Meet Agrawal plans to be an entrepreneur after completing his post graduation. A CA student, MEET is completing final year of Bachelor of Commerce from Surat. How MEET scored 100 percentile in CAT is a success story worth reading by all non-engineering students who are preparing for CAT. Meet is surely the man to look up to anytime one feels that those who do not have background in engineering cannot ace Common Admission Test; well Meet Agrawal got 100 percentile. This is his success story.

Meet Agrawal – CAT Topper with 100 percentile

CA final yr student
SDJ International college

CAT scorecard

AS: How does it feel to be one of the youngest toppers in the race?

Meet: The feeling is great. Most importantly, it instills a good deal of confidence in you.

AS: Can you tell us about your family? How did they support you in this journey?

Meet: My family had put in great efforts for me since my childhood. Their support has been immense.

AS: You have represented Gujarat in international level games and a LIMCA record holder too.Please tell us about it and any other hobbies that you have.

Meet: Yes, I am an Asian player for chess and a national player for TT. The LIMCA book record is in the field of music. Because all these fields were my hobbies, I could perform well in them.

AS: An accomplished graduate in the field of commerce, what pulled you towards this field of management?

Meet: I have always been fascinated by entrepreneurship. I aspire to do well for the economy and the society by means of social entrepreneurship. This is what pulled me towards the field of management.

How MEET prepared for CAT

AS: When did you start preparing for CAT?

Meet: About 5-6 months before CAT.

AS: Please share your preparation journey?

Meet: I had joined Endeavor Careers a year before CAT. I also took online mock series of TIME and IMS. Overall, it was a great experience. I enjoyed the preparation.

AS: How did you balance college studies and CAT preparation?

Meet: CAT is an aptitude test and shouldn’t require a lot of rigorous preparation, as there isn’t much learning involved. So, other projects at hand can be easily managed.

AS: What turned out to be your success mantra?

Meet: I took a lot of mock tests for CAT (more than 80). I also focused on analysing them well and avoided making the same mistakes again. That eventually took me close to the perfect percentile.

AS: How should a student start preparing for CAT, and what according to you is the right time to start preparation?

Meet: I suggest beginning with a diagnostic mock test. The performance in that mock test should guide your future efforts.

AS: What should be the study plan (starting from the time you suggest one should start preparation, until day of exam)?

Meet: Again, the study plan will depend on your mock test performance. Focus mainly on improving your weak areas, while maintaining your strengths.

AS: What was your time management strategy?

Meet: Focus management as a concept is now more important than time management. But the specifications depend on your personal schedules.

AS: What was your preparation strategy for VARC?

Meet: 2-3 months before the CAT, I had finalised that the best strategy for me was attempting all 34 questions. So I worked on improving my reading speed. However, understanding the meaning is the most important.

AS: What was your preparation strategy for DILR?

Meet: Selection of sets is the most important. Formulate a proper strategy on which sets you want to attempt first.

AS: What was your preparation strategy for QA?

Meet: Again, selection of questions is important. Also, focus mainly on the concepts and not on the formulae.

AS: Which books did you refer for VARC?

Meet: I prepared the verbal section from GMAT books.

AS: What are the things one should keep in mind while preparing for CAT?

Meet: Think logically and think straight. Analyse your mistakes well.

AS: According to you, what value do mock tests hold when it comes to preparation?

Meet: Mock tests were the most important according to me.

AS: What was your analysis of the CAT exam?

Meet: The level of Quant section was quite low. RC passages were quite readable. LR section may be called challenging but I guess 5-6 sets could be done comfortably.

AS: Any tips for the exam day?

Meet: Go with a cool mind and be clear headed.

AS: What are your future plans?

Meet: Entrepreneurship.

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