PIM MAT 2019 Preparation – Every year the PIM MAT takes place in the month of MAY for the new academic session. Similarly, for the academic session 2019-20, the PIM MAT will take in the third week of May 2019. So, candidates who are planning to appear for the exam must start the PIM MAT 2019 Preparation as soon as possible. After going through all the topics from PIM MAT 2019 Syllabus, you must give mocks more and more. Good preparation requires constant practice and determination to crack the exam. Further to know PIM MAT 2019 Preparation tips, exam strategy, refer to the article given below.

PIM MAT 2019 Preparation

The preparation for any exams requires that you are properly managing the time, doing practice and analyzing the tests. So, to crack the exam you must keep this planned until the D-day comes.

Time Managment

First of all, check how many months you are left with the exam. Then check the syllabus. After that divide the topics according to your current level of preparation. Assign more time to weak topics and spent more time in practicing the questions which you already know. In a day, set the number of hours you can devote to studies in a day. Then, stick to that anyhow. Initially, spent 75% of the time in learning a topic and practicing its questions. Then eventually move towards giving more and more mocks.

Mock Practice 

For the preparation of an exam, it is necessary that you practice mock related to its exam pattern. It will help you to adapt to the particular style of the exam. Once you get adapted to it, you will not find a problem as such in the exam. So, give atleast two mocks every day after learning all the topics. Most importantly, revise and analyze it regularly. This way you will know which topics you are frequently facing a problem.

PIM MAT Sample Paper

The University of Rajasthan has issued the PIM MAT Sample Paper for the preparation of exam. It includes the sample questions to give an idea what type of questions can appear in the exam. Click Here to download the Sample Paper.

PIM MAT 2019 Verbal Ability Preparation

This section is easy to crack if you give sufficient time for practice to this section. To prepare for this you need to read continuously. In case, your accuracy is less than 50% , learn new words daily and start observing grammar rules while reading any piece of information.

  • Read anything either newspaper, blog or an article. Try to find a new word. Increase your curiosity level, whenever you see a new word don’t ignore it, search the meaning of it and write it in a dairy.
  • After learning the meaning of a topic, search for its synonyms. Moreover, learn the context in which each word is used.
  • Instead of just cramming words, try to use them in your day to day life. Use them in conversation or while writing. Try to write an article daily. This way you will also improve your writing skills.
  • For Grammar, in the initial few days read all the grammar rules and exceptions. Since they are fresh in your head, solve error based questions daily.
  • Moreover, there are high chances that you tend to forget the rules. So, it is advisable that you revise them atleast after 20 days.

PIM MAT 2019 DILR Preparation

In this section, you must be comfortable with numbers and information in pictorial representation. For logical reasoning, practice is the key in this section.

  • Practice each topic every day, for example, if it is pie chart then attempt atleast its 10 set on that day. Learn easy ways to convert percentage to fractions and vice-versa. You should be quick to convert 1/4 to 25%.
  • Write the fractions of first natural numbers into their equivalent percentages.
  • Further, in data interpretation for calculation part learn tables, squares, cubes, square roots until 20 natural numbers.
  • For DI, don’t miss any crucial information as it could lead to follow the same mistake in all the questions of the set.
  • For LR, questions will be easy to crack if you have done with all the types of questions on each topic. For example, in series completion question, you must have done a practice of series based on squares, cubes, sum, subtraction etc.
  • Practice as sample paper and previous question papers as possible.

PIM MAT 2019 Business Mathematics Preparation

The Quantitative Aptitude section is commonly known as Business Mathematics. Its main focus is on commercial mathematics like Interest, Loss and Profit, Partnership etc. So, you can expect most of the questions from these topics.

  • To score good marks in this section, first of all, you need to clear all the basics.
  • After that spend time practice miscellaneous questions. This way concepts clear of all the topics.
  • Do not rush to learn tricks for this section. Take it slowly, as soon as you are comfortable with all the topics you can switch to tricks and short methods.
  • Learn direct formulas for questions like mensuration, profit- loss etc. This way you can save a lot of the time during the exam. Write all of them in one place and revise them frequently.

PIM MAT 2019 General Knowledge Preparation

This section main focus on current affairs section. Apart from reading newspaper only, start writing notes of all the important events as well.

  • While reading the newspaper, write the important data about the current event.
  • Revise the notes in a regular interval. So, that they remain fresh in your mind.
  • You can also take gree GK tests online or download any good current affairs app on your mobile phones.
  • For static gk, take a book like Lucent and read something daily.
  • Takes mocks for ststic gk and solve previous year question papers.

PIM MAT 2019 Exam Pattern

Before knowing the syllabus it is necessary that you look at the exam pattern first. It will give you an idea how to approach the exam. The number of sections and its total number of questions will help to divide the time that each section needs in the exam preparation.

Mode of Exam – The exam is a written test ie Pen and Paper-based Test.
Total Number of questions – There are total 120 questions in the paper with four options each.
Duration of Test – The maximum for the exam is 2 hours.
Negative Marking – Deduction of 1 mark for every 3 wrong answers.
Number of sections – There are 5 sections with 40 questions each.

Name of the Section Total number of Questions
Verbal Ability 40
Logic reasoning 40
Data Interpretation 40
Business Mathematics 40
Current Affairs including Business and Economics 40

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