How to Prepare for CAT in 01 Months?

CAT 2018 Exam will conduct on November 25, 2018. Hardly one month has been left for the exam. Studying for CAT exam is not defined in terms of a number of hours a candidate has studied. Even preparing in one or two months, students manage to clear CAT with graceful percentile. So, by putting the right number of hours, hard work, right preparation material, and mocks can help you to crack CAT even in one month. The two important things are the brushing up your strengths and the mocks. Let’s go further and read in details the CAT Study Plan for 01 months.

How to Prepare for CAT in 01 Months?

Candidates either preparing for months or have started the preparation now must strictly devote at least 5-6 hours per day.

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#1. Set the number of hours

For the next few days. Fix the number of hours that you need to study. Take minimum 6 hours in which take the mock test in three hours and in the rest revise it or practice some questions. Even working professionals give three hours in the morning and a few hours after the office.

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#2. Collect the Study Material

Take out all the study material you have, and start solving questions from topics that are familiar to you. If already done with the syllabus then look at the topics in which you always face trouble.

Pro Tip: For quant prepare important topics like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, permutation & Combination, Probability.

#3. Brush up the Basics

Never underestimate the power of clear concepts. As long as you are not clear about a topic, then no formula or short trick will help to solve a problem. Thus, take the help of books and revise the concepts, formulas etc.

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#4. DILR and Verbal Ability

In the short duration of time, the one sections that can be prepared is the English comprehension section. This section can be aced via reading newspapers daily and solving at least 3-4 RC’s daily. For the verbal ability, you can revise the grammar rules and root words.

The data interpretation section is all about logic and applying right technique to questions. There is no separate theory for it. Notably, taking mocks will help to know the types of question and how to tackle them.

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#5. Mocks

Taking mock is the necessary part of the exam preparation. In a week take at least 3-4 mocks and importantly take a thorough analysis of it. Learning from mistakes in mocks will help to know the different types of questions that can appear in the examination.

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Weekly Strategy to Crack CAT in 01 Months

Here is the weekly strategy describing how to plan the upcoming 28 days fruitfully.

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01-07 Days

➡Take a mock test daily and analyze the solutions. You must have solved atleast 6 mocks by the end of the first week.

➡Take two topics from each section and solve atleast 8-12 questions form each topic. In quant, start with arithmetic; English – RC’ Jumble Sentences; in DILR start with tables and puzzles.

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08-14 Days

➡Now, you must have practiced the various type of question, try to identify your strength and weakness. Solve more and more questions to harness your strengths.

➡Keep taking mocks and learn different types of questions that could appear in the examination.

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15 – 21 Days

➡Keep learning from your mistakes, solve sectional and full-length mocks.

➡Importantly, do not lose hope in the last few days. Always remember “If you can do think it, then you can achieve it“.

22-28 Days

➡Now increase your frequency and take two mock test a day. Be flexible and open to changes.

➡ Revise formulas, concepts etc.

29-30 Days

➡ In the last two days, just relax and do not let self-doubt hamper your hard work. Keep all the essential documents that you might need in the exam hall.

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