CAT 2018 Topper Nancy Suri

Nancy Suri, a graduate from Miranda House, has achieved remarkable success in her first attempt in CAT 2018. She has 11-months work experience as a Mathematics Teacher. Nancy’s hard work and strong concepts helped her to crack the exam with flying colors. Her success mantra is Mock Tests that helped her to understand the intricacies of topics and to increase the speed. It is really aspiring and motivating to get such a good percentile in Common Admission Test (CAT) in the first attempt. Let’ delve in Nancy’s preparation strategy and read what advice she has for CAT 2019 Test Takers.

CAT 2018 Topper – Nancy Suri

  • Number of CAT Attempts – 1
  • CAT 2018 Overall Percentile  – 98.18
  • Sectional Percentile  – 88.77, 98.05, 98.69 (VARC, LRDI, QA)
  • Working – Yes (11 Months Work Experience)
  • College – Completed Graduation from Miranda House in the year 2017.
  • School – Shree Thakur Dwara Balika Vidyalaya

Aglasem wishes Nancy Suri heartiest congratulations for her conspicuous achievement! And encourage all the future CAT aspirants to go through her interview to know tips and tricks to crack the exam!

About Nancy

Q. From how many colleges you have received the interview call so far, Nancy?

A. I have received calls from IIM Lucknow, Kozhikode, Indore, Shillong, Baby IIMs, NMIMS.

Q. Which is your dream B-School?

A. My Dream B-school is IIM Ahmedabad. But now, I am looking for IIM Lucknow.

Q. Nancy, are you working? How did you manage to prepare while you were working?

A. Yes, I was a Mathematics teacher at Shree Thakur Dwara Balika Vidhyalaya. But I left the job later in October for Studying.


Q. What was your CAT 2018 Preparation Strategy?

A. First of all, it is important to focus on all the sections equally and then realize which one is your weakest section. I am an avid reader so I didn’t have much problem in the RC section. For DILR, I solved atleast 2-3 case-lets daily and for quant, I started preparing topic wise.

Q. Any Tips for the VARC section? Students are always curious to know how to approach the RC section.

A. The best way for improving RC section is to read articles from various sources and not just newspapers. There are various websites like, the Guardian etc. These sources really help a lot. Reading novels helps to increase your speed. For the VA section, try practicing questions as much as you can do.

Q. Which section was most intimidating for you in the exam DILR or quant? How did you manage to maximize your attempts?

A. DILR was most intimidating since the questions in this section are always unexpected. You have to think very fast in this section. You cannot do anything in the section if you don’t solve around 250-300 case-lets before the exam. Solving 2-3 sets helps to easily reach this target.

Q. You have the highest percentile in the Quantitative Section. How did you prepare for the Quant part?

A. Quant, I would say, it was easiest for me. I knew the basic topics since I was teaching and I needed to increase my speed. All the problems of Quant I used to do in Mocks. In case of wrong questions, I solve them again and give the sectional test to test my speed in Quant.

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Q. How did mocks help in your preparation?

A. The most important thing is mock tests in preparation. I took around 35 mocks during my preparation and used to analyze each of them for as much time as the mock. Moreover, I used to write down problems I did wrong and used to solve them again. I took around 2 mocks a week and didn’t give any mocks in the last week of CAT.

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Q. Did you take any coachings for the preparation of the Exam?

A. Yes, I was a student at Carrer Launcher, Preet Vihar. I used to take regular weekday classes.


Q. Any Last words for CAT 2019 Exam Takers?

A. Do as many mocks as you can, and analyze the problem area for the same amount of time. Read as much as you can and from varied sources. It will definitely help.

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