How To Improve in CAT Mock Test

CAT 2018 is scheduled to be held on November 25, 2018. Mock Tests are unarguably an excellent way to identify what mistakes you are making, what are your stronger topics and topics which you find difficult, etc. If you have not started taking any mock test yet, you should start doing it, since now only three months are left.

It is important that you should take mock tests as this has not only been recommended by the exam experts but also by the CAT Toppers. One of the common mistakes which students do is that they postpone taking mock tests until they have a decent grasp over the subjects. By this time now, you should start taking mock tests once a week to keep a tab on your performance.

Here in this article, we have explained how you can improve your scores in CAT Mock Test Series.

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How To Improve in CAT Mock Test Series?

There are 3 simple tips by which you can improve your performance and score in CAT Mock Test Series:

  1. Take Mock Tests Frequently – It is important that you should take the mock test every week irrespective of what your performance is. Take the mock tests to ensure that you get used to the exam settings. In the CAT exam, you will have to complete the test in a duration of 03 hours which sounds easy but isn’t. Hence, take advantage of these mock tests and try to complete the test as per CAT exam duration only.
  2. Analyse Mocks – The next most important thing is to analyze your answers in the mock test series. You cannot improve in these tests if you do not know what mistake you are making, Analysing your weak and strong points is the foundation for success.
  3. Find your Strengths and Weakness – Just by looking at the topic you might think that it will be difficult. However, these mock tests are like a mirror which gives you reflect on how you will perform in CAT. Find your strengths and weaknesses from these mock test series. Try to improve on other 2 mock tests and analyze your improvement, doesn’t matter even if it is as tiny as bacteria.

Analyse CAT Mock Test Series

Analysing the CAT Mock Tests are even more important than taking the test itself. Everything comes down to one point which is you can not improve if you do not know what to improve. It could be some silly mistake, gaps in concept, or could be any other thing. Here’s how you can analyze the Mock CAT:

Silly Mistakes

If you are scoring less due to silly mistakes, then try to rectify this in the mock tests. If you are not good in the calculation which involves huge numbers then do not hesitate to use the calculator.

Basics Not Clear

Sometimes the students also make mistakes due to lack of understanding of the basic concept of the topic. if that’s the scenario then go back to the fundamentals. CAT is unpredictable, hence, putting aside the topics is not a wise solution. Revise the concepts again and ensure that they are crystal clear.

Guessing The Answer

If in the complete mock test, you have just wild guesses the answer, then you need a serious time out. Doesn’t matter if its two question or one, stay away from guessing the answer, This is one habit which you should immediately get used to because then at the time of the exam it gets difficult to leave even a single question and you will get back on to your previous way of answering a question you are not confident about.

Unanswered Questions

After completing the mock test, take a look at the question which you skipped. Identify what was it in the question which made you skip it or was it even worth skipping the question. The motive here is that you should not miss out on easy questions.


CAT exam is all about speed and accuracy. Make sure that your accuracy stays close to 100 in QA and DILR section. As said earlier, do not take random guesses to improve the number of attempts. Understand that it is not the number of attempts which will guarantee success but it is the acurracy in answering th questions which will guarantee admission in top IIMs.

How Many Mocks To Give Before CAT 2018?

There is no fixed number of mock tests which you should take. It is advised to take as many mock tests as you can. However, if to put a number, you should take about 15-20 CAT Mock Tests.

If you have any questions or need any guidance regarding the CAT 2018 Preparation, then let us know in the comment section. Also, follow our Facebook Page to get latest updates on CAT Preparation and other management entrance tests as well. 


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  1. Sir I am not being able to score in my VA-RC section. Irrespective of practicing passage I dont know how to improve. And is really impacting my other sections also.
    Please help

    • You can try some of these methods.
      1. Try to solve 2 passages instead fo four, do them patiently. Read in flow and try to make a story in mind. This way you will roughly remember what each paragraph is about.
      2. Choose passages which interest you or choose passages which have more direct questions and less inference based questions.
      3. Try to improve your accuracy. For sometime forget about the number of attempts.

      Most importantly, do not let the performance of one section affecting the other. If you feel you are not able to score well in English then put more efforts in DI & QA.

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