How To Prepare For Karnataka KMAT 2019

The Karnataka Management Aptitude Test is an India level exam that offers admission in MBA in Karnataka and Bangalore, Silicon Valley of India. For KMAT 2019, the aspirants need to prepare 03 topics – Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, Logical and Abstract Reasoning, and Quantitative Ability. The test will have a total of 120 MCQ type questions. One of the best part about this entrance test is that there is no negative marking. Hence, your chances of qualifying the entrance test automatically increases. To prepare for KMAT 2019, one must know the exam pattern and syllabus. Hard work, focus and time management are the three pillars which will help you succeed n nay entrance test. Here at this page of Aglase, you will get complete guidance for Karnataka KMAT 2019 Preparation.

Now, before we proceed to prepare for the entrance exam, let us first have a look at the exam pattern and syllabus for Karnataka KMAT 2019.

KMAT Karnataka 2019 Exam Pattern

The exam pattern for KMAT 2019 is as follows:

  • Mode of the examination: Pen-paper based test
  • Duration of the Test: 120 minutes
  • Type of questions: MCQ
  • Total Number of Questions: 120
  • Total Marks: 120
Section Questions
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension 40
Quantitative Ability 40
Logical Reasoning 40
Total 120

Marking scheme for Karnataka KMAT 2019

  • +1 marks for every correct answer
  • There is no negative marking for an incorrect answer

KMAT Karnataka 2019 Syllabus

The candidates must start their preparation for KMAT 2019 as per the syllabus given below.

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension Logical Reasoning Quantitative Ability
Reading Comprehension Calendars Ratio & proportion
Verbal Reasoning Clocks Percentage
Syllogisms Binary Logic Simple and Compound Interest
Analogies Seating arrangement Time & speed
Antonyms and Synonyms Blood Relations Number systems
Fill in the blanks Coding & Decoding Geometry
Sentence Corrections Logical sequence Trigonometry
Idioms Data structure Probability
Jumbled Passage Assumption Permutation and combination
Meaning-Usage Match Premise Algebra
Summary Questions Conclusion Mensuration
Facts-Inferences-Judgments Linear and Matrix Arrangements Time and work
Profit and Loss
Quadratic and linear equations
Quantitative reasoning
Interpretation of tables, common graphs & charts

How To Prepare For Karnataka KMAT 2019?

Here we are providing you some of the preparation tips that will help you in preparing well for KMAT 2019:

Speed and Accuracy

KMAT tests the candidate’s ability to multitask with speed and accuracy. Only daily practice can help you improve the speed and accuracy. Also, it will help you to enhance your time management skills.

Time Management is the key to success

During the initial days of preparation, it is important that the candidates should understand the question first and then solve it, Also, don’t just jump over the solution before reading and understanding the question. In the examination, you need to divide your time equally and wisely. Firstly answer the questions that are easy to get the solution and are less time-consuming. The motive is that you should be able to revise your answers before the final submission.

Regular Practice

Whether it is quant or logical reasoning or verbal, regular practice is a must. This will help you to identify your weak and strong areas. Practicing on a regular basis makes the tricky topics as simple as cakewalk. Since you have much time for preparation, spend this quality time in practice.

Take Mock Tests

For the management entrance tests, it is important that you should give mock tests as much as you can. It will help you identify the difficulty level of the exam. Likewise, solving previous years’ papers also helps in realizing the weaknesses and strengths. It gives the confidence to perform better in the exam.

Do Not Stop Working on your Weaknesses

The first thing you should do is identify the weak areas or topics which you know are difficult for you. It will be difficult at first to even look at them but you can qualify the test only by improving your strong areas. Make a list of the topics which are difficult and start solving questions, Identify the mistake which you are doing in these topics, repeat this step again and check if the same mistake is still repeated. Polish your strengths and don’t read anything new during approaching weeks of the exam.

Prepare Notes For Important Formulas/ new words

Preparing the notes will help you go through the entire syllabus quickly. Short notes are the gist of huge topics in a summarised way. You can make pointers for each subject and section. This is most effective in the last few days before the examination.


Section Wise Preparation Strategy For KMAT 2019

Given below are few preparation tips for each section that are very helpful for the preparation of KMAT 2019:

  1. Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension – In this section grammar plays an important role and no one can learn all the grammar rules in one time. It is advised to the aspirants to split the paragraphs into small paras/ pointers. This helps in collecting the information and vocabulary quickly.
  2. Quantitative Ability– To perform better in this section, you must focus on the quality material, not the quantity material. Practicing previous years’ question papers, sample papers and other study materials really helps to excel in Quants section.
  3. Logical Reasoning– To solve any problem related to LR, you should have good mathematical skills and apply them step by step to draw a unique conclusion from given statements. But keep one thing straight that whatever conclusion you have drawn should satisfy all the preordered statements.

KMAT 2019 Preparation Advice From Toppers

KMAT 2014 Topper – Abdul Rahim 

Abdul Rahim, KMAT 2014 Topper, says that “One should follow different books for preparing different sections.” Adding to it, he says, solving questions papers with better skills of time management is a key to success. For better preparation, he followed different websites for the sample papers and for the exam updates. One of the advice he gave to aspirants is that before starting preparation just go through the syllabus and start preparing in accordance with the priority.

KMAT 2010 Topper – Avanish Kumar 

Avinash Kumar scored a percentile of 94.8 in KMAT 2010. He says that “More practice, more bright is the chance for the candidates to excel. I practiced sample papers a lot to get familiar with the entrance exam. He thanked his classes for contributing best in his practice and says don’t follow the books having quantity but follow the books having quality material.


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