There is no shortcut to success and in the Common Admission Test, i.e., CAT there is definitely none. CAT exam is a qualitative exam, hence the number of questions attempted by you will not make difference. However, the number of questions attempted by you accurately will surely make a difference and can get you admission in one of your dream B-school. The only thing that matters is to make the most of the time you are spending to prepare for the CAT exam.

How to Prepare for CAT in 02 Months?

There are three sections in the CAT exam in which you have to excel. These are Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal aptitude and Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation.

Those who are serious to crack the CAT exam must not ignore any one of the given section. To upgrade your percentile one has to be the master of all trades.

Through this article, you can check some important tips which can help you to improve your CAT percentile from 88 to 99+.

Preparation Tips To Improve Your CAT Percentile

#1. Focus

For CAT preparation, one needs to be relaxed and calm and keep a positive attitude while learning. Keep all your focus on the entrance exam preparation and everything else will fall into its place on its own.

#2. Learn the Basics

It is important that your concepts should be crystal clear. The reason why you are not able to move to a higher percentile is because your basic concept is not clear enough. If that’s the scenario then go back to the fundamentals. Leaving a section at this point is still not recommended. CAT exam is full of surprises, hence, leaving a topic or question can cost you your dream B-school.

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#3. Analyze your performance in Mock Test 

After taking the CAT Mock Test, you must analyze your performance, Even the CAT Toppers and Experts suggest that you should analyze the test and check how you performed. Always take a look at the question which you left and analyze if it was even worth not solving it. Find out your areas of strengths and weaknesses.

You also need to see the topics you’ve missed after every single test. The mock tests act as a weapon to formulate the strategy.

#4. At the time of the entrance test 

The only and only strategic way to upgrade your percentile from 88 to 99+ is to leave the questions which you are not confident about. There is no point in taking such risks when even 0,25 marks matter the most. Do not waste your time if it takes you more than 3 minutes to solve. You need to be clever in building your strengths and leaving behind your weaknesses during the CAT entrance exam.

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