MAT is an entrance test designed as admission criteria into post graduate (MBA) courses into all the Business schools spread all over India. Management Aptitude Test (MAT) 2018 is conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA). The exam takes place four times in a year, in the months of February, May, September and December. The test is conducted in offline mode (paper based) and computer based both. The students while registration have to mention the mode of their examination. Any candidate who has graduated in any discipline is eligible to appear in the exam. The university / college must be recognized. MAT is mandatory test that must be taken by the candidates to take admission into PGDM/MBA courses.

Let’s look at the details of the MAT 2018 examination. The test takes place in all the different management institutes of India as a national level test. The score is valid for one year as an admission ticket into more than 600 business schools in India. The test has to be completed in 2 hrs and 30 minutes for paper based and for computer based there are different time slots.

What is Management Aptitude Test?

MAT exam is objective type in nature with multiple-choice question / answers. The test has designed to primarily measure a candidate’s general aptitude.

There are five sections and the total number of questions are objective 200 in number. The students get around 150 minutes to finish the task. Let’s look at the table for you to understand the scheme first.

MAT 2018 Paper Section No of Questions Time
Reading Comprehension. 40 30
Mathematics 40 40
Data Interpretation and analysis 40 35
Critical Reasoning 40 30
Indian and Global Environment 40 15
Total 200 150

Here are some tips for you to follow while preparing for the test.

Excellent 30 Day MAT Preparation Study Plan

Tips to prepare for MAT Exam 2018

They are also applicable if you are planning to appear in Management Aptitude Test 2018.

#1 Who Art be Thou Savior? Speed!

In the real world you may have heard the term that “speed thrills but kills”. On the contrary in the academic world, it is relatively a term which is considered to be the sole factor which can put you in the lead. Speed is the ultimate weapon to drive you out of this “MATNESS”. It is the sole and all fried you need to have to make it through the exams. Make speed your best friend. Think of everything else as a distraction. First you need to speed up the timing.

Write an essay everyday. Try an pick any silly topic whether it is writing about your toothbrush or your shoelace. Think of any of the most silly topic you can. Describe it in words on a sheet of paper in less than fifteen minutes. What it will do is that when you pick any topics randomly, it will put your mind immediately to think upon topics that are unexpected.

A little exercise like this each day will improve your thinking power.

#2 Q3R

This is that part of the preparation which is essential and in fact must be your priority. To select which book to study is essential, what’s more important is to know what not to read.

This section is called QR3 because it’s based on the principle of Question, Reading, Reasoning, Relevant and Question. A candidate preparing for MAT must know how to read a question, reason over it find relevant solutions s finally moving to revising the answers.

#3 Browse that Book

When it comes to find the best books, it is not at all an easy task to find one supportive material for all problems. often students end up buying a book collection as if they are soon going to open a book store. you don’t have to create a whole library. only the essential ones. pick the books out of the list and that’s all you need. Here is a list of books for you to go through. check it out!

MAT books for Reading Comprehension

MAT books for Mathematical skills for MAT/CAT/MHCET/NMAT exams

MAT Books for Data Analysis

MAT books for Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

#4 Catch the clock

When you are done with marking your answers in the paper, you must assign five to six minutes for revision of the answers that you have marked. Do not waste your time thinking that you will get time to revise at the end of the test. You have to adjust your time yourself for the revision. If you are taking more than five to six minutes or more for one section you will probably end up not attempting some few questions. You get 200 questions and time is of essence. Match the clock. A wall clock is always provided at the test centre.

#5 What’s your Goal

Decide which month you want to appear in for the exam and start preparing accordingly. The exam as mentioned takes place four times in a year. You will get enough time to think which session you want to appear in. Plan your studies after you have made your decision. Buy the above mentioned material. join coachings if you want but decide at least six months early. there are topics and sections which might take you months to prepare and finish. by the time exams approach students are still left with topics which were not covered by them. if you know that you have enough time then prepare on your own. if you cannot a secondary help is always appreciated.

#6 Hey! Sleepy Head

If you have read about 10 healthy habits to follow to succeed in exams you must have read that eating healthy is one of them but the most important which only a few people discuss is the habit of getting sufficient amount of sleep. you deserve a good night’s sleep after that tiring day. you have earned it. Do not compromise on your sleep hours. Rest is as important as studying. If your mind becomes lethargic already, you will not be able to concentrate next day. Get enough sleep. Drink ample amount of water. Don’t eat anything heavy for dinner cause it might make you feel lured into sleeping. In a few moments couch turns into bed and your mom’s probably gonna find you drooling in the morning since you didn’t get a good night sleep.
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