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NMAT by GMAC is an entrance exam to get into leading management institutions of India. Candidates appearing for the exam should prepare for NMAT 2018 seriously and with a dedication to score well in NMAT 2018. The exam is expected to be conducted from the month of October 2018 and will end in the third week of December 2018. This means you have enough time to prepare for NMAT 2018 and get into one of the participating B-schools. Every year approximately 53.56% engineering candidates, 23.72% applicants and 11.29% management students prepare for NMAT 2018 and take the exam.

Many top institutions that accept NMAT 2018 score are Thapar University, Narsee Monjee Institute, IBS Business School, SRM University and much more. For NMAT 2018 preparation you must, first of all, know exam pattern, syllabus and then prepare the techniques to cover all the topics included in the examination. You can get more relevant and useful information related to preparation of NMAT by GMAC 2018 from this article.

Prepare for NMAT 2018

Before you start to prepare for NMAT 2018 it is important to know the entire exam pattern. This is going to give you an idea of the sections from which you will be asked questions. Moreover, you will also be able to understand the marking scheme and the time allotted to attempt particular section.

Exam Name: NMAT by GMAC

Mode of Exam: Online (Computer-Based Test)

Exam Type: Objective (MCQ)

Sections: 3

Total Number of Questions: 120

Maximum Marks: 360

Time Duration: 2 hours or 120 minutes

Negative Marking: No but normalization of marks is done

Section No. of Questions Time Allotted
Language Skills 32 22 min.
Quantitative Skills 48 60 min.
Logical Reasoning 40 38 min.
Total 120 120 min.

You can move to the next section after the particular section has been completed and reviewed. However, you must keep in mind that the remaining time will not be added in the next section. You will be provided only the time as mentioned in the table above.

Paper of NMAT 2018 is going to have 3 sections:

  • Language Skills
  • Quantitative Skills
  • Logical Reasoning

With a total number of questions 120 which are required to be attempted in the time duration of maximum 2 hours. For every right answer, 4 marks will be allotted to the applicant. However, there is no procedure of negative marking thus you can attempt all the questions and mark responses that you think are right.

The questions asked will be of MCQ type and you have to mark the correct response from the choices given on the screen.

NMAT 2018 Syllabus

Once you are aware of the exam pattern, knowing about the topics from which questions might be asked is beneficial. You can know the syllabus of NMAT 2018 from below. This is going to help you prepare for NMAT 2018 easily and with more focus. We have provided section wise syllabus with topics that are included in it. You can now start preparing for the exam and work smart to score well in it with the help of this syllabus.The sections have been divided into 5 parts thus making it easier to understand the topics and refining NMAT 2018 preparation:

Language Skill

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Mark the error
  • Analogies
  • Synonyms
  • Jumbled paragraphs
  • Fill in the blanks

Quantitative Skills

  • Number system
  • Data Interpretation
  • Fractions
  • Profit and Losses
  • HCF and LCM
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Simplification
  • Decimals
  • Percentage
  • Partnership
  • Average
  • Simple Interest and Compound Interest
  • Mensuration
  • Time and Distance
  • Trigonometry
  • Time and Work

Logical Reasoning – Verbal Reasoning

  • Sitting arrangement
  • Classifications
  • Coding-decoding
  • Direction sense test
  • Inequalities
  • Blood relations
  • Decision making
  • Syllogism
  • Arithmetical operations
  • Machine input
  • Alphanumeric sequence puzzle
  • Sequential output tracing
  • Analogy
  • Logical Venn diagram
  • Alphabet test
  • Puzzle test
  • Mathematical operations
  • Eligibility test
  • Numbers, ranking & time sequence test
  • Logical sequence test
  • Situation reaction test
  • Inserting the missing characters
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Verification of truth of the statement
  • Assertion and reason

Logical Reasoning – Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • Series
  • Rule detection
  • Analogy
  • Analytical reasoning
  • Mirror-image
  • Water-image
  • Classification
  • Figure matrix
  • Cubes and dice
  • Construction of squares and triangles
  • Dot situation
  • Completion of incomplete pattern
  • Spotting out the embedded figures
  • Paper folding
  • Grouping of identical figures
  • Paper cutting

Logical Reasoning

  • Deriving conclusion from passages
  • Statements and course of action
  • Cause and effect reasoning
  • Statements and argument
  • Drawing inference
  • Calendars
  • Statements and assumption
  • Clocks
  • Puzzles
  • Theme detection
  • Statement and Conclusion
  • Odd figures or Odd man out
  • Sequence and series
  • Seating arrangement

Best Books to Prepare for NMAT 2018

Before you start your preparation for NMAT 2018, it is good to get access to most recommended books for the exam. These books will be your guide and assist you to score high. Let’s have a look at the best books for NMAT 2018 and grab a copy of it:

Book Grab Your Copy
Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations by R.S Aggarwal Get Here

50 Plus Solved Papers MBA Entrances by Ajay Singh

Get Here
Objective General English by R.S Aggarwal Get Here
Quantitative Aptitude For CAT by Arun Sharma Get Here
A Modern Approach To Logical Reasoning by R.S Aggarwal Get Here
Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance Examinations by Abhijit Guha Get Here
Logical and Analytical Reasoning by Ashok Gupta Get Here

Know How to Prepare for NMAT 2018 Section Wise

It is better to prepare for NMAT 2018 section-wise. In this manner, you will not get confused with the topics that you need to cover and also you will get enough time to revise the entire syllabus once completed. Another major benefit is that you will be sorted and know what to study and how to prepare for NMAT 2018 effectively.

  • Language Skills

This section is going to contain 32 questions from the topics provided above on this page. The maximum time provided to solve the questions is 22 minutes. This means this section requires speed and accuracy at the same time.

Your grammar skills are going to play a major role to prepare for NMAT 2018 language skills sections and solving the questions.

For the part of reading comprehension split the passage into small paragraphs. This will help you gather the information easily and also enhance the vocabulary.

Tips to Master Language Skills Section

While reading a comprehension or passage, you should mark the important phrases, words and other sentences with relevant information and data. Once you are done, it will be easy to solve the questions related to it.

Another part of language skills section is based on vocabulary. You can prepare for NMAT 2018 and enhance your vocabulary by reading editorial section of daily newspapers and magazines. This is going to assist you to improve the contextual usage of words.

To solve the questions based on synonyms, antonyms and analogies, you must refer to 8th and 9th standard books and other word lists. A well-known website is also helpful to know the synonyms and meaning of sentences.

To polish your grammar skills you can refer ‘High School Grammar’ by Wren & Martin.

Prepare for NMAt 2018

  • Quantitative Skills

You have to attempt 48 questions in 60 minutes which accounts for 1.25 minutes per question. This is sufficient time to solve the questions in this section of NMAT 2018. The list of topics from which questions might be asked in this section is provided above.

Tips to Solve Quantitative Skills

To score in this section you need to prepare for NMAT 2018 properly. You will be required to increase your speed and accuracy to solve nearly 30-35 questions. The time is not a bar in this section but the major concern is that the questions need to be solved manually and it’s a time consuming process. Therefore, you must learn the shortcuts and tricks to solve the questions and learn time management.

In this section, solving previous year question papers, taking mock tests and sample papers really works.

  • Logical Reasoning

The section is going to have 40 questions which must be attempted in 38 minutes. To solve the questions you need to have a backward approach. This will help you to reach the answer quickly.

Tips to Gain Expertise in LR

To get answers to the questions, practising is the key. Try solving as many questions as possible. With practice, you will be able to identify the questions that could be solved easily and are going to take minimum time. This way attempting maximum number of questions in the given fixed time will be easy.

Solve similar type of questions in a just one way. This will help you to remember the procedure and thus solving the questions will become easy. While practising, if you find something difficult take note of it. And revise it until you get hold of it.

In case you have any questions based on how to prepare for NMAT 2018, use the comment section below to reach us.


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