Is MAT as difficult as CAT?

The good thing about management entrance examination is that the syllabus is more or less similar. The only major difference comes in types and difficulty level of questions in the examination. The MAT is popular among candidates as it takes place four times in a year. Candidates who are not able to perform in the first attempt can retake the exam in the next session.

Apart from it, there are many differences between MAT and CAT. Thus, it requires that you prepare for MAT according to its difficulty level only. Moreover, MAT is much easier than CAT. Having the competition high in common Admission Test, you can prepare for MAT to get admission in top colleges to pursue MBA or PGDM.

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How is MAT easier to CAT?

Let’s see different parameters which will help us to decide if MAT is easier to CAT.
Difficulty Level

If you see the MAT paper, there you will find direct questions. Learning the simple concepts and formulas make you well prepared for the exam. Whereas in CAT, you will find questions tough and tricky. (DILR in CAT….Phewww)

Number of Attempts

In MAT, you can take the exam four times a year. Whereas one bad performance in CAT can lead you to wait for one more year to take a reattempt.

Sectional Limit 

There is a sectional limit of one hour for each section in CAT whereas in MAT you have to complete 200 questions in 150 minutes.

Number of Sections

In MAT there are 5 sections whereas in CAT there are only 3 sections.

MAT Preparation

MAT Syllabus

Let’s start the MAT preparation by knowing its syllabus first. It will help you to know the important topics of the exam to prepare accordingly.

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Language Comprehension: English Grammar-based questions; English Proficiency; Fill in the Blanks, Para jumble, Reading Comprehension.

Intelligence and Critical Reasoning: Fact Inference Judgment, Passage Conclusion, Analogy, Statement Argument among others.

Mathematical skills: Elementary Mathematics; Arithmetic:- Number System, Ratio and Proportion, Mixtures and Allegation; Unitary Method; Time and Distance; Commercial Maths; Profit and Loss, Interest; Geometry; Triangles, Circles; Mensuration; Algebra Permutation and Combinations; Sequence And Series; Trigonometry Heights and Distance; Linear Programming; Coordinate Geometry.

Data Analysis and Sufficiency: Table; Data Sufficiency; graphs (line, area), charts (column, bar, pie), Venn diagram among others.

Indian and Global Environment: Economics, finance, national and international current affairs, static GK etc.

How to Prepare for MAT?

Once we have checked the MAT syllabus, we can now make a strategy to prepare for it. Let’s divide our preparation strategy into 5 sections. Moreover, continuous practice, mock test, and previous year question papers are the best way to crack any exam.

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How to Prepare for MAT Language Comprehension?

The English comprehension section needs to focus on three parts ie reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary.

Reading comprehension

  • The passages in MAT will not be long, you will find hardly 200-300 words articles/passages. Thus, it will be easy to attempt these questions when they are direct passage-based questions. So, try to attempt these questions to improve your scores in the exam.
  • You can do the same by practicing 2-4 RC’s daily. Doing it improve your speed and accuracy side by side.
  • To improve in this section, you must read articles on the variety of topics. This way when you something about the topic, then it will become easier to understand the passage in the exam.


  • While reading a variety of topics one thing you will also learn is vocabulary. But it requires conscious effort to spot a new word, write it and learn it.
  • Especially, for antonyms and synonyms, it is necessary that you have a strong vocabulary. For this, you must learn minimum 5 new words daily. Write them down in the dairy and keep them fresh by revising and using in daily communication regularly.
  • Besides it, whenever you learn a new word, check its synonyms and antonyms. Also, read their usage as well.
  • To solve such type of questions, you may refer books like SP Bakshi, Norman Lewis etc. You can also visit to know the synonyms and meaning of sentences.


  • Pick a good book to read rules and start practicing the questions.
  • Most importantly, revise the rules after every 15 days to keep them fresh in your mind.
  • Moreover while reading, focus on sentence construction and grammar.
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How to Prepare for MAT Intelligence and Critical Reasoning?

The reasoning section is easier as there aren’t many puzzles based questions in the exam. If you have prepared and practiced each topic thoroughly, then you can easily score good marks in this section.

  • Take each topic one by one, give atleast one to two days to understand a topic. Once you have learned the theory behind, practice as many questions as possible of different kinds on the same topic.
  • If you stuck in any question in the exam, then leave it for some time and come back later with a different perspective.

How to Prepare for MAT Mathematical skills?

The key to this section is learning the concept by heart. Even questions are easy in quant, you must know the basic funda behind the topic. Relying only on short tricks and techniques can land you in trouble.

  • Take a good book and clear all your doubts. If it is a new topic, then thoroughly read its theory and start practicing questions from it.
  • You must attempt atleast 30-40 questions on each topic. You can then move forward to attempt the difficult questions.
  • To become quick in calculations –  learn tables, squares, cubes, square roots until 20.

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How to Prepare for MAT Data Analysis and Sufficiency?

The data sufficiency sections can be prepared with the quantitative aptitude section. You just need to practice such type of questions to get pro in them.

  • Data Interpretation needs constant revision and practice. Thus, solve around 2-3 good problems daily of each type. This part is easy as compared to DI in CAT/XAT.
  • For data based questions, read the number and figures carefully. As one wrong calculation can mess up the complete section.
  • It is advisable that you write all the formulas in one place. Moreover, revise them frequently.

How to Prepare for Indian and Global Environment?

For this section, you need to read newspapers daily. Preparing current affairs will help you to attempt questions in XAT, IIFT, SNAP etc also.

  • To get the latest updates, read newspapers regularly.
  • You can also download the news apps on the phones to check the latest news. Utilize your traveling time to read newspapers.
  • you must make notes for important event details like important dates, the name of the person in the news, awards, and honors etc.
  • Revise these notes before the exam to keep everything fresh.
  • You can refer to newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Economist etc.
  • Read other magazines like chronicles, Lucent etc for coverage last few days events.
  • For static gk, you can refer to Arihant books, Lucent etc.

CAT Preparation

Being the most competitive exam, the CAT requires a strenuous preparation, which is quite thorough. As hardly 6 months left for CAT, you must kick-start your preparation with mock tests, previous year question papers etc. To know, the detailed strategy to crack CAT Click Here.

If you have any doubts regarding MAT Preparation, please ask in comments below.

MAT Preparation

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