how to prepare for cat in 90 days

The management entrance test for the academic session 2019-21 will start within a few months. The important exam that is about to come is the Common Admission Test or CAT 2018. So, with a few months remaining, you must kickstart your preparation. If we talk about 90 days strategy then it requires that you have to give 110% to clear the exam. So, it totally depends on your current aptitude level and learning speed which will play a crucial role in cracking the exam. The previous year CAT Topper cracked the exam with only three months preparation, then why can’t you.

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How to Prepare for CAT in 90 days

First of all, it is necessary to analyze your current aptitude level. So, take a test and analyze your performance.

Already Cleared the Concepts

If you are already done with concepts but not getting the good scores in the mocks. Then, you have to invest your time in revising the concepts. Once you revise then start taking the mocks again. Do not think that revising again will waste your time. It actually will save you from future trouble.

Need to clear the concepts

If at this point in time, if you need to start with the basics. Then it will take a lot of time. So, what you can do take full 45 to 60 days to clear the topics. You can start with the important topics and then move towards less popular ones. While learning the topics take weekly full length mocks and analyze them. Then in the last 20-30 days before the exam take only mocks and revise them thoroughly.

Getting Low Scores in Mocks?

Sometimes cases happen when you are preparing for the exam but reach a point where you are not able to improve your scores. So, do not take stress too much, keep confidence on you and go back to basics. Don’t focus on quantity of mocks but quality of mocks. Thus, to improve the mock test series scores, take a few days and revise the concepts. Then, come back to the battleground with a bang.

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Need to Work with the Basics?

In this two cases arise. First, if you need to start from level 1. Other, is that you already halfway through the topics and need revision. For the second case, you can refer to books or online to clear your topics. You can also join crash courses to clear your concepts.

For candidates, need to start from basics have to study with full devotion to do the same. Follow the strategy that I stated above take first two months for preparing the topics and last one month for mocks.

CAT 90 days preparation

# 1. Divide your Syllabus/ Time Management

The best strategy is to divide your syllabus into the small segment. So, if you have 90 days remaining for the exam then divide it in the ratio of 2:1. Which means to give 60 days for learning topics. In these 60 days, you have to prepare for three sections. So, divide a day into three parts and prepare for all the three sections. Then take the syllabus and assign the timings for them for example like if there are 20 topics in maths then take 3 days for each topic. You can also leave topics that are taking up much of your time.

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#2. Focus on Important Topics First

Do not waste time on learning every topic, even if you leave one or two topics then it will not make much difference. Though it is necessary that topics you are doing learn them by heart. So that you will not face problem in the exam or in mocks.

Basics To Improve First
Averages Mean, Median & Mode
Percentages Ratio & Proportions
Simple & Compound Interest
Topics to do First
Installments Profit & Loss
Mixtures & Alligations Time, Speed & Distance
Boat & Streams Time & Work
Numbers Algebra
Functions & Log Geometry
Set Theory Permutation & Combination
Sequence & Series

#3. Identity Your strengths and weaknesses

When you start preparing you will find some easy and some difficult for you. So, make a list of them and then in mocks try to solve questions form strong sections first. Moreover, keep practicing the strong while paying little more attention to weak areas.

#4. Take Mocks

Initially, take the sectional mock test. They can be taken immediately after learning a topic. While this also takes weekly full-length mock tests even if you are not done with all the topics. In the last 20-30 days, give full length mocks only and revise them daily.

#5. Mock Analysis

It is important that you analyze a mock after taking it. Note down the areas where you are frequently making mistakes. Do the questions which you left unanswered. For the questions you answered, check the better way to answer the questions in a short period of time.

Section Wise Preparation for CAT

For the verbal section, read the newspapers as a ritual. Then, attempt two-three RCs daily. After doing this, in the leftover time practice for the verbal ability section.

For the Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning section, take mocks as much as possible. Learning the concept will not much time for DILR. So, devote your time taking mocks as more and more. To increase your efficiency takes mocks online only.

In Quantitative Ability, practice at least Level 1 & 2 Questions of the topics you are focusing on. You will not have the time to attempt many questions but takes mocks to check the different type of questions that can appear from a topic.

If you have any questions or need any guidance regarding the CAT 2018 Preparation, then let us know in the comment section. Also, follow our Facebook Page to get latest updates on CAT Preparation and other management entrance tests as well.


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