How to Score 99 Percentile in XAT

Xavier Aptitude Test conducts on the first Sunday of January for the new academic session. Most of the candidates start focusing on it after the CAT exam. Which leaves you with full one month to prepare for XAT. All the candidates want to improve their chance to secure a seat in the management programme. So, what is the better option than XLRI Jamshedpur? Thus, students target for 99+%ile to get the call from this college. However, you must note that the getting even 96%ile will give you the opportunity to appear for GDPI round at XLRI. Moreover, in XLRI they are looking for certain people that can adapt to the management culture easily.

Latest: The exam dates for XAT 2019 has been announced. Click Here to check the complete schedule and key changed in the entrance test.

Difficulty Level of XAT

It is the common mistake to consider an exam difficult one. Don’t let it overpower your preparation. Everyone considers the exam to be difficult which is exactly makes it easy. As many candidates do not try to give their best in the competition. Thus, use this opportunity and give your 100%. After all, in the end, it is the percentile which will matter not the scores.

Moreover, the exam is designed in such a way which encourages students to show competitiveness in the paper equally. So, attempt the paper smartly without blind guesses.

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Areas to Focus on While Preparing for XAT

For XAT, having the good language skills is very important. The questions are quite lengthy and require comprehensive reading. Even the quantitative ability section demands reading to analyze the questions thoroughly. Speed is very important in this exam as questions are lengthy you have to save time in the calculations etc. Moreover, stop revisiting an answer again and again to save time.

Moreover, keep the confidence level always high. Prepare thoroughly from previous year questions papers to build the confidence. You have to be confident enough to make educated guesses in the paper. Select questions wisely and save time wherever you can. Thus, start focusing on:

  • Good Vocabulary
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Reading Speed


Check XAT Syllabus: Get XAT Syllabus Here

What are the good Scores to get 99%ile in XAT?

Though the question is quite tricky as it depends on the overall difficulty level of the exam and performance of the test-taking candidates. So, as a rough keep the target for 32+ marks, with this you will able to get more than 95%ile. Whereas have the focus on 42+ to get 99%ile.

It is advisable that you don’t just focus on marks as it impacts your performance. So, just give your best in the exam and believe in the preparation & hard work you have done in the last few months.

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Section Range of Questions to attempt Time Division
English Language and Logical Reasoning 16-20 50 Minutes
Decision Making 15-19 50 Minutes
Quantitative Ability 16-20 60 Minutes

How to Divide Time in the Exam?

Since in English section there are around 26 questions. Take the target of attempting 20 questions in 50 minutes. Which makes 2.5 minutes per questions. As a strategy attempt questions other than RC in first 20 minutes which makes around 12 questions in total. If your reading is good then this section can be attempted in less than 20 minutes. Keep rest of the time to attempt the reading comprehension section.

In Decision Making section, keep a target of at least 20 questions in 50 minutes. You will probably get 5-6 sets in this section. Moreover, questions need thorough reading. What you can do is first have a glance over all the sets. Then start with the one which seems easy to comprehend. Attempt at least 4 sets to reach the target. It is advisable that you do not waste time on one question. Thus, it is okay to leave one or two question from a set, if they are taking much of your time.

Whereas in Quantitative Ability Section, you may have to spend more minutes in solving one question. Thus, keep a target of at least 19 questions in this section. First of all, check if the DI questions is doable, if they are easy then attempt them first. As, via spending 10 minutes on a set, you will able to do 4-5 questions in one go. If this is not the case, then attempt QA section first and then solve the DI questions. Moreover, solve questions which are direct and formula based in the starting.

In the last, prepare well and give the exam with confidence.


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