If you begin to Prepare for MBA CET 2019 today, you have sufficient time to score high in the examination and crack it easily. The first step you need to take to prepare for MAH MBA CET 2019 in less than one month is to know the pattern of paper and solve the previous year question papers to know the type of questions being asked in it. Likewise, you will also understand the syllabus of MBA CET 2019 for which you are going to appear on March 10 & 11, 2019. For the preparation of the exam in less than a month, you will need special strategy and complete focus to crack it. Here on this page, you will find the special technique to prepare for MAH MBA CET 2019 in a refined and straightforward method. Understand the preparation tips for the exam and reach us if you have any doubts.

Ways to Prepare for MBA CET 2019 within One Month

The first thing first– when you start your preparation for MAH MBA CET 2019, you should know the exam pattern of it. This is a must as you will have an idea of paper for which you are going to appear. You will also come to know the number of questions asked in each section along with the difficulty level.

The exam pattern of MBA CET 2019 is simple to understand. The paper is going to be divided into 4 sections which you have to solve in the time duration of 150 minutes. Seeing the level of questions asked in the examination, it could be easily solved in 2.5 hours. The entire paper will be of MCQ type and the maximum marks are 200.

Mode of Examination: Computer Based Test

Medium of CET 2019 – English

Total Number of Questions – 200

Type of Questions – MCQ with 5 options

Time Duration – 150 minutes or 2.5 hours

Maximum Marks – 200

Negative Marking – No procedure of negative marking

Section No. of Questions Maximum Marks
Logical Reasoning 75 75
Abstract Reasoning 25 25
Verbal Ability / Reading Comprehension 50 50
Quantitative Aptitude 50 50
Total 200 200

Once you know the exam pattern, it becomes easy to prepare for MBA CET 2019.

MAH MBA CET 2019 Syllabus

The second thing that comes in the list of preparation is the MBA CET syllabus. How can you prepare for the exam if you don’t know its syllabus? Well, for your convenience we have provided below the complete syllabus to prepare for MBA CET 2019. The syllabus is listed section wise along with the major topics included in it. You can have a look and understand it to start your preparation.

We have divided the entire syllabus into 3 parts:

  • Logical / Abstract Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension
  • Quantitative Aptitude

Logical / Abstract Reasoning

These sections are designed to test your ability to think fast and perform with accuracy. The questions will involve the ability skills like the interpretation of number sequence, relationships and also the verbal reasoning. You need to mark your responses carefully to score well in these sections.

The list of major topics involved in the section is represented below:

  • Symbol-based Comparison
  • Linear and Circular Arrangement
  • Direction
  • Sequential Output
  • Series Completion
  • Conditional Coding
  • Selection Criteria
  • Venn Diagram
  • Verbal Ability
  • Input/Output
  • Blood Relations
  • Coding/Decoding
  • Syllogisms

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

Your comprehension skills will be put to test with the help of passages and the questions based on it. Other topics for which you need to prepare for MBA CET 2019 will be based on grammar, vocabulary, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, comprehension of passages etc. If you want to get marks in this section, you must understand the contents of passage and also make use of appropriate words, phrases, expressions and much more.

Major topics that we found out after in-depth analysis are:

  • Antonyms
  • Comprehension of passages
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Para Jumbles
  • Synonyms
  • Sentence Arrangement
  • Sentence Correction
  • Spelling/Inappropriate usage
  • Phrase replacement
  • Sentence Completion
  • Odd Sentence Para Jumble
  • Verbal Reasoning

Quantitative Aptitude

The questions asked in this section are based on numerical calculations, arithmetic problems which involve ratio and proportion, percentage, etc. to solve the questions in this section of the paper, you will be required to think fast and answer the questions on quantitative reasoning, interpretation of tables, common graphs and charts.

Topics which may be included in this section of MAH MBA CET 2019 paper are:

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Mensuration
  • Probability
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Numbers
  • Percentage
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Data Interpretation – Graphs, Charts, Tables

Prepare for MBA CET 2019 in Less than One Month

Once you know the entire exam pattern and syllabus of MAH MBA CET 2019, it’s time to start your preparation. Less than one month is left for the exam to be conducted. MAH MBA CET 2019 is scheduled to be conducted on March 10 & 11, 2019. Its a high time and you need to be focused and determined to crack MBA CET 2019 with good marks.

But before you start preparing for the exam, do have access to most recommended books for MAH MBA CET 2019?

List of Best Books for MAH MBA CET 2019 Preparation

For quick access to the books recommended for MBA CET 2019, we have provided the table below. You can easily grab it by simply clicking the link provided against each book. These are surely going to help you get ready for the examination in more refined manner:

Book Buy from Here
Maharashtra MBA-CET Complete Book by Chandresh Agrawal Click Here
Maharashtra CET-MBA 2019 with Solved Papers & Mock Papers by R.K. Jha Click Here

Target MH-CET 2019 (MBA / MMS) 2019 – Past (2007 – 2017) + 6 Mock Tests by Disha Experts

Click Here

Study Material & Notes for Maharashatra MBA-CET By Chandresh Agrawal Classes

Click Here

Quantitative Aptitude for CAT & other MBA Entrance Exams by Deepak Agarwal

Click Here
MH CET (MBA/ MMS) Entrance Guide by Disha Publications Click Here
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Time Click Here
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examination by R.S. Agarwal Click Here

After you have bought these best books for MAH-MBA CET preparation, you are already halfway to crack MBA CET 2019.

Next step is to make a strategy to prepare for MBA CET 2019 in less than a month.

Important Tips to Prepare for MBA CET 2019 in Less than a Month

The first thing that comes to the mind of an applicant is how is it possible to crack MBA CET 2019? Well, my friend, you can easily clear the exam with just less than one month in hand. All you need is to follow the preparation plan for MBA CET 2019 that is stated below for you. If you follow this strategy strictly without loosing up, I am sure MBA CET 2019 will be a piece of cake for you.

Many toppers of MH-MBA CET have told us that how they prepared for the exam with just a few days left in hand and managed to score high in the paper. So, with less than one month of preparation, you can easily score well in an examination and get admission in a reputed college.

Since the time is less, you will be required to devote at least 8 hours per day to prepare for MBA CET 2019. The approach will also be different for the preparation.

The key element to score high in the paper is to take a maximum number of mock tests. This will prepare you for the D-day and you will also get hang of examination. Solve the mock tests like it is a final examination and learn the art of time management.

We will divide the time period to prepare for MBA CET 2019 in 4 parts of 4 days each.

For the first 4 days: You must, first of all, use the quick guide and identify the important topics that you find easy to solve. After you have done, revise it for one day and polish your concepts. Thereafter, write 3 mock tests – one on each day. Once you solve the mock test, analyse your performance and find out your weak spots. Know which questions you took the most time to solve and which part took the least time. Now, note down the areas which you are not quite familiar with.

Days 5-8: During this time period prepare for MBA CET 2019 topics that you have noted down after taking the mock tests. Practice solving the questions and also look at the previous year question papers. In this way, you will come to know the type of questions being asked related to that topic. Do this in 2 days and in remaining two days take 3 more mock tests and analyze the areas which need improvement. Practice those topics and sections until you feel like you have improved.

MAH MBA CET 2019 Preparation

Days 9-12: In this time duration, increase the number of mock tests you take. Solve at least 1 mock every day and analyze your performance. Also, work on the areas that need improvement. In this manner, you will soon be able to score well in the examination. By the end of the 12th day, you would have solved 10 mock tests. Now do a complete analysis of all the mock tests that you have taken and note down the improvement you have done to date.

I assure you that by this time you are at an extremely high level to prepare for MBA CET 2019.

Days 13-15: Solve 2 mock tests during this time and find out the mistakes that you have done in all the mock tests you have taken while preparing for MBA CET 2019 in last 15 days. Remember these mistakes and make it a point to not repeat it. Now finalise your strategy for the exam.

Identify the sections you are going to solve first in the paper that will take the minimum time and then the questions that may take more time. Remember, to skip the question that is taking way too much time to be solved and attempt it at the end when you are done with the entire paper.

Hope, by now you have an idea on how to prepare for MBA CET 2019 in less than a month and score well in MBA CET result.

If you still have any questions and queries ask us in the comment section below. Our team at Aglasem will be happy to assist you.

Official website of MAH MBA CET 2019 is www.dtemaharashtra.gov.in.

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    • Pick a topic, then clear its concepts first. Then practice at least 70-100 questions from a topic. If not all topics, then prepare the important topics of the exam.
      If you need more assistance, comment on this thread. We will get back to you ASAP.

  1. My quantum is very weak. And concepts are not cleared. Any books or suggestions to clear my basic concept. I am plan for cet 2019 and will start my preparation today. Please help.

    • Hey, just start learning the concepts. Do not worry to learn all the topics in a short period of time. Just practice the most important questions so that you can attempt atleast 40% questions in Quant section.
      Even if you’re weak in this section, try to maximize scores in other sections.

  2. Hi, My name is Usama. I started preparing for CAT 2019 just 3 weeks before. I want to give CET in the month of march (1 month left). My Quant concept is good but at the time of solving i got confused how to form the Question. How should i improve this?. Kindly assist me asap

    • See to improve on that you need to practice more. what you can do is pick a topic and practice atleast 70-100 questions related to it. In starting, take your time and do not rush to solve questions in minimal time. Then slowly, bring the time factor.
      Since the exam is only 1 month away then you can take mocks according to the MBA CET pattern and whenever you find a problem in a particular question, then solve more questions related to it separately.

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