Students often ask how to prepare for AP ICET 2019? There is no shortcut which one can take to get good marks in this entrance examination. It is a state level entrance test, so there will be a stiff competition. AP ICET stands for Andhra Pradesh Integrated Common Entrance Test. It is conducted by Sri Venkateswara University on behalf of APSCHE. In the year 2018, about 45037 students qualified in the exam. The overall pass percentage was 92.60 which was 6% more than AP ICET 2017. Hence it is not an impossible task to qualify the entrance test. Here we have given some tips which will definitely help you in your preparation. Read the article below to know more about AP ICET 2019 Preparation Tips.

So before we get to know the preparation tips for AP ICET 2019, let us first know the basics and yet important part of the exam.

AP ICET 2019 Exam Pattern

The exam pattern for AP ICET hasn’t been changed much. The paper will comprise of three sections namely, Analytical Ability, Mathematical Ability and Communication Ability. The exam pattern for AP ICET 2019 is given in the table below:

  • Mode of the exam: Computer based test
  • Duration of the exam: Two and a half hours
  • Type of Questions: Objective Type (MCQ)
  • Number of Questions: 200

The distribution of question in each of the section is as follows:

Section No. Section Number of Questions
Section A

Analytical Ability

Data Sufficiency 20
Problem Solving 55
Section B

Mathematical Ability

Arithmetical Ability 35
Algebra and Geometrical Ability 30
Statistical Ability 10
Section C

Communication Ability

Vocabulary 10
Business and Computer Terminology 10
Functional Grammar 15
Reading Comprehension 15

AP ICET 2019 Syllabus

Here we have given the important topics which you must prepare for AP ICET 2019:

Section-A: Analytical Ability

Data Sufficiency Tables and Graphs Clock problems
Sequences and Series Symbol and notation interpretation Blood relationships
Analogies of numbers and alphabet Seating arrangements Pie Chart
Completion of blank spaces Arrivals, departures, and schedules Venn Diagram
Odd one out Date, Time & Distance problems Passage
Missing number in a sequence or a series Arrangement Problems Calendar problems

Section-B: Mathematical Ability

Laws of indices, ratio, and proportion Mensuration Remainder theorem and consequences
Surds Areas and volumes Linear equations and expressions
Numbers and Divisibility Time, distance and work problems Progressions
LMC and GCD Pipes and cisterns Binomial Theorem
Percentages Partnership Matrices
Rational numbers, Ordering Profit and loss Polynomials
Modular Arithmetic Tautologies-Sets, Relations and functions, applications Trigonometry
Statements Implication converse and inverse Mean, Median, Mode
Truth tables The equation of a line in different forms Standard Deviation
Notion of a limit and derivative Coordinate geometry-distance between points Correlation
Plane geometry – lines, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles Frequency Distributions Simple problems on Probability

Section-C: Communication Ability

Vocabulary Business and Computer terminology
Functional Grammar Reading Comprehension (3 Passages)

How To Prepare For AP ICET 2019?

Here are some of the necessary tips which can help you prepare well for the entrance examination:

Know about the exam

The first and foremost thing that you should do is note down the syllabus in a notebook and paste it in front of your study table. By doing this you will always know which topics you have to study and which topics are yet to be done. Moreover, it is advised that you should prepare for the exam as per its syllabus only.

Study Material For Preparation 

Choosing the right study material is a challenge as there area lot of options for preparation books, sample papers, etc. The second step in preparation is to get the right books or resources which can help you in  your preparation.

To help you find the right study material, we have provide a list of books which are recommended by the experts for AP ICET Preparation. Check these books in the table below.

AP ICET Books Author Buy Here
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations R.S.AGARWAL Click Here to Buy
Icet model papers Vikram Click Here to Buy
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Set Target 

Before you move onto attempting mock tests, you must set some realistic targets. Your motive should always to be get good marks in the test and not to only pass it. Firstly, decide how much score are you targetting in a particular exam.

Online Mock Test 

Both the experts and toppers have suggested that one should do around 18 to 20 full-length mock tests. You can make a sheet, make two columns in it. In the first column, write down your current score, whereas, in the second column write down your desired score. Start working slowly on strategies, attempts and speed to improve your overall score along with maintaining sectional scores.

Solve Previous Year Question Paper

Generally students ask what should do they in the last few months for the exam? You must solve as many previous question paper as possible. This will definitely improve your solving skills. Take a previous year question and try to solve it in the same time duration of the exam, to improve your speed. Solve at least past 10 years question paper.

Here we have given some previous year question paper for AP ICET.

AP ICET exam year AP ICET Question Paper AP ICET Answer Key
Want to download more previous year question paper for AP ICET? Click Here to download it.

Keep Calm and Be Confident 

As the D-day is near, you may feel that you do not remember any formula, steps, or anything at all. It is very normal for the students to be nervous. You should have confident on your preparation and attempt the test with the same confident attitude only.

If you have any queries or need guidance on AP ICET 2019 Preparation, then let us know in the comment section below. 

AP ICET 2019

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