MAT 2018 Preparation Tips – The MAT exam takes place four times a year. So, whichever session you have applied for, do not take stress, you must have done enough MAT preparation till now. For the few days left for MAT, you can brush up the concepts and formulas of related topics. Continue giving the mock test and keep reading the articles or blogs. Revise important words meanings and grammar rules. As long as you maintain the habit, you will not have any problem on the exam day. To know what more can help you on the exam day, read below.

First of all, let’s focus on the things necessary for the overall exam. Then we will discuss useful tips to crack the exam.

What to do before MAT 2018

It is necessary that you keep calm before the exam. Don’t take the stress and give your 100% in the test.  Moreover, manage your time judiciously during the test.

Practice Don’t give up taking the mock tests. Since the exam is coming near, taking two mock tests a day are enough. Importantly, revise and analyze the test carefully. See the solutions and check where you were wrong while attempting the question. Whether it is the formula or the concept. If it is a formula then keep revising them until the exam and for concepts brush it up once again. Remember do not pick new topics to learn before the D-day.

Do not take stress See stress is the most harmful thing which can surely spoil your exam. As you must be preparing for the last few months, you will definitely do well. On the examination day, do not think too much and attempt the question you are confident about. As in the exam, your accuracy will matter the most. So keep your motivational level up as any dip in the confidence can turn the tables against you.

MAT 2018

Speed and accuracy It is important you maintain your speed during the exam. Solving in less time will give you the advantage to attempt more question. But in the process, try to maintain accuracy. Don’t blindly mark the answer. It is the accuracy which will matter the most. If you attempt 120 questions, give 100 correct, then you will score 95 marks. In the scenario, if you made 35 wrong attempts then scores will dip to 76.25. See it will make a huge difference in your ranking.

Do not stick to one section Don’t stick to one question for than two to four minutes. Skip it for a while and come back later when you are done with most of the questions. Do not take it to your ego, you can solve any questions but sometimes we miss identifying the important information even in simplest of the question. Ensure you complete the exam in 150 minutes. You will enough time to revise or to look at the question again.

Carry all the important documents Apart from all the worries, you must remember to carry the admit card and writing material like HB pencil, eraser, sharpener etc. It is also necessary you know the exam instructions well. For detailed information regarding MAT guidelines, Click Here.

Last minute preparation tips for MAT

Solving the question smartly is the utmost thing that any management aptitude wants from the candidate. Of course, you can sole via any method but the time management should not be compromised. So, you can refer to the tricks mentioned below.

Which section to attempt first?

Scan the question paper once, attempt the section you think is wise to start. You can analyze it through question length, language difficulty and the information present in the question. You can start with the Verbal ability section, as this section can be completed in few minutes. Then you can move to reading comprehension part. After that, you can follow logical reasoning, quant, and data interpretation.

Within a section, try to solve questions which can be solved directly via formulas like averages, Trigonometry, SI & CI etc. In DI section solve the set which has less complicated data. You can start with graphs and pie charts as they are easy to comprehend.

Is question lengthy and complicated?

If you thinking that question is taking too much time then try the reverse engineering. Solve the question by putting the options. You will see most of the questions like profit and loss, Number system can be solved via this method. Take the intermediate options for example if question has value 60,80,70,100. Then try with 70 and 80 in the starting. Moreover, look for an attractive option first.

If your calculation is weak, then you can leave that question for a while and attempt it at the end. You can also opt for the elimination method, this method is very useful in solving the RC question and Data interpretation questions. In percentage questions, you can mentally note down that 1/3 is 33.33% instead of doing it in the paper.

What are key areas to focus on?

See the questions can trick you in many ways. Ther are many such questions in logical reasoning and reading comprehension. So, focus on words like “all”, “none”, “some”, “if”, “if and only if” especially negative words like “non”, “un”, “dis” etc, while solving the conclusion based questions.

While solving the conclusion based questions, read the information carefully, do not assume anything by yourself. If you are confused between two options then you can take your chances and choose the most attractive option.

Last but not the Least

  • Just chill one day before the exam. Calmly revise what you have done.
  • Think positively, if you crack the exams then you can admission to one of the best B-schools in India.
  • Reach the examination center in time with all the important documents.
  • Do not panic after receiving the paper, start with your most favorite section.

If you need any assistance, you can ask in the comments below.

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