OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation – The pen and paper-based entrance exam require extensive study of all the topics. You have to focus on your speed with accuracy both. So for the better preparation, it is necessary that you have the right plan and strategy to start your studies. A better and right preparation in time can help you in a long run. It is the one-time investment to fulfill your dream for a career in management. So, start your OJEE MBA 2019 Preparations diligently, make notes, practice mocks and appear for the exam with the 100% confidence. For your better preparation, Aglasem has brought you OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation tips, strategy, and areas to focus on while preparing for the entrance test.

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OJEE MBA 2019 Preparation

Before starting your preparation you must know about the exam well. It includes that you know about its exam pattern and syllabus completely. Once you have checked them, you can now plan your timetable for the upcoming months. Click Here to refer the complete OJEE MBA 2019 Syllabus. Further, look at the exam pattern to know the number of sections which you have to attempt in the exam.

Mode of the Examination – Pen & Paper
Language of the exam – English
Number of Questions – 120 questions in the MBA paper and 60 questions in Integrated MBA paper
Time Duration – 120 Minutes for MBA paper and 60 Minutes for Integrated MBA paper
Marking Scheme – 4 marks for every correct answer marked.
Negative Marking – 1 mark will deduct for every incorrect answer marked.

Topic Number of Questions
Number of Questions
(Integrated MBA)
Verbal Reasoning 40 15
Analytical Reasoning 40 15
General Knowledge 10 15
Comprehension 20 15
Computer and Basic Fundamentals 10 0
Total 120 60

Before moving towards section wise preparation tips. Let us analyze what a good preparation includes.

#1. Time Management

In this exam, you will have to attend the 120 questions in 120 minutes. So, approximately you will have only one minute for each question. Therefore, it is necessary that you manage the time well in the exam. For that what you can do is start noting the time in which you are attempting each question. You must start this habit once you are done with learning the basic concepts. After that, note the time and analyze how much time you are taking. Analyse it after few days, if there is any improvement in your speed. If yes, it is great you are getting pro in your preparation and if not check what you are lacking. Revise the formulas again and try to solve the questions with tricks and short methods. In the exam, you can divide the time like this.

Topic Time to Spent in minutes
Time to Spent in minutes
(Integrated MBA)
Verbal Reasoning 30 15
Analytical Reasoning 50 25
General Knowledge 5 5
Comprehension 30 15
Computer and Basic Fundamentals 5 0
Total 120 60

#2. Speed and Accuracy

In the exams having negative marking, it is necessary that you focus on both speed and accuracy. Any wrong steps while choosing question will have to compromise with your rank in the merit list. So, better you work on your speed from the starting. whenever you practice mock set the timer and do the questions in the given time only. For example in verbal reasoning, attempt 40 questions in 30 minutes. In the starting, you may solve only 10 questions in given time but once you will adapt to it you will see the improvement. If you are able to complete the questions within the time limit. Then it will be added advantage as you will get the time to revise and correct if something went wrong.

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#3. Practice Mock

Solve the mocks as many as possible to get pro in particular type of questions related to exam. Never stop doing it as soon as you do it, you will lose hold from your preparation. Keep your body adapted to it so that you will face any problem in the exam. Since this is an offline exam, you can practice answering questions in OMR sheet. As marking the answer takes additional few seconds extra.

OJEE MBA 2019 Verbal Reasoning Preparation

The Verbal section is purely based on vocabulary based questions and grammar. So start reading more and more, try to learn new words every day.


  • Learn atleast 10-15 words every day, write it down in a diary to revise it daily. For any new word try to learn its context. It means when a particular word is used. For example, ‘see’ and ‘watch’ are synonyms but the context in which they are used is different. For every word learn its synonym as well. It will help you to answer Synonym and Antonym and fill in the blanks questions.
  • Besides this, develop a habit of learning Idioms, Proverbs, and Phrases. You can learn atleast four each of them every day. Revise them daily as they are not much used in everyday conservation which tends to forget them much faster.

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Students find grammar very troubling. The subtle points in grammar bother every candidate in the exam. So, for that develop the habit of noticing the grammar while reading newspapers, books or blogs.

  • Make notes of all the chapters like Noun, Pronoun, Adverbs, Verbs, Modals, Tenses etc. Write rules, usage, and exceptions in one place. Once you are done with it start attempting error based questions.
  • Grammar is something that you forget the subtle points if you don’t revise often. So, pick your grammar notes once in every 15 days. Revise and brush the concepts. This way you will have all the rules and exceptions in mind fresh.
  • Whenever you find something new, write down it immediately.


The comprehension is a different section in this paper. In this you have to answer the questions based on the passages given. The difficulty is not high but you must be comfortable with RCs. So, for that practice atleast 4 passages daily. You can take any book even SSC, CHSL level books will do good.

OJEE MBA 2019 Analytical Reasoning Preparation

The analytical section is the combination of mathematical skills and data interpretation skills. Though for Integrated MBA there is no DI section.

  • After having a glance at all the topics. Divide the topics into three parts. First that you know very well, then moderate level that you can attempt after little practice. At last weak topics which you need to learn thoroughly. This way you will know how much time you have to devote to each topic.
  • Start with the basics and do topic wise questions. Once you are comfortable with all the questions. Attempt mixture of questions. So that every topic afresh in the mind. Keep revising formulas frequently.
  • Time to time, try to solve questions in less time possible. You can take help of tricks and short methods to reduce the time per question.

OJEE MBA 2019 General Awareness Preparation

This section is the most troublesome for the candidates. This problem arises only because we don’t take this section seriously. When we realize that we are left with GK then it is already too late. So, instead of cramming in short period of time. We can learn something new daily in bits and pieces.

  • Read newspaper daily and write basic facts and figures in it. For example, if there is an award ceremony taking place then you can write the name of all the award winners in one place. These notes will definitely help you in last minute revision.
  • For the static GK, take a book like Lucent and read it daily. Mark the important points in it and revise it frequently.
  • For Computer basics, take 9th, 10th computer books. Ensure special attention to computer terminologies and abbreviations.
  • For Economics sections, read business section in the newspaper. Whenever you come across new term write it in one place.
  • Take 11th class Economics, you will find many basic terminologies there.

For any assistance and doubts regarding OJEE MBA preparation. Please write in the comments below.

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