PGCET 2019 Preparation – The exam for Karnataka common entrance test takes place in the month of July 2019. So, candidates who are aspiring to take the exam must start their preparation as soon as possible. After thoroughly checking the PGCET 2019 Syllabus you must start making a plan for the coming months. Divide the time according to your PGCET 2019 Preparation level and the number of months left for the exam. The questions in the exam are not that much difficult. So, if you are preparing for other entrance exams as well then it will become easy to crack this exam. You just need to practice mock test and previous year question papers of PGCET to prepare for this exam. Further, to know more about topic wise PGCET 2019 Preparation, read the complete article below.

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PGCET 2019 Preparation

In this paper, there are four sections having 25 questions each. It is required that you excel in all the sections to achieve a good rank in the merit list. Preparing for the exam well will increase your chances to take admission in institutes or colleges situated in the Indian state of Karnataka. First of all, take pick a good aptitude book and thoroughly prepare for all the topics therein PGCET 2019 Syllabus. Spare more time for the weaker section. Similarly, give more time for practice to the strong sections.

Self Analysis

Before preparing for any section, it is necessary that you self-analyze via giving a mock test. Take any paper, do it without any help. Check it and take analyze which are your weaker and strong section. For example, if your accuracy is less than 50% in English then you must give more time to read and learn the language. Similarly, the case with mathematical aptitude, if you struggle in this section, then you must revise the basic first.

Time Management

Since you must be preparing for the other exams as well then you must give first few months to build the aptitude. As 70% syllabus in all the exams is same. So, when PGCET is near then you can devote extra 3 hours to practice mock papers according to its exam pattern. This way you will get adapted to its pattern and you will not face any problem in the exam.

PGCET 2019 English Language Preparation

This section does not include reading comprehension as compared to other examination. So, it is easy to crack if your vocabulary and grammar are good enough. The questions are direct and could be in minimum 10-15 minutes. So, to get better in this section read the preparation tips below.


It is the most important part of this section as 50% questions are based on vocabulary only. They can either come in the form of antonyms, synonyms or one-word substitution form. So, they are do-able only if you have a habit of continuously reading and learning new words daily.

  • Read a newspaper, you can prefer to read editorial section. There you will definitely find 5 words which are new to you. Write them down in a notebook and revise them daily.
  • After that pick a word and type it on google. Search for its synonyms and antonyms. Moreover, look for the context they are used. See the definition of each word. Atleast the words which are commonly used.
  • Looking for the proper definition will help you attempt one-word substitution easily.

Idioms and Phrases

This part has atleast five questions from idioms like “Achilles hills” etc. So, read atleast five idioms daily. Try to use them in your daily life. You can write a blog or article daily which has words you have learned in a day. Moreover, idioms are easy to forget as they are not commonly used. So, you can revise them daily and give a test of them also. This way they are fresh in your mind and will not feel stagnant after reading hundreds of idioms.


This section has around 5 questions in the exam. So, you can attempt them correctly even if you have learned tenses carefully. So, spare out 20 minutes to read grammar rules and immediately take a practice set related to it. You can also make notes of them and revise them frequently.

PGCET 2019 General Knowledge Preparation

This is the section which students find very boring. As there is so much to grasp. This section can’t be cracked after reading a lot in one month. It requires continuous reading and learning. So, spare atleast one hour for this section daily.

  • For current affairs read newspapers daily. Write important events in a notebook, for example, famous authors books, international and national events dates etc.
  • Revise them frequently and best is give mocks on daily basis.
  • For the static gk pick a random topic daily and read about it. For example, you can pick Bank’s taglines.
  • Once you start reading daily, you will definitely see the change that you have already read a lot.

PGCET 2019 Logical Reasoning Preparation

For this section, practice is the key. Prepare every topic diligently for this sections. Questions are easy if you have practiced enough for logical reasoning.

  • About puzzles, they are not very lengthy. So, you can easily do them for example in the pie chart questions. Carefully read the words like if, not only, atleast, at most.
  • Then there is questions form series completion. In these type of questions start applying commons things like there continuous addition, subtraction, division, multiplication or combination of all of them.

Let’s take an example. The series is like A, D, H, M, S, _?

There A = 1; D=4; H=8, M=13, S=19. So, there is an addition like of 3, 4, 5, 6. Now next addition will be of 7 in S. That means 26, so, the answer is Z.

  • Similarly, for each topic, there is a trick to solve a question. For that pick a topic daily, learn it and do its atleast 30 questions on that day only. Once you are done with all the topics then do miscellaneous exercise for it.

PGCET 2019 Quantitative Ability Preparation

This section is easy if you clear your basics first. Once you know what is the concept behind any topic, then you will not even need to rely on formulas and tricks. There are some tricks brought you by aglasem which can help you to better for the examination.

  • First, learn a topic daily and attempt atleast 30 questions from each topic. Then eventually move towards the difficult questions.
  • Write formulas in one place, revise them frequently. Make a section in your notebook and write all the formulas there. For example, for mensuration, write all the formulas related to it under this section only.
  • Once you have increased your speed and accuracy, then start applying tricks to save the time.
  • For calculation, learn tables, squares, cubes, square roots until 20 natural numbers.

PGCET 2019 Exam Pattern

Mode of the Examination – The exam is Pen and Paper-based test completely in the English Language.
Maximum Marks – The paper is of maximum 100 marks.
Duration of Exam – Candidates need to complete the exam in 120 minutes
Number of Questions – The total number of questions in the exam is 100.
Negative Marking – There is no negative marking in this exam.

Section Number of Questions
Proficiency in English Language 25
General Knowledge 25
Test of Reasoning and General Intelligence 25
Quantitative Analysis 25


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