Common Admission Test (CAT) is among the toughest exam for management admission in India’s top-notch colleges like Indian Institutes in Management and other prestigious B-Schools. IIMs conduct the exam to access the qualitative, verbal, and reasoning ability of a candidate. The popularity of the examination make the competition stiffer and cracking CAT 2019 tougher. More than 2 lakh candidates appear for this exam every year but only a handful are able to secure good percentile and get invited for GD/PI round.

How Should I Plan for CAT 2019 in 300 Days

Definitely it is not a cakewalk to crack the exam, yet, nothing is impossible. CAT 2019 exam is expected to be conducted in the last week of November 2019. This gives you lot of time for preparation and improvement. There is no other key to preparation but hardware. However, managed and strategic preparation will lead to better results. Let us guide you for CAT 2019 preparation month by month.

First of all, you should know that it is never too early or too late. Right now! This Moment! is the moment when you should start and thrive. Make every minute count and and bell the CAT 2019 and make your dream come true. Now that you are charged up, let us plan how you are will be sending your months to achieve the goal.

1st Month

Before starting with the preparation, you must know what are the topics being covered in the exam. Check CAT Syllabus for it and make a list of all of them. Once done with the courses, get all books you need to study thoroughly. Now that you have all the resources, another important thing to know is the exam pattern. Through the pattern of the exam is not disclosed by IIM but for past few years it has been as below:

  • CAT will be an online examination, which will be of 3 hours.
  • The total number of questions in the exam will 180 and these will be of MCQ and TITA type.
  • Each question will be of 3 marks and negative marking of 1 mark will be applicable for choose the wrong answer.

The distribution of questions and answers, in the previous year CAT papers, is as below:

Section MCQs TITA Total
VARC 24 10 34
DILR 24 8 32
QA 27 7 34
Total 75 25 100

Note: MCQ are multiple choice questions, for which candidates get multiple answer choice but only one is correct. Whereas, TITA is for Type In The Answer which means you need to write the answer in the text box provided. It is some time also called Non-MCQs.

CAT 2019 Syllabus

Upon collecting all the essential books, you need to identify the topics you are weak at and the topics you find easy to understand. This will be easy once you have access to CAT 2019 syllabus.

Now go for sorting the difficult section and easy sections and prepare a separate list for both.

2nd Month

If you think DI and LR are the ones you will need maximum time, start with it. Pick one topic at a time and understand the basics of it. Building strong basics is the key step to crack the exam.

Also, learn shortcuts and other important concepts to solve the answer as quickly as possible. If you want you can join online coaching classes or seek the mentorship of experienced teacher. On successfully completing the basics, you need to go for hard section. Try to solve the hard questions and analyze your performance accordingly. Mark the points you find difficult and solve the questions based on it.

3rd Month

By now, you must have good knowledge of 2 sections. This is the time you need to begin with Verbal and Quant. Spending sufficient time on these sections will turn out to be good investment of time as within this month you will be able to grab the topics you were not strong at. Have a look at solved examples and try to understand the answering methodology. Now, as you are getting hold of topics, start making notes of all the key points as it will be helpful during last time preparation.

4th – 5th Month

This is the time you need to start studying by mixing the sections while opting for higher difficulty level of questions based on Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Logical reasoning and  Data Interpretation. Also, start solving the examples in the books along with worksheets. Analyze your performance and redo the questions you have doubts.

Moreover, this is a good time to start reading some good books and newspapers. This will help you get strong hold of English language and increase your general knowledge.

6th Month

In this month focus on time management and learn how to prioritize the questions based on your skills and level of difficulty. While solving mock test that you must take at least 1-2 every week, make attempts without compromising with the accuracy. Having speed to solve the questions is must but higher level of accuracy is more important in order to convert your attempts into score. Without it you will not be able to get to the right answer and this will increase your loss proportion as with every wrong answer you will lose 1 mark.

Therefore, learn shortcuts and different methods to solve answers with accuracy. This could be achieved by increasing your number of mock tests as your proceed forward.

7th Month

During this month, you must start taking mock tests at a higher rate and getting ready for D- day. Start taking 3-4 mock tests every week and analyze your performance in the tests. Revise the topic you think needs some time and again take mock tests and also try to solve previous year question papers. You will have rough idea of the type of questions being asked and the way to attempt it. Ensure that you take mock tests as if you are actually appearing for CAT 2019 and not just a preparation. In this manner, you will learn time management and perform under pressure.

If you want to take mock tests section wise instead of complete syllabus, then go for it. Revise a section and take a test based on that particular section or topic. Once you are fully confident to take complete syllabus mock test in single shot, try solving it in limited time and keep practicing.

8th – 9th Month

This is the time you must start focusing only on the topics you have good hold of. Starting a new topic or the ones you find difficult is not advisable as you will not get enough time to do in-depth research. This is the thing you must avoid and instead focus on strengthening the sections you are familiar with. Ensure that you have a certain fixed strategy to reach the answers and stay fixed to it. This is not the time to experiment new things as this may lead to confusion. At this moment, the thing that matters the most is your approach towards the question and strategy of solving the mock tests. You must also adopt corrective measures in reference to the mistakes made by you that could cost you marks in CAT 2019 final exam. Word hard and smartly to eliminate the errors and be consistent.

10th Month

This is the most important phase of your CAT 2019 preparation as this is the month your exam is going to be held. You are required to practice maximizing your CAT score by ditching the mistake making habits. Also, take sufficient mock tests about 10- 15 in number and solve them with minimum errors and right answers that to in the specified time. Think mock tests as CAT 2019 exam and perform as you will do in the exam.

This is the time you need to be most determined and confident too. When the D-day arrives be relaxed and go for the exam with calm mind, your hard work is definitely going to be paid with good marks in CAT 2019.

Candidates appearing for CAT 2019 must focus on hard topics in the beginning and gradually go towards easy ones. Also, make your time-table and study by following the structured schedule and in a disciplined manner. Refine your easy and hard topics and work smartly to get past them. This is the only key to crack CAT 2019.

Still, if you have any queries on how to prepare for CAT 2019, feel free to reach us using the comment section below.

CAT 2019

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