How To Prepare for CAT a Other MBA Entrance Exams?

This is the common quandary that every MBA aspirant face while preparing for management entrance tests. It does become a hassle when you have to prepare for multiple exams when you focus is on one main exam. Still, candidates take many exams to improve their chance to secure a seat in the management programme. Thus, it is necessary that you balance your preparation to excel in every exam. The basic syllabus for all the exam is the same. The difference lies in one or two sections and type of questions. Each of the exams has an English section, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative section. The name of the section may change but the basic concepts remain the same.

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How To Prepare for CAT and Other MBA exams?

If you are preparing for the Common Admission Test, then the 60% of preparation for other exams is already done. You just need to prepare for an additional section of the exam. The most popular section in other exam is the general awareness section. It is common IIFT, XAT, SNAP etc. Besides this, you just need to practice mocks of Other MBA Entrance Exams to prepare for them. Moreover, solving the previous year question papers helps a lot.

CAT preparation with other exams

How To prepare for XAT while preparing for CAT?

Xavier Aptitude Test is one of the most popular management entrance tests. The students often question “What is the difference between CAT & XAT?” After understanding the difference it is necessary that you prepare for XAT accordingly. XAT is as difficult as CAT, so it requires that you prepare for it accordingly.

The VA, DILIR, QA can be attempted with CAT preparation. For Decision Making, you do need to practice from previous year question papers. This section is as an important part of the exam and requires that you answer these questions by putting yourself in the position of a manager.

Next are the General Awareness and Essay Writing section. The general awareness can be prepared by sparing half an hour daily. Whereas Essay Writing also requires preparation to write a good article in the paper.

How To prepare for NMAT while preparing for CAT?

NMAT is easy as compared to CAT. The questions are easy and direct. Once you know the difference between NMAT & CAT, then you will be able to strategize your preparation. What you can do after registering and Scheduling for NMAT, you can start giving mocks 20-25 days before the examination.

Moreover, the difference in preparation will lie in the English section. In this exam, you have to focus more on questions like synonyms & antonyms, phrasal verbs etc. Similarly, in logical reasoning section questions like coding & decoding are very popular. Do not think this section is different from CAT. Since NMAT appears early, you can utilize this preparation for SNAP, MAT, IBSAT etc.

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How To prepare for IIFT while preparing for CAT?

Once you know the difference between IIFT & CAT, then you will able to know that section which requires much attention is the General Awareness section. The questions are asked indirectly here. In which you will have more than two statements and need to choose the right option from the number of combinations given.

So, it is necessary that you prepare for IIFT General Awareness section as soon as possible. The section requires that you prepare general knowledge in addition to current affairs also. So, the only difference from CAT is in the general awareness section.

Even more, DI is in IIFT is calculation intensive. So you need to work on your calculation speed to attempt more question from this section.

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How To prepare for SNAP while preparing for CAT?

Symbiosis National Aptitude Test is different from CAT in many ways. Its analytical reasoning section is completely different. Though it is similar to exams like CAT. The quantitative ability section is easier than CAT.

So, you need to spare a few hours for the reasoning section. The other part to focus on is the general knowledge section. So we can that general knowledge section is there in most of the exam other than CAT. In order to prepare for SNAP while preparing for CAT, Click Here.

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How To prepare for MAT while preparing for CAT?

MAT is very easy to attempt if you are preparing for CAT. The only section that requires time is the general knowledge section. Otherwise there MAT is easier to attempt as compared to CAT. Even more, you can give MAT four times a year. You can don’t have to put extra efforts to prepare for this exam.

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