How to prepare for CAT In Final Year of Degree

Yes, it is tough to balance between the studies and the entrance test. But a little time management can make a huge difference in the whole scenario. You need to divide your time equally and this is all you need to do. Coaching or no coaching doesn’t matter, everything comes down to one point, how much serious you are and how much efforts you are willing to put to succeed. College is definitely not all SOTY as shown in the reel life and passing the degree examination is equally important as qualifying the Common Admission Test, i.e., CAT. In this article, we have explained how you can manage your time and prepare for your semester exams and the entrance exam. Read below to know more about this.

Confused: Degree or CAT?

There are many students who are in the final year of their degree examination and often asks that should they appear for CAT exam? Vision is very important. If MBA is not of paramount importance, focus fully on your current academic pursuit. Whereas if MBA is your ultimate goal, learn to keep your focus and prioritize accordingly. You can take help of your teacher or mentors to help you decide what you want to after graduation. Don’t just do it for the sake everyone is giving CAT exam so I will also do it. Make a wise decision and then give your 100% for it.

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How to prepare for CAT In Final Year of Degree?

Now, that you have decided that you want to pursue MBA then without wasting any time let’s get started on the preparation strategy for CAT exam. Honestly, you have two options:

  • You can either join a coaching class
  • Do self-preparation at home.

An easy way to decided what to choose amongst the two is, if your basics are not clear, not good at grasping things all by yourself, or you can manage time from your studies to go for coaching, then go for point 01 or else go for point 2.

Preparation Tips For CAT Exam

Take a look at the tips which are given below for fresh graduates:

Prepare a Study Plan

If you are in the final year of the degree examination, then spending a minimum of 2 hours daily on studies becomes essential. You may find it difficult to juggle between your degree exams and entrance exam studies. However, it is not impossible to give a minimal two hours on daily studies. In a nutshell, you need to create and stick to a timetable in such a manner- where you can give 2 hours of your day for studies alone.

Clear Your Basic Concepts

You must devote initial months of your studies on only getting your basics right. Let’s be honest, you will prepare for the semester exam only when it is only on your head. Hence, initially, you must start working on your vocabulary, mathematics or any other area you do not feel confident about. Set small targets first and then move on to bigger things. For example, set a target of learning 2 new words and attempting 2 new problems on a daily average.

The thing is if your basics are not correct, then you are bound to fare poorly in the mock papers irrespective of the frequency of having attempted them.

Those who are from the non-engineering backgrounds will have to work on their mathematics. Generally, students from the engineering backgrounds are comfortable with quants. However, they need to work hard on their language skills including verbal ability and logical reasoning.

Mock Tests

This is really important, you have to allocate at least 02 months before exams specifically for mock solving. Add this to your schedule that you will take a mock or even a sectional test. After solving a mock test thoroughly, analyze it. Check which questions were wrong, what are your strengths and weaknesses. Solving sample mock paper is the best way to prepare for any entrance test including CAT.

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Solving these mock test papers will give you an idea of the various questions that may appear for the paper and, this will help you to accordingly prepare for the same.

Opinions or suggestions on how to prepare for CAT In the Final Year of Degree? Let us know in the comment section below.


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