How to Prepare for XAT Decision Making?

Decision Making in XAT is the unique section in the exam. The section has around 24 questions of one mark each. It is necessary to prepare for this sections separately. As the type of questions in XAT DM is quite different. They are basically behavioral and managerial based questions. As compared to data-intensive and calculation based questions these questions require analysis of various aspects before reaching a conclusion. Moreover, you have to answer questions after considering ethical, managerial aspects of the situation. There is no one way to attempt these questions. It all depends on how you perceive the particular scenario. So, in the end, it all rests on your practice. You can refer previous year questions to practice XAT Decision Making questions.

How to Prepare for XAT Decision Making?

While practicing such questions it is important to use the elimination method. The more you are able to narrow down your choice, the more you will able to choose the right choice. First of all, check whether the answer is ethically sound. Then check if the solution suits all the stakeholders of the situation.

Number of Question

  1. Sets having one question – In these sets, there will be only one question to answer. Since they are short length questions, you can attempt these questions first. If you find the passage hard to comprehend then do not stuck on one questions and move forward.
  2. Sets having 2-3 Questions – If a question is easy to understand, then it is great to attempt such questions. As you will able to attempt more questions in one go.
  3. Sets having 4 or more questions – These sets seem long but they are generally easy to attempt.

Type of Questions

  • Ethical Dilemma
  • Managment Issue
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Situational
  • Case Sets
  • Data Arrangement Sets
  • Analytical/ Logical Reasoning

What do you have to Answer in a question?

  • Answer questions based on What, How and Why
  • Considering factor for a question
  • Which solution will minimize the loss

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How to Solve XAT Decision Making Questions?

There is no particular way to attempt such questions. Though you must keep the following things in mind while solving the XAT Decision Making questions.

Read Questions Properly

It is important that you read the questions properly since there is a high probability that questions are long. So, make sure that you do not miss any essential information.

Always be Ethical

This is the utmost in these type of questions. You have to look for the ethical aspect of the situation. Many solutions are tempting to choose but they can be unethical. So, these options need to be outrightly rejected.

Take the interest of every stakeholder

While reading the passage, make the list of every stakeholder in the situation. Think about all the parties involved and take a decision which is fair and just. Take the viewpoints of all the stakeholders then reach to a solution.

Stick to the Question Information

While attempting questions do not make personal opinions, only consider the information that is given in the question.

Maximize benefit & Minimize Loss

You need that a particular dilemma must suit a large number of people and is ethically correct. Stick what will you do in real life with a similar situation.

Make Study Group during Practise

You can make a group of 4-5 friends and solve DM questions. It will help you to know the different aspects of a given situation.

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What are the Sources to study XAT Decision Making?

As there is no full-proof method to prepare for this section. What you can do is solve previous year XAT Question papers. They are the best source to prepare for such questions. Moreover, you will know the type of questions that appear in this exam. So, stick to these questions and do not take much stress about these sets.

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Things to Improve for XAT Decision Making

There are some things which are requisite for XAT DM Questions.

  1. Reading Speed – Since questions in XAT are quite long, you need to work on your reading speed. Read lots of articles from various sources.
  2. Thinking Process – For such questions, you need to develop a specific thinking process. Sync the data in mind while reading the answer.

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