How to prepare yourself to work in any country?

Being a truly global professional is exciting; just think of the potential in being able to integrate seamlessly into a working team from any global culture, and to produce top performance in constantly changing settings. The few who can do this enjoy the perks that come with it; you and your family essentially get on to a holiday for a year in a different geography every time, for decades!

Is It Skills That All You Need?

No, it is not easy to become a truly global professional. Even if you have all the innate skills that will help you integrate culturally and professionally, there are some things that have to be taught. In addition, most jobs do not provide easy global shift opportunities; even then, there is a choice of a single country in most cases. All these combine to make it difficult to realize a dream of working in the most fun places abroad.

However, there is one way in which you can prepare yourself to work in any geography, and give yourself the skills you need to succeed – to get an MBA from one of the top Business Schools in the world.

Know How MBA will make you a global business leader

Here are some points that an MBA aspirant must look to become a global business leader.

#1. Diversity

It is an essential part of the DNA of any premier MBA program today. Business School rankings incentivize global diversity in Business School batches. This ensures that your class will have passport holders from 30+ different countries; you will immerse yourself in different cultures over the course of your two-year program, and be able to fit right in when you do make it to Business School.

#2. Automatic Qualification

In many countries, an MBA from a top Business School is an automatic qualifier to a job. It is hard to make a lateral career shift to a company in a different country without undergoing extensive background checks – in many cases in Europe, you actually have to intern for a while with a company before being given a full-time offer. However, an MBA from a top b school often acts as a visa that bypasses this, and lets you work pretty much anywhere without getting enmeshed in red tape.

#3. Global Opportunities

Recruiting opportunities abound for graduates of premier MBA programs. Even today, you probably have most of the skills you need to work in a different geography. However, the opportunities to move are probably not very numerous. One trivial fact makes it much, much easier post-MBA – your school has alumni from every prominent country in the world; you can leverage your huge network to get in touch and see if you would enjoy working in the top country on your to-visit wish list.

#4. Upper Edge in Preferences

A degree from a top Business School gives you the power to negotiate. Often, location preferences are not set in stone; having frank conversations with your employer can get you placed wherever you would like. However, having these conversations as a junior is not always advisable – an MBA grad version of you will be able to negotiate foreign placements more easily.

How can you Make Your Dream Come True?

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