How to Utilize a One-Year Drop for CAT Preparation?

Taking a year drop for CAT preparation is already a tough decision for you. There must be millions of thoughts in your mind whether to drop a year for CAT or not. Even after taking the decision, you have a thought “how to utilize this one year wisely?”. As you can’t spend the 6-8 Months just for CAT Preparation. Moreover, for the preparation for CAT four-five hours a day are enough. So, build a profile and hone your skills in this period to substantiate your decision for dropping a year. This will help a lot during the interview round.

CAT Preparation for Drop Outs

If you are giving the CAT for the first time, then you may need to spend a few more hours in the preparation. So, divide your time accordingly and engage yourself in other activities also. You can’t spend 24 hours in preparation only. Keep confidence and believe in yourself, you will definitely succeed.

For the test takers who have already given CAT must definitely engage themselves in extracurricular activities. Moreover, you have to invest your time in practicing mocks. Including the analysis, the maximum time you can devote in a day is 6 hours. So, what about the rest of the hours? Utilize them wisely to build your skills.

What to Do in the Drop Year for CAT?

Engaging in different activities will also help you from monotonous study all day. Moreover, learning extra skills can add brownie points to your resume or profile. So, you can utilize the CAT drop year via the following ways given below.

1. Certification Courses – These courses are superb to utilize a year. Besides, adding skills to your resume, you do not have to spend much time on these courses. You can also enroll online by checking the popularity and usefulness of these courses. You can choose courses related to finance, economics etc. Remember to opt for courses which could be helpful to you in the future. Even if you don’t take admission in MBA, you can use knowledge in other areas also.
CAT drop out
2. Internships – You can go for internships in your academic background or even to an MBA specialization in which you are interested. Even more, internships are for short duration only and not much hectic at all. So, utilize this time in gaining real-time experience.
what to do in cat drop out year?
3. Pursue/ Develop a Hobby –  Never got the time to spend the time on developing a hobby? then this is the right time. Follow what you like, it could be reading, writing, art, music, sports etc. Join classes, learn more about them such that everyone you really know about the things about which you are passionate.
how to explain cat drop?
4. New Language – Learning a new language is always wonderful and stress-relieving. Even more, many b-schools give preference to candidates who can speak popular languages like French, Spanish etc.
how to utilize cat one year drop?
5. Join an NGO – Passionate about social causes? Then make a change, join an NGO. You can participate in their management activity also.
how to explain cat one year drop?
6. Freelancing – You can start your blog, youtube channel. This is the great way to show creativity and innovation.
7. Prepare for other exams also – Apart from CAT, prepare for exams like XAT, SNAP, IIFT etc to improve your chances.
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CAT Preparation

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