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There are mere mortals like many of us who dream with starry eyes of getting that perfect score in CAT. Then there are men in the ranks of Patrick D’Souza who have done it four times. Meet the serial CAT topper from Mumbai who got 100 percentile this time and has dedicated his life to guiding MBA aspirants. There is no better way to chart your way to acing CAT exam than listening to Patrick’s journey.

Patrick D’Souza

CAT Percentile



Jamnalal bajaj institute of management studies, Mumbai
MMS, Management (1998-2000)

MNNIT, Allahabad
B.E., Mechanical engg (1993-1997)


St. John The Baptist High School And Junior College, Thane

CAT Scorecard

100 Percentile scorer in CAT, Patrick D’Scouza tells the best way to prepare  %Post Title, %Post Category, AglaSem
Qs. This is the fourth time you have scored 100%ile.  Kindly share your feelings with us and whom you credit your success

Ans. I learn a lot from my students. So credit goes to them. My wife Rochelle, who is verbal faculty, in helping me with verbal section.

Qs. How long have you been working in the field of teaching CAT aspirants?

Ans. 15 years

Qs. What pulled you towards this field – of guiding CAT aspirants?

Ans. I love teaching. My mother was a tution teacher and I used to help her out. That generated my passion to teach.

About Your Journey

Qs. Which other MBA entrance exams have you aced?

Ans. Last three years I have appeared for XAT exam scoring rank 1 twice and have appeared for MBA CET a few times scoring rank 1 twice.

Qs. This is the fourth time you have achieved 100%ile. Where do you get that zeal from?

Ans. Zeal to learn should never die. By writing the exam I have learnt a lot. This helps me tremendously when I teach my students.

This next answer is critical for CAT aspirants!

Qs. As you have taught so many students yourself, in your experience, what are the most common problems faced by them and how do you guide them to overcome them?

Ans. The most common problem with students is that they have a wrong approach of learning. Lot of students believe that CAT is all about Maths and English and focus their approach on mastering the same. Unfortunately that is a wrong approach. What is required to master CAT is to approach the problems logically and focus on grasping the meaning rather than getting bogged down by nuances in language.

Qs. How was life at JBIMS?

Ans. It was great. There was a lot of learning not only from the esteemed faculty but also from a good peer group.

About Preparation For CAT

Qs. How should a student start preparing for CAT, and when?

Ans. There are students who crack the exam in 3 months time and there are who crack after preparing for more than a year. More than the time period what is important is the approach that they use.

More than the time period what is important is the approach that they use.

Qs. What should be the study plan (starting from the time you suggest one should start preparation, until day of exam)?

Ans. Be regular in your preparation. Focus on reading, solving puzzles along with whatever you prepare with your books.

Qs. What should be a CAT aspirant’s preparation strategy for VARC?

Ans. Read regularly. Nothing can help you in VARC if you dont read.

Qs. What should be a CAT aspirant’s preparation strategy for DILR?

Ans. Solve puzzles and be comfortable with approximate calculations.

Qs. What should be a CAT aspirant’s preparation strategy for QA?

Ans. Try to get alternate methods of solving for the sums you solve. Learn to use options.

Qs. Which books should one use to prepare for VARC?

Ans. Reading novels / newspaper editorials / articles  is the best approach. Can refer notes of any classes.

Qs. Which books should one use to prepare for DILR?

Ans. Can refer any notes but try to solve a lot of logical puzzles.

Qs. Which books should one use to prepare for QA?

Ans. Any standard book, but for whatever book that you choose try to get better methods than what is given in the book.

Qs. What are the things one should keep in mind while preparing for CAT?

Ans. Be open to learning. Focus on reading regularly.

Qs. What was your analysis of the CAT exam?

Ans. CAT always have their surprise elements. This year the DI was a little different as compared to last year which caught the students by surprise.

Qs. Any tips for the exam day?

Ans.  Be relaxed. Don’t try to predict the paper. Go with the flow of the exam.

Qs. What are your future plans?

Ans. Continue guiding students for CAT.

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