MBA CET 2019 Preparation – The MHA CET exam for MBA will conduct in March 2019. So as exam will come near in some time, it is necessary that you make MBA CET preparation 2019 plan right now. Before making a timetable for your it is essential you have knowledge of the exam thoroughly. You must know the correct exam pattern and Syllabus. After that, we can move on to our preparation plan. Now, manage the time and divide it in a ratio according to your strengths and weaknesses. For that, it is necessary that you take a brief test before starting your MBA CET 2019 Preparation. In this article, you will find exam pattern, syllabus in addition to MBA CET 2019 Preparation tips, Best books and much more.

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MBA CET 2019 Preparation

If you are known for the exam pattern and syllabus of the exam. Without any hurry, you must start your MBA CET 2019 Preparation as soon as possible. Before this exam, you must be done with your CAT Preparation as well. So, you will not have to extra hard work for this exam as such. Just keep practicing the mock tests as much you can. You can see detailed exam pattern and syllabus given in the page below.

# Time Managment

For any exam, it is necessary that you keep track of time in the exam. Make a proper timetable for your studies. If you want to devote even four hours a day, then do it anyhow. Remember consistency should be maintained. If you manage your time well, then you will see progress in your learning level automatically.

In the exam, you have to attempt 200 questions in 150 minutes. So, it is utmost that you manage your time well. This habit does not come in a day. You have to develop a habit of attempting a question in minimum possible time. Moreover, you must master to differentiate questions like their difficulty level, data present, if a question is doable or not etc.

To do that what you can do is, in the starting set a timer while doing a question. Keep a record of the same so that after some time you can see if there is any improvement. This will come slowly, once you become pro, you will able to solve questions on fingertips. Besides, that try to solve questions via short tricks, learn tables, squares cubes etc. It will save your time a lot in the exam.

# Enhance your speed and accuracy

As time management is most important similarily speed and accuracy are very essential. Once you increase speed and accuracy, you will definitely score better and automatically see yourself much ahead in the competition. Take mock tests regularly to improve your speed. See if you taking less time than the previous day. Most importantly, check solutions of the mock test. You will find short ways and tricks to solve the questions in short period of time. Remember, Don’t compromise on accuracy in the advent of attempting more questions.

# Right Books

To know best books and model papers for MBA CET 2019, Click Here. You will find books to practice according to the MAH MBA entrance exam pattern. Once you will adapt to the paper pattern, you will feel confident and optimistic.

# Take Mock Test

For the best and smooth preparation, it is necessary that you keep practicing model papers like crazy. Never stop practicing the test. The moment you lose the hold of your preparation you will get lazy and it will directly affect your preparations. So, give atleast two tests daily and analyze it as well. For any exam, revise questions from individual sections and then give the mock test of all the section together.

MBA CET 2019 Preparation- Logical Reasoning

  • Relationship questions are easy to crack. For example in question like “In a certain code ‘A + B’ means “A is the mother of B” and ‘A – B’ means “A is the father of B”. Which of the following means “P is the grand-mother of R” ?” – In this question, A & B and other alphabets create lots of confusion. So, instead of considering side variables only consider given in options. That is from start reading the question consider A+B as P+Q. This way you will not confuse and will not make a silly mistake.
  • In arrangement questions, it is necessary that you find the statement which has the more data. In such way, you will able to reach the arrangement faster.
  • In the statement-conclusion based question, solve the via pie charts that is the most accurate method to solve such questions.

mba cet question

MBA CET 2019 Preparation- Quantitative Aptitude

  • For this section, prepare your basic concepts well. Once you know the concept you can solve questions easily. If you learn only tricks and formula, then somewhere or other you will be stuck if questions are confusing. So, build your base stronger first.
  • Secondly, get comfortable with the calculation part. For this learn tables until 25, cubes &score until 30 and the square root of atleast first 10 natural numbers.
  • The major areas you must focus are Geometry, Number Systems, Functions, P&C, Probability, graphs, and tables. Solve basic and application based question of these topics.

MBA CET 2019 Preparation- Verbal Ability

This section is a mix of verbal and non-verbal questions. So, you need to be comfortable both the sections.

  • For Reading Comprehension, solve atleast four passages in a day. Read articles from areas like philosophy, psychology, technology, sociology, etc. You can refer to sites like Arts and Letter daily.
  • You can refer to the newspapers like The Hindu, Mint, The Business line as they have very rich content. You can note down good words from it.  Also, see the sentence construction and flow as well.
  • Once you get to know the gist of the paragraph you will not have to refer passage again and again. Make of sequence of events in mind like you do while reading novels.
  • For Verbal Ability, revise and learn new words daily.
  • Practice jumble sentences daily, as this section bothers the students very much.

MBA CET 2019 Exam Pattern

It is important that you are well aware of the exam pattern of MAH MBA CET. Once you know it you can manage your time accordingly to it.

Medium of CET – The paper will be in English only.

Mode of Examination – Online mode only.

Test Duration – Maximum time for the exam is 150 Minutes

Negative Marking – There is no negative marking System for this test.

Type of Questions – Multiple choice questions from below-mentioned topics.

Number of options – In this exam, there are 5 option choices.

Time Limit – No sectional Time limits in the exam. You can move on to any section any time.
In this examination, the topics cover the four major section given below.

Topic Number of questions
Abstract Reasoning 25
Logical Reasoning 75
Quantitative Aptitude 50
Verbal Ability / Reading Comprehension 50

MBA CET 2019 Syllabus

MAH MBA CET syllabus is similar to other entrance examinations like CAT, XAT etc. The topics will test your mental aptitude and your accuracy to find a solution to a problem.

About MAH MBA CET- The Common Entrance Cell of Government of Maharashtra conducts the MBA CET. It is an online examination of 150 minutes to take admission in PGDM Course in various institutes in Maharashtra. Candidates have to clear the eligibility criteria first and then fill the Application Form to register themselves for the exam.

For any assistance about MAH MBA CET preparation, tips etc. Ask in the comment below.
MBA CET 2019

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      To improve your english, you should read the editorial section of the newspaper daily along with a few novels, if you can make time for it in your schedule. Along with that you should use the book ‘Word Power Made Easy’ by Norman Lewis. This will help you with your vocabulary. Practice these things and don’t worry. Language is something which takes time to be good. Just give it your best every time and be regular with your english practice.

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