How To Prepare For CAT 2018 in 04 months

Now that only 04 months are left for CAT exam, the preparation is moving to higher gears. It is important to clear the clouds of myth from your mind and take each step in the right direction. CAT is one of the most prestigious and popular management entrance exams for admission to 20 IIMs and more than 100 other top business schools that include FMS, MDI, JBIMS, DMS, IIT Delhi and SPJIMR, among others. Scoring well in CAT depends more on common sense and the ability to remain calm, rather than on knowledge. Here we have given few pointers which can help you to prepare for the CAT exam starting from now.

How To Prepare For CAT 2018 in 04 months?

Let us have a quick look at what one would need to commit to for breaching the 99 percentile barrier.

Clear up your Basics

The first two months, i.e. June and July, should be utilized to clear up the basic concepts. Everything comes down to one thing, which is how strong your basics are. If your basic concepts strong, it will help you solve even the toughest of questions without any difficulty. Also, it wil ensure that all the easy (or Level 1) questions become solvable.

It has been observed that there are around 50-55 Level One questions. In other words, more than 50% of the paper becomes solvable and easy, when your basics are in place.

Mock Tests and Analyses

Well, there are two approaches to prepare for CAT exam. One is that you first finish the syllabus and then start taking mocks or start taking the mock tests without and finish the CAT Syllabus alongside. Taking a mock test is definitely one of the integral parts of the preparation and this is also been suggested by many CAT Toppers and experts as well.

It is important that you take mocks alongside your preparations.

Now, taking mock tests regularly will help you understand the stage your preparation is in, identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses, and benchmark yourself across other aspirants. You should write the first 50 percent of the Mocks to pinpoint the areas of deficiency and work on them. Then write the remaining 50 percent to get ‘match fit’, and benchmark yourself against the best.

Play to your strengths an work on your weaknesses

Yes, it is true that in an exam like CAT, it is important that you should play to your strengths. You know what your strengths are, you know the topics you can solve accurately with eyes closed. At this point, you have two choices, either do mastery in the topics in which are already mastered, or work on your weaknesses. The point here is that the questions which will appear in CAT exam will not be as per your convenience and playing it safe is not the way you will get 99 percentile.

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This is the right moment for you to start working on your weaknesses. Solve previous year question papers and take mock tests of those topics. Analyse what are you doing wrong in these topics, analyze your performance in these topics daily.

However, this does not mean that one should be over-confident about their strengths. The key is to balance both your strengths and weaknesses. As you are working on your weaknesses, you can do questions on your strengths so that you do no lose the hand on that.

Accuracy and Speed

With every mock test, work on improving your accuracy. The two important factors for scoring well in CAT exam are accuracy and speed. For speed, start applying smarter techniques for solving questions (e.g., the options given, the language of the question, substitutions, etc.).

What is Net Accuracy in CAT exam?

Last year, a 99 percentile was achieved at a score of 173 (out of 300), which is, roughly, 58 percent of the total marks (or 58 net correct questions out of 100). Now, suppose that you attempt 80 questions in the CAT paper. you get 65 correct and 15 incorrect. Now, the marking scheme of CAT is +3 for every correct answer, 0 for every un-attempted question, and -1 marks for every incorrect answer.

Now, assume that you got all the questions wrong (MCQs). Thus, your eventual score will be as follows: (65×3) + (20*0) – (15*1) = 195 + 0 – 15 = 180.

Now, 180 is equivalent to attempting 60 questions and getting all of them correct, i.e., 60 net correct.

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The Raw Score required for a 99 percentile in a section is as follows: 

  • VARC: 73
  • DILR: 45
  • QA: 78

If you have any questions, then let us know in the comment section below. 

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