How to Prepare for NMAT in 1 month

NMIMS Management Aptitude Test is the national level management entrance test. The exam takes place in the 75 days test window. The preparation for it also requires hard work and smart preparation. Most of the candidates give more than one exam for MBA Admission. Thus, candidates do not prepare separately for NMAT. Their main focus continues to be the Common Admission Test. It is also correct to focus on CAT, as preparation of this exam helps in other exams more or less. Here in this article, you will find the strategy to prepare for NMAT in the one month time period. For this session, you can also check NMAT 2018 details.

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For the preparation of NMAT is very important that you know the difference in the preparation of both the exams. The NMAT is comparatively easier to CAT. Moreover, the basics are the same. The things which you need to do differently in NMAT are like giving mock tests according to its exam pattern. Even more, practicing the certain type of questions which are unique to the exam is also important.

How to Prepare for NMAT in one month?

Candidates need not worry if only one month left for the exam. If you are already clear with exam topics then it is easy to prepare for NMAT in one month time period. Taking in mind that you are already preparing for other exams, you can follow the strategy given below to crack the exam.

The month preparation requires that you clear the topics and take mocks tests in the regular interval. As specified in the image above, you must divide the 30 days for preparation and practice equally. Moreover, divide the 15 days into three parts and prepare for each section in that period. For the rest of the days, attempt the sectional and mock tests. Keep a few hours spare for the analysis of the tests.

1st-5th Day: Prepare for Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation Questions. Pick topics that are new to you and the one in which you need revision.

6th-10th Day: In this time period, focus on Logical Reasoning. Practice questions like coding-decoding, direction sense etc.

11th-15th Day: In this slot, revise vocabulary and idioms etc. The reading comprehension is similar to the CAT Exam.

16th-20th Day: You can give the sectional test during this time period. You do not have to spend much time in this test. Hence, you can prepare for other exams also.

21st-25th Day: Now, you move forward to give the full-length mock tests. Five-Eight Mock Tests for NMAT are enough for the exam preparation.

26th-30th Day: Finally take rest and give your mind a break from the strenuous preparation. You can revise notes and mock tests in this time period.

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Important Things for NMAT Preparation

Here are some things which you need to follow if you are preparing for the NMAT exam.

Mock Tests

It is important that you give the mock tests according to the exam pattern of NMAT. This will help you to adapt to the exam environment. Moreover, they are the best ways to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Clear the Basics

Before the exam, it is important that you clear the basics of the topics that you think needs revision. So, give a mock test and write the areas where you are facing problems. Then pick them one by one to clear your doubts.

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Work on your Speed 

For NMAT, it is important that you work on your speed. The exam is easy but the time limit can restrict your number of attempts. So, try to improve your speed by choosing the right questions and ways to attempt them in minimum time.

Attempt One-Linear and Easy Questions First

In the exam try to solve easy questions first for example in English language attempt verbal ability questions first. Then in Logical Reasoning, attempt questions of which require less time to find the logic.

Section Wise Preparation of NMAT Preparation

If you are finding a problem in section wise problem. Then, you can follow the tips given below.

English Language or Verbal Ability

In this section, a maximum number of questions can be attempted. Since questions in this section are direct and knowledge-based. The time-consuming section is the reading comprehension section. So keep this section for the last and try to attempt at least 2 passages. Moreover, the more your give mocks, the more you will able to attempt this section faster.
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Logical Reasoning
For this section, solve all the topics of syllabus once. Then see which topics are less consuming. Apply the same strategy in the exam.

Quantitative Ability

This section requires that you are clear with concepts. While giving mocks, check if you are taking more time in QA or DI section. If you are comfortable with DI, then you can solve the DI sets first. It has an advantage as you will able to more number of questions in one go if you cracked the logic behind the question.

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