CAT 2018 DILR Analysis

CAT 2018 Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Analysis are available for slot 1 and slot 2 on this page below. Being very brief with you, it has been noted that this year the DILR section was easier as compared the previous years. Yes, it is a bit unusual but many experts and many students say that this time DILR was easier than expected. Below we have included a detailed analysis of CAT 2018 Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section. The analysis by different coaching institutes are also available on this page below as and when they are released. You are welcome to add your valuable inputs in the comments section below.

1. CAT 2018 Response Sheet Available.
2. Check detailed CAT 2018 overall analysis here.

VARC Analysis Quantitive Ability Analysis Answer Key

CAT 2018 DILR Analysis

This year, in the CAT 2018 Exam, DILR section was comparatively easier. DILR had in total 32 questions. 24 were MCQ type and 8 were non MCQ type. After the exam, IIM is expected to release the CAT 2018 Answer Key in a few days.

CAT 2018 DILR Slot 1 vs Slot 2 Analysis

The CAT 2018 DILR Slot 1 and Slot 2 analysis is now available. Here is a thorough analysis of the verbal ability section that appeared this year.

As compared to slot 1 DILR, candidates of slot 2 find this section tad difficult. Thus, decreasing the number of attempts in slot 2. Some questions were direct but some required a thorough understanding. Questions which seem undoable were easy to attempt.

The number of sets were equally divided between LR and DI with no visible segregation. As compared to last year, questions were still readable and doable. Though this section got the mixed reaction from students. Students who also gave the exam last year find the comparable difference in difficulty level this year.

Changes in DILR this year

  • Easy compared to last year
  • No lengthy passage based questions
  • Only 1 graphic value based question.


Slot 1 Slot 2
Difficulty Level Easy Easy
Number of a total Non-MCQ question 7 7
Number of MCQ questions 24 24
  • Pie Chart
  • ATM Denominations
  • Set Theory
  • Matrix Arrangements
  • Score arrangement
  • Distribution of subjects and students
  • Committee
  • Petrol Pump
  • Square Chart
  • Profitability of the company
  • Currency Conversion
  • B-school grading
  • coding-decoding
  • Gold Tickets
  • Room number and timings
  • Venn Diagrams

DILR Expected Cut off and Good Attempts by TIME

Here is the expected cutoff for DILR section of CAT 2018. Overall 15 questions will help to get 85 percentile.
Slot 1 percentile according to scores

Percentile VARC DILR QA
85 46 ± 1 25 ± 1 25 ± 1
95 59 ± 1 35 ± 1 41 ± 1
99 70 ± 1 52 ± 1 50 ± 1

Slot 2 percentile according to scores

Percentile VARC DILR QA
85 45 ± 1 23 ± 1 22 ± 1
95 58 ± 1 33 ± 1 38 ± 1
99 69 ± 1 48 ± 1 49 ± 1

DILR Expected Cut off and Good Attempts by Endeavor Careers

Here is the expected cutoff for DILR section of CAT 2018 for Slot 1 and Slot 2. Overall 22-23 questions with 80% accuracy will help to get 98 percentile.

Expected Percentile on basis of Raw Scores
Percentile Overall Verbal LRDI Quant
99 163 67 50 64
98 147 60 43 57
95 126 54 37 47
90 107 47 30 40
85 89 40 26 33
80 77 35 22 28

Exam analysis by Career Launcher

According to Career Launcher, DILR was easier than last year. Here is expected percentile according to Slot 1 analysis.

Section Expected score for 99%ile
DILR 48-50
Quant 45-50
Overall 155-160


CAT 2018 Result

CAT 2018 Result will release in the second week of January 2019. IIMs usually do not declare the exact date for the result. So, it highly probable that it will publish on between 7-10 January 2018. Once the result is available, IIMs will start releasing their cut off and merit list. Also, Non-IIMs will start commencing the selection process.

Key Takeaways from Previous 5 Year CAT DILR section

If the data from the previous DILR section is taken, it has been observed that this sections always proves to be the toughest one. Let’s check key points of DILR section from CAT 2013-2017.

Year 2017

  • Majority of the questions were difficult, lengthy and tricky.
  • In a set, questions were either untouchable or max 1-2 questions were doable.
  • Set which had one questions were most difficult to crack.
  • Questions were calculation intensive.
  • The sets in the exam were on the survey, flight operations, routes, happiness index, square matrix etc.
  • With a raw score of 33-34 could able to score 99+ percentile.

Year 2016

  • This section was difficult but with the right choice, candidates could bale to spot easy-moderate sets.
  • Overall questions were not difficult but tricky. Candidates could able to attempt only 1-2 questions in each set.
  • Question sets were from topics exam pass percentage, movies, train, t-shirts, Venn diagram, Marks, Folders.
  • Solving 14-16 helped the students to get the 95+ percentile.

Year 2015

  • The section was considered to be the very difficult one. With the right selection of questions, candidates could able to attempt 2-3 complete sets.
  • There was no clear-cut segregation of DI and LR sections.
  • There was 1 set of Non-MCQ of 4 questions in each DI & LR section.
  • With 11-12 right questions, candidates could able to get a 95+ percentile.

Year 2014

  • In this year, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation questions use to come together.
  • There were 16 questions in the DI section with all the doable questions. Also, questions were not calculation intensive. The set consisted of topics from bar graphs, Venn diagram, table, and LR based question.
  • To throw surprises, the LR section was difficult with only 2 sets doable out of 4. LR questions were based on Maxima Minima Concept, Arrangement, and Set Theory.

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