AT 2018 Image Specifications

The guidelines and specification for CAT 2018 Photo Requirements remain the same every year. The application form for CAT 2018 is available from August 08, 2018 onwards. After you will successfully register for the exam and fill in necessary details in the CAT 2018 Application Form. The next step is to upload the images in the application form. Often the aspirants make mistake while uploading the photo in the CAT Online Application Form. Hence, to help the students to upload correct images in the application form, we have given all the important information such as specifications for the photograph, specifications for signature, how to scan, how to upload, etc on this page.

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Important Points Regarding CAT 2018 Application Form

  • The window for submitting the CAT 2018 Application Form is open for 43 days.
  • The first step to apply for CAT 2018 exam is to register for the exam by entering your personal details. After the registration is done you will receive the login details.
  • Once registration is done you will fill in the other important information in the CAT 2018 Online Application Form and finally pay the registration fees and submit the form.
  • As predicted, the registration fee for CAT 2018 has increased this year.
  • Yes, you will get the opportunity to make corrections in the CAT Application Form, however, there is only limited details which you could edit. So, it is advised to leave no scope for correction in the form and review your form before final submission.

CAT 2018 Photograph Specification

Ensure that the scanned image of your photograph matches all the specifications given by the exam conducting authority. The details are as follows:

Image to upload File size Dimensions File Format Image Resolution
Photograph Less than 80 KB 30 mm (width) x 45 mm (height) JPEG/JPG 150 px/inch (min)

Do’s For Uploading The Photograph

  1. You must upload your recent photograph only in the CAT 2018 Application Form.
  2. The background of the photograph should be white.
  3. You must be facing forward to the camera and your face should be clearly visible.
  4. Eyes, nose, and hair of candidates must be visible clearly in the photograph.

Don’ts For Uploading The Photograph

  1. Do not upload pictures that have a landscape background.
  2. Self-taken photographs or selfies are not acceptable.
  3. Do not upload photographs which are taken against a dark background.
  4. Facebook pictures are also not acceptable.
  5. Do not add any filters or edit the photograph as it will result in cancellation of the application form for CAT exam.
  6. Ensure that no shadows fall on the face of candidates.
  7. If the distinctive features of candidates are unclear in the photograph, it will be rejected by the exam conducting body.

CAT 2018 Photograph Specification

CAT 2018 Signature Specifications

Another image which you have to upload in the CAT 2018 Application Form is the image of your Signature. The specifications as per which you should upload signature is given in the table below:

Image To Upload File size Dimensions File Format Image Resolution
Signature Less than 80 KB 80 mm (width) x 35 mm (height) JPEG/JPG 150 px/inch (min)

Instructions For Uploading Signature in CAT 2018 Application Form

  1. The signature should contain the initials of the candidate
  2. Do not sign in CAPITAL LETTERS
  3. Signature done with overwriting are not acceptable
  4. You need to sign with a black pen on white paper
  5. Do the signature which you normally do and are comfortable with as the exam invigilator might verify the signature done by you in the attendance sheet with that uploaded in the application form.

CAT 2018 Signature Specification

Flowchart of CAT 2018 Online Application

How To Upload Photo and Signature in CAT 2018 Application Form?

Follow the instructions as given below to upload the images in the application form successfully:

  1. Visit the official website of CAT 2018
  2. Next, you have to log in to the website through the Registration number and password given to you at the time of CAT Registration.
  3. Fill in details in CAT 2018 Application Form
  4. Once you have entered details in the application form, proceed to upload your photograph and signature. You will find two separate links for uploading your signature and photograph.
  5. Click on the respective links and browse the location where the scanned images have been saved.
  6. Select the respective file and click on the upload button

How To Scan CAT 2018 Photograph?

Here we have given steps by which you can scan your photograph and upload in the CAT online application:

  1. Draw a Box of 3.5 horizontal and 4.5 vertical size (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm) on a white sheet of paper using a pencil. This the standard size of a passport size photograph
  2. Now, paste the photograph in the box drawn.
  3. Next, put the paper with the photograph in the scanner and scan only the box with photograph (do not scan the whole sheet of white paper).
  4. Set the scanning to 150 px dpi and scan the photograph. During scanning most software allows selection of the desired area for final scanning after initial preview & scan.
  5. Save the scanned image as jpg/jpeg
  6. Resize the scanned image to less than 80 KB Kb. You can use any image editing software to size the image.

How To Scan CAT 2018 Signature?

Justly simply follow the instructions as given below to scan the signature:

  1. Set the scanner to 150 px and scan only the box with signature (DO NOT scan the whole sheet)
  2. Then save the scanned signature as .jpg/.jpeg image
  3. Re-size the image to less than 80 KB. You can check the size of the image by right-clicking on the image and then go to “Properties” link.

If you any questions on CAT 2018 Photo Requirements, then let us know in the comment section below. 

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