Is it Worth to take a one-year drop for CAT Preparation?

The Common Admission Test is one of the popular management exams. Thus, every MBA aspirant takes the exam to get admission in top reputed B-Schools in India. Which makes it a highly competitive exam. So, for its preparation candidates strain every nerve to crack the exam. The audience of CAT is very diverse, some are final year students and some are working candidates. There are also candidates who are in their final year of graduation and thinking to take a drop of one year for CAT Preparation.

Common Admission Test

Such candidates are either first time CAT takers or the one taking the exam again to improve their scores. In either case, there is no guarantee that investing a full year for CAT preparation will bring fruitful result. The unpredictability of CAT exam pattern, selection process at IIM’s and other top colleges etc, makes very hard to decide if taking a year is a wise decision.

Is it Wise to Take a Gap for CAT Preparation?

No, taking a full one year gap is not a wise choice. A better option is to opt for a light job and prepare for CAT along with it. Since preparation for CAT does not require full day study. Two-three hours in a day are enough. Even if you have to start from basics then you can plan accordingly and start the preparation 7-8 months before the exam. As MBA is all about management, you must able to balance multiple things together.

Yes, it depends what are your future expectations. What type of colleges you are targeting. Moreover, nothing is right or wrong, if you are passionate then give it a shot and prepare with your heart and soul. As an advice, you must spend the time fruitfully, such that you will be able to explain your decision in the interview. Get ready to be grilled during the interview round.

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What do Candidates Having one-year gap Say?

Many students who have taken a one-year gap often find difficulty during the interview round of top b-schools. Because as an MBA aspirant they are expecting students to manage multiple tasks together. According to students, if they have done a job in that period then they would have a better chance to clear the interview. Though candidates who able to impress their choice clearly cracked the interview with flying colors.

Thus, it all depends how you will utilize your upcoming months. The more you keep yourself engaged in fruitful activities along with CAT preparation, the more chance you have to clear the interview stage.

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What type of Candidates B-Schools is Seeking?

B-schools are seeking a particular type of candidates who can strive in the MBA life easily. As we all know the MBA life is very hectic; all day presentations, classes or extracurriculars consumes the whole of a student. So, they are looking for candidates who can perform better, out of their comfort zone. Thus, handling multiple tasks, taking decisions in a stressful situation etc.

So, preparing for a CAT only in a 6 months period restricts the schools to select you. As they are not able to judge you on various parameters. Though, this will not be the sole reason to reject you. In short, why give them a reason to find a fault in you when you are capable of much tougher competition.

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Common Admission Test – This is the entrance examination takes place once a year. Thorugh this exam candidate can take admission in IIM’s and other b-schools in India. The courses offered are MBA, PGDM etc. The exam takes place in the month of November or December and conducted by IIM’s on the rotational basis. It conducts only in online mode and has multiple type questions based on Reading Comprehension & Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation, and Quantitative Aptitude.

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