MICAT 2019 Preparation – To prepare for MICAT, is an easy task if you are already preparing for exams like CAT, XAT or IIFT etc. Basically, you don’t have to prepare separately for general aptitude section. Though in MICAT there is a descriptive test based on essay writing, story writing, and psychometric test. So, this part needs the utmost attention. For this part, you will have to make a habit to write daily so you will not struggle in the exam. If you are preparing for any of the session either December or February, you must start your MICAT 2019 Preparation ASAP. You can appear in either of one session or both. For your best preparation, Aglasem has brought you, exam tips and strategies to crack MICAT, in the article below.

MICAT 2019 Preparation

For your better preparation, it is necessary that you are well aware of its syllabus. If in case you have any doubts, Click Here to find the detailed syllabus of MICAT 2019. After checking the syllabus, it is a time that you take a quick test to analyze your aptitude level and writing skills. You can take a test online and for the writing piece you can show someone to analyze your performance. Now, below you will find topic wise preparation tips.

Creative Writing

It is the section of the paper, where you can show your creative side and imagination. If you are not comfortable with writing, then you have to write a lot. You will soon able to write atleast the factual piece. It depends upon the topic whether it is an abstract topic or knowledge-based topic.

  • Read a lot from Newspapers, Magazines, Novels, and blogs.
  • Try to have the exposure to the variety of topics. For example Psychology, Philosophy, History, Abstract views, Politics, Environment, Business etc.
  • You can take an article, read it. Search more about it and then write an article on the same topic. By doing that, you will know how to write, atleast to some extent.
  • If you are not confident about your writing. Then you can start your blog or even write to Quora questions. Such that after getting reviews you will soon develop the confidence to express your reviews.

MICAT 2019 Sample Paper

Essay Writing

In this section, you will have to write an essay of about 250 words. Topics can vary from social issues to current affairs. As there are no choices, it is better you have knowledge of the diversity of topics.

Topics, for say

  • Environment is more important than development
  • Public opinion is vital for policy making
  • Is Education is the only way to remove poverty
  • Hard Work or Smart Work
  • Capital Punishment for Criminals
  • Should prostitution be made legal in India

What if you don’t know anything about the topic?

There are techniques you can follow while preparing your notes before writing the essay. SPELT- This is the most well-known strategy to gather data for an article. So whenever you come across the topic, search for its connection to the different areas. So, according to this strategy see its Social, Political, Economic, Law, and Technology impact and relevance. In addition to it, you can give Environment and cultural impact.

Story Writing

This is the one of the section from which scares a student the most. Many candidates are comfortable but atleast half of the candidates are not able to make a story in the short time period. What you can do is:

  • Read random stories and check the flow of it.
  • Try to learn how a story is starting and how it coming to its end to reach a conclusion.
  • In the exam, you will have four pictures, from which you have to form a story. So, try to connect them to form a creative story with a message.
  • You can also share your stories on Facebook, Quora to get genuine feedback.

Psychometric Test

This is the section which tests your thinking ability. It will assess your strengths & weaknesses, Personality, and moral values. Give the answers honestly and with an open mind. Questions are based on life goals, career goals, situational judgment etc. To prepare for this section, you can refer a good book to practice a lot. Though no answer is right or wrong,  they must be atleast moral and ethical. For example “What will be your instant reaction, if you see a person hit  by a car?”

Convergent and Divergent Thinking

This is the section which has question-based on logical reasoning. The questions in this section are not predictable. Sometimes they are visual reasoning, puzzle, word association, clue or statement-conclusion based.

  • So, for it pick a good book and start practicing a lot. It will help you in other exams as well.
  • After attempting any question, check the solutions for it, you will find new tips and tricks every time.
  • Every time you find a new way to solve a question. Make notes for it and revise them when required.
  • The method to solve a question is different for each type in LR. So, if you have any problem in solving a question and want to know its short method and trick, you can ask in comments below.

Quantitative Ability

For this section, prepare your basic concepts well. Once you know the concept you can solve questions easily. If you learn only tricks and formula, then somewhere or other you will be stuck if questions are confusing. So, build your base stronger first.

  • Write formulas in one place and revise them in regular interval.
  • Practice hard and give mock tests daily. If you are weak in an area, then solve atleast 50-70 questions from the same topic.
  • Don’t always practice the same type of questions in a series. Focus on mock which have mixed variety of questions.
  • Get comfortable with the calculation part. For this learn tables until 25, cubes &score until 30 and the square root of atleast first 10 natural numbers.
  • The major areas you must focus are Geometry, Number Systems, Functions, P&C, Probability, graphs, and tables. Solve basic and application based question of these topics.

Verbal Ability

This section is a mix of verbal and non-verbal questions. So, you need to be confident with both the sections.

  • For Reading Comprehension, solve the passages daily atleast 4 in a day.
  • Read articles from areas like politics, environment, philosophy, psychology, technology, sociology, etc. You can refer to sites like Arts and Letter daily.
  • Read newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, Financial Express, Mint, The Business line as they have very rich content. Make a note of good words from it.  Also, see the sentence construction and flow as well.
  • For Verbal Ability, revise and learn new words daily.
  • Practice jumble sentences daily, as this section bothers the students very much.
  • Solve Synonyms & Antonyms daily. Try to learn the context in which different word is used.

General Awareness

This section is quite important not only from examination point of view but will also help in MBA interviews as well. You can face questions from current affairs and GK in interviews. Hence, keep a habit to read newspapers, blogs, Magazine etc. For static part buy a book like Lucent etc.

  • Write notes of the current affairs daily. You can either refer to a newspaper or online applications.
  • You can download the pdf available online to keep the record of one-month current affairs.
  • For Static General Knowledge, give test regularly. Whenever you find any topic, search a lot from internet and make notes of it. For example, if you have attempted a question from “Earth Atmosphere”. Then, google it and learn all the necessary and basic information about that topic.

For any queries regarding MICAT 2019 preparation, please ask in comments below.

Official Website: www.mica.ac.in


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