
4891686894 4
4891686900 12
4891686901 900
4891686971 Bandita and Chitra
4891686972 Finance
4891686973 Finance
4891686974 Operations
4891686993 Both 1 and 2
4891686994 Bala scored same as Jatin in DI
4891687040 28.57
4891687041 Q1
4891687043 Q2 of 2017
4891687044 October of 2017
4891687389 The contamination level at P10 was recorded as high
4891687390 Exactly 8
4891687391 The contamination level at P14 was recorded as medium.
4891687392 Contamination levels at P11 and P16 were recorded as the same.
4891687403 13
4891687404 14
4891687409 4
4891687410 3
4891687411 4
4891687412 4
4891687415 7
4891687416 6
  • CAT 2018 QA Morning Slot Key
CAT 2018 QA Morning Slot Key
Question ID Answer
4891686596 33/4
4891686619 1 : 3
4891686623 28
4891686626 243≤N≤252
4891686646 96
4891686657 1+3/5
4891686659 8
4891686662 59
4891686677 192√3
4891686690 93
4891686701 √13
4891686702 √(x/3√3)
4891686719 198
4891686881 15
4891686921 502
4891686942 32√3
4891686957 24, 10
4891687068 12
4891687071 19 : 24
4891687079 121000
4891687083 32
4891687098 7/33
4891687099 20
4891687102 20
4891687146 10
4891687158 54
4891687169 5
4891687175 60
4891687430 5
4891687462 -1/4
4891687471 32
4891687481 5/2
4891687504 40
4891687524 52

CAT 2018 Answer Key by TIME (Afternoon Shift)

  • CAT 2018 VARC Afternoon Slot Key 

CAT 2018 VARC Afternoon Slot Key 

Question ID Key
4891686576 3241
4891686587 2314
4891686594 There is no denying the fact that our baseline normal weather is changing.
4891686602 The most important auditory stimuli for the birds are the sounds of other birds.
4891686606 Statistical and empirical weaknesses stand in the way of inferring any relationship between sports participation and deviance.
4891686615 Bad Samaritan laws may be desirable but they need to be tested for legal soundness.
4891686714 why the white-lipped variety of grove snails are found only in Ireland and the Pyrenees.
4891686715 the coincidental existence of similar traits in the white-lipped grove snails of Ireland and the Pyrenees because of convergent evolution.
4891686716 the seafarers who traveled from the Pyrenees to Ireland might have carried white-lipped grove snails with them as edibles.
4891686717 The absence of genetic variation between white-lipped grove snails of Ireland and the Pyrenees.
4891686823 3214
4891686832 Exempting from regulations the editing of endogenous genes is not desirable as this procedure might be risk-prone.
4891686841 Evaluating performance by using measurable performance metrics may misguide organisational goal achievement.
4891686842 assessment is dependent on the teacher’s subjective evaluation of students’ class participation.
4891686843 Improving cooperation among employees leading to increased organisational effectiveness in the long run.
4891686844 Metrics-linked rewards may encourage unethical behaviour among some professionals.
4891686845 More real-life illustrations of the consequences of employees and professionals gaming metrics-based performance measurement systems.
4891687183 If a large number of decision trees in the ensemble were trained on data derived from easy cases.
4891687184 A team comprised of nutritionists, psychologists, urban planners and media personnel, who have each performed well in their respective subject tests.
4891687185 an ideal team comprises of best individuals from diverse fields of knowledge.
4891687186 If it were proven that teams characterised by diversity end up being conflicted about problems and take a long time to arrive at a solution.
4891687187 In the modern age, every field of knowledge is so vast that a meaningful assessment of merit is impossible.
4891687257 argue that some types of services can be improved by providing independence and requiring accountability.
4891687258 the electronic monitoring system was a superficial solution to a serious problem.
4891687260 do not improve services that need committed service providers.
4891687262 If it were proven that increase in autonomy of service providers leads to an exponential increase in their work ethic and sense of responsibility.
4891687259 elimination of government involvement
4891687266 2134
4891687280 provide evidence that Saturn’s rings and moons are recent creations.
4891687281 rock particles and comet dust.
4891687282 none of Saturn’s moons ever had suitable conditions for life to evolve.
4891687283 rings discolour and darken over time.
4891687284 all big things in the solar system have been around since the beginning.
4891687286 Our smartphones can now track our diets, our biological cycles, even our digestive systems and sleep-patterns.
  • CAT 2018 DILR Afternoon Slot Key
Question ID Answer
4891686539 0.1
4891686543 0
4891686563 1
4891686564 3 or 4
4891686565 2
4891686566 S, U, V
4891686978 1, 3, 1, 2
4891686979 Bravo’s revenue from blockbuster products was greater than Alfa’s revenue from doubtful products.
4891686981 Blockbuster
4891686982 34
4891686987 Azra
4891686988 Cxqi
4891686989 Bysi
4891686990 Azra, Bysi, Dipq
4891687063 22
4891687065 6
4891687330 19000
4891687332 1.9
4891687349 Definiely Room 101
4891687350 No one
4891687351 07:45 AM
4891687352 07:25 AM
4891687387 No. of old and middle aged visitors buying economy tickets were equal.
4891687405 1200
4891687406 240
4891687408 0
4891687413 4
4891687414 2
4891687417 3
4891687418 48
4891687421 32
4891687422 3
  • CAT 2018 QA Afternoon Slot Key
CAT 2018 QA Afternoon Slot Key
Question ID Answer
4891687460 64
4891687435 50%
4891686644 13.5
4891687100 4 : 3
4891687086 4 : 24 p.m.
4891687069 5
4891687163 20
4891686935 S ≥ 6
4891687168 10
4891686661 47/10
4891686905 5√3
4891686879 1/2
4891686960 35.2
4891686680 80707
4891687170 36
4891687470 24
4891687176 105
4891687476 6
4891686870 1 : 4
4891687106 1 : 4
4891687089 1 : 3
4891686711 4
4891687162 24
4891687145 1098
4891687423 88 + 12π
4891687503 8
4891687104 239 : 161
4891687097 23
4891686961 50
4891686691 7
4891686664 39
4891686683 Every member of A is in B and at least one member of B is not in A
4891687506 4000
4891687453 48

CAT 2018 Response Sheet

Before CAT 2018 Answer Key, the response sheet has been released and the process to download it is explained below:

How to download Response sheet?

  • First Login with the registration number and password. Access the link available below.
  • In the new window click on “Response sheet”. Following that hit “click here” to download the response sheet.
  • Download the sheet for future reference.

CAT 2018 Response Sheet

Details Present in CAT 2018 Response Sheet

  • Candidates details
  • Question Paper
  • Question Number and Id
  • Status of the question whether answered or unanswered.
  • Option marked by the candidates

Importance of CAT 2018 Response sheet

Candidates can download the response sheet in order to crosscheck the response with the answer key. Once the official answer key is available, candidates can use this response sheet.

Question paper: Click Here to download the CAT 2018 Question Paper for Shift 1 & 2.

Unofficial CAT 2018 Answer Key

With the release of CAT 2018 Response sheet and the availability of question papers, the unofficial sources will start releasing the answer keys. Candidates can refer to these CAT 2018 answer key to crosscheck the answers marked by them. Here in this section you will find the answer key released by coaching institutes altogether.

Last year IIM released the official statement that any institute or person releasing Answer Key had to face legal consequences. Even, according to the disclaimer by IIM, no person is allowed to disclose the details of the exam orally or in writing. Even after checking the unofficial CAT 2018 Answer Key, wait for the official CAT 2018 Answer Key and refer it only to know the solution of the paper.

What there in Official CAT 2018 Answer Key?

The CAT 2018 Answer Key has released release in two different PDFs for Shift 1 &2. Candidates must download the key according to the shift in which they have appeared for the exam. You can recheck the shift from CAT 2018 Admit Card also.


  • Correct Answer will appear green in color and with () Symbol.
  • Incorrect Answer will appear red in color and with (X) Symbol.

Exam Details

  • Paper Name
  • Creation Date
  • Duration
  • Total Marks
  • Display Marks
  • Calculator
  • If Magnifying Glass, Ruler, Eraser, Scratch, Notepad, Required?
  • Section Marks, ID etc.

Questions and Sub-Question Detail

  • Number
  • Identity Number
  • Question Type

Each question in the appears like this in CAT 2018 Answer Key.

What after challenging CAT 2018 Answer Key?

Once the objection window closes, the exam conducting body will thoroughly scrutinize the objections raised by students. Thus, after the proper analysis, the committee will announce its final decision. The final CAT 2018 Answer Key or updated answer key will also release.

  • Objection money Refund – If the doubts found to be valid, candidates will get the refund of objection fees.
  • Benefits to all the students – Not only candidates who have raised the doubts but also all the test takers will be benefitted.

Significance of CAT 2018 Answer Key

Besides, the unofficial CAT 2018 Answer Key, the official key helps the students to know the correct answers officially. Besides that, these are the advantages of having CAT 2018 Answer Key.

  • Candidates will able to calculate the scores before the official announcement of result.
  • To some extent, candidates will able to know their percentile in the exam.
  • Calculating scores early helps to select B-schools according to your percentile bracket.
  • It also brings transparency in the conduction of the exam.

CAT 2018 Exam Analysis

CAT is always there to throw surprises in the exam. Since the exam is now over, there were mixed reactions from the students. What was expected from DILR sections has turned into shock by Quant section. English was similar to last year. Overall the exam was moderate to difficult.

In Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, the passages were quite long. Still, candidates didn’t have to visit the passage, again and again, in order to answer the questions. There were no questions like the tone of the passage, word meanings etc. Questions based on critical thinking were more.

In Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, questions were moderate and some were lengthy, difficult, and tricky. Candidates who had prepared for the worst could able to attempt atleast 4 sets in the paper.

The major shock came from Quantitative Ability, with the difficult questions the number of attempts drastically decreased. The paper was dominated by Arithmetic, Geometry, and Mensuration. Candidates with 160+ marks could able to secure 99+%ile.

Success Stories: Read about CAT Top Percentiles

Read: CAT 2018 Cut Off

CAT 2018 Cut-Off

The CAT 2018 cutoff will release after the announcement of result. Though IIMs has defined the minimum sectional cutoffs, the actual cutoff will release in the second week of January 2019. This year expected that there will be a dip in the cutoff.

The complete list of IIMs accepting CAT score is as below:

Ahmedad Amritsar Bodh Gaya
Banglore Calcutta Indore
Kashipur Kozhikode Lucknow
Nagpur Raipur Ranchi
Rohtak Sambalpur Sirmaur
Shillong Tiruchirappalli Udaipur

List Non-IIMs accepting CAT 2018 score are as follows:

1. SJMSOM, IIT Bombay
2. FMS, DU (Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi)
3. DMS, IIT Delhi
4. UBS Chandigarh
5. National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) Mumbai
6. Management Development Institute (MDI) Gurgaon
7. Other Top-B-Schools
8. Top 200 Management Institutes open for MBA Admission 2019

About CAT 2018

Common Admission Test is the national level entrance examination for admission to management courses. This exam is conducted by Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in the rotational basis. The score of the exam is accepting by not only IIM s but also other top B-schools. The exam is conducted only once a year in the month of either November or December. CAT is an only first step to study in B-school, further Written Ability Test (WAT), Group Discussion (GD), and Personal Interview (PI) takes place.

Last year, there were 20 candidates securing 100 percentiles. Of these, 2 were females and 3 were Non-Engineers. The trend of the score, of 99 percentiles, is also changing over the years. The score was 174/300, 156/300, 178/ 300 for 99 percentile in 2017, 2016, and 2015 respectively. So, just aiming at the pre-defined score is not enough to crack CAT.

For any doubts regarding CAT 2018 Answer Key, please write in comment section below.

CAT 2018 Helpline Number

Official Website:
Email ID: [email protected]
Number: 1-800-209-0830 [Monday to Saturday 9:00AM to 6:00PM (excluding National holidays)]
CAT 2018

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