Candidates who are preparing for CAT have always one question in mind; “How to get 100%ile in CAT?”  This questions eventually brings another question “what is the minimum number of questions to attempt in CAT”. This question requires analysis of a number of factors like accuracy, paper difficulty level etc. Still, by looking at the previous year data, we can take a rough estimate of a number of attempts to get 99+ %ile in CAT.

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The important thing that you must keep in mind is the accuracy. If you maintain atleast 90% accuracy in mocks then it will very beneficial for you. Moreover, you also need to balance the number of questions which automatically depends on the difficulty level of the question paper. So, in the end, you have to perform exceptionally well by consciously balancing enough number of questions with good accuracy. You may get 91%ile with a score of 120 but you need to score atleast 180+ to get 99+ %ile.
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Number of Questions to Attempt

The prediction for attempting the number of questions should not restrict you. For example, there is not a mantra that 66 attempts will definitely get you 99%ile. Similarly, it should not stop you attempt the 67th questions. So, as I said above, prepare hard for the exam and then give your best on the exam.

  • Try to find easy questions in the paper. As no one will see if you have attempted one difficult question instead of four easy questions.
  • Manage your time wisely, if you are not able to get the logic behind the questions within 2-3 minutes then leave it and move forward.
  • Take the initial two minutes to scan the questions and then attempt accordingly. Categorise questions in easy, moderate, and difficult level.
  • Similarly, in reading comprehension read passages from topics that are familiar to you.

An Estimate Analysis of Number of Attempts in CAT

As there is no specific answer, we can only take a general analysis to solve our quandary. Moreover, CAT is unpredictable, let’s what new it will bring in the next session.

Number of Questions(100)
Attempts Accuracy Score Expected Percentile
70 90% 182 99.50+ %ile
60 90% 156 99.00+ %ile
70 80% 153 98.5+ %ile
60 80% 132 96+ %ile

What Should Be your Target for CAT?

You should keep your target at 100%ile for CAT, not even 99%ile. The more you aspire higher the more get the motivation to work harder. So, if a number of questions are 100 try to attempt atleast 60 questions. Even if we divide it between three sections then 20 in each section. You can easily attempt 20 questions in VARC and QA, if you not confident in DILR, then increase your attempt in the other two sections.


Accuracy is the most important, practice as many mocks as possible. In the actual exam, you just cannot afford to make many mistakes. Attempting more questions with less accuracy will eventually land you in trouble. So if you are attempting 60 questions then you must have atleast 54 right questions.

Believe in Yourself

In the last, always remember that nothing can stop you from achieving your target. Just keep calm and work hard. Moreover, “Just give your best, the success will eventually come to you”.

For any doubts and clarifications, please ask in the comments below.


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