IBSAT 2018 will conduct on December 22 & 23, 2018. Candidates who have planned or planning to give IBSAT must prepare a strategy to crack the exam. So first of all, know what is IBSAT,  then look for exam pattern, syllabus and question types comes in this exam. After that, take a thorough analysis of your aptitude. Once you know your strength and weaknesses, prepare a blueprint of the plan. As most of you also planning to give other entrance exams like CAT, XAT, NMAT etc. Then, the syllabus and exam pattern of all aptitude based is quite similar. Focus on the right books, practice, and strategy and at last, you are already done preparing for most of the exams. For more, refer the preparation tips, exam pattern, books, mock tests etc given below.

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How to prepare for IBSAT 2018?

Since IBSAT is an online computer based test with no general awareness section. Moreover, no negative marking is there in the exam. So, it is easy to prepare for it on the condition that you are regularly devoting your time for practice. Before starting planning your schedule, just have a glance at the exam pattern of IBSAT.

IBSAT 2018 Exam Pattern (120 Minutes)
Section Number of Questions ( 1 Mark each)
Verbal Ability 50
Reading Comprehension 30
Quantitative Ability 30
Data Adequacy and Data Interpretation 30
Total 140

Important Points to know before starting preparing for IBSAT 2018

  • In, VA and RC you can manage to achieve good scores. The level usually comes in easy to moderate.
  • Similarly, Data Adequacy and Data Interpretation range to easy to moderate.
  • About, Quantitative ability, it has a quite difficult level according to the last year trends.
  • After the release of percentiles, candidates have to attend the interview to take admission to on of the nine campuses of ICFAI Business school.
  • Fix your hours in which you have to study. Be dedicated to the things you have dreamt of.

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IBSAT 2018 Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Preparation

For the preparation of this section, divide it into two parts ie Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension. Many times students like only one of the sections either they feel comfortable with reading or with verbal only. But to score good percentile you need to have command in both the sections.

For Verbal Ability, you have to pay attention to five major areas that are

  • Vocabulary
  • Para Jumble
  • English Grammar
  • Replace the missing words
  • Punctuation and Analogies

These are the main topics that cover this section. See there isn’t any book which you just refer, learn and cram from it. So, rather having a passive idea of learning, study actively. Learn from listening, watching and speaking, like this, you will enjoy what you are learning and not have to put extra efforts into it. Read some preparation tips given below.

  • Read atleast one newspaper daily. Start with easy newspapers if you don’t have a habit of reading. Follow The Times of India and eventually move to The Hindu or The Indian Express.
  • Learn new words from it and write in a separate diary. Also pay attention to the sentence structure, grammar, and flow. Focusing on this will help you to solve Para jumble questions.
  • Listen to documentaries or watch movies, you will come to know words usage and their pronunciation as well.
  • Brush up your Grammar from any book and then solve the questions. Look for exceptions in English Grammar.
  • Speak in English to develop a speaking habit. Communicate via this way only as you can use what you have learned recently. Moreover, it will help in interviews and group discussion also.

For Reading Comprehension, the basic funda is reading and reading. Besides that, keep a mental flow of events while reading. It will help you to identify the answers from where the question has been asked.

  • Understand the gist of the passage. In starting, try to write a summary to judge if you have understood the pasage.
  • Focus on the transition word, where the author is taking you. Understand what the writer wants to convey, connect to it and you will master the art of reading.

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IBSAT 2018 Quantitative Ability Preparation

This section not only judges your math skills but also your ability to reach the solution of the problem. Try to solve questions smartly. Know the basis of concepts, once you know it you will able to solve most of the questions orally.

The majority of question comes from these important topics

  • Percentages
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Time, speed and Distance
  • Permutation and Combination

After going through the concepts, write important formulas and tricks in a paper and paste it somewhere. Revise them daily so you don’t miss any question due to the reason that you forgot the formula. There are few preparation tips you can follow.

  • Do not use calculators, while solving any question. Try to keep a habit of it.
  • While solving question, keep a track of time. Write your normal time to solve the question and try to reduce the time as you go on practicing.
  • Learn tricks to solve the question. Eventually, you have to choose the right option. So, learning an easy way will save your time for other questions. Use this tip, only when you are through with the concepts.
  • Try to identify easy and hard questions. Analyze the questions what you can attempt first. Do not waste your time on hard questions.

IBSAT 2018 Data Adequacy and Data Interpretation Preparation

Date Interpretation is all about numbers. The more you are comfortable with numbers and statistics the more you have chances to score better. While preparing for this, focus on the calculation part, decision making, and logical ability. The major areas it covers are

  • Tables
  • Pie Chart
  • Graphs Representation
  • Reasoning
  • statements and Conclusion

Try to do calculations in mind or what you can do is learn tricks from good youtube channels. Further, you can look at some preparation tips below.

  • Before starting a question, read it carefully. Since these questions are lengthy, understand them frst. Write important points on the rough sheet and give atleast five minutes to understand the set and its questions.
  • Never assume any data by yourself. Use the information given in the set only.
  • Solve easy question first, which don’t require much calculation. For example, in comparison, question solve via visual analysis rather than solving it through traditional methods.
  • Practice many questions as possible, solve atleast 4 to 5 sets daily.
  • Increase your speed, try to identify the crisp points which can help you to solve the questions.
  • Do not spend more than 6-8 minutes on a set. If you are not confident, move towards the next set.

Books to refer for IBSAT 2018 Preparation

IBSAT 2018 Books
Word Power made easy by Norman Lewis Click Here
Quantitative Ability Click Here
Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning Click Here
Data Adequacy and Data Interpretation Click Here

Mock Tests IBSAT 2018

For Mock tests, you can refer to the model papers released by IBSAT. They are a good authentic source to practice for the test. You can even give demo tests to know how IBSAT exam actually looks like. There are many practice papers on the official website. There you just to have to enter your name, email id, phone number, and state to access the papers.

Mock Test 1 and 2 Link: Click Here for IBSAT 2018 Mock Test 1 and 2 Link.

IBSAT Mock test

In the end, I want to say hard work is the only key to success. Keep practicing and learning till you feel confident in yourself. The hard work of a few months will help you achieve success in life.

Official Website: www.ibsindia.org
IBSAT 2018

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