REVA MAT 2019 Preparation – Candidates looking for a career in management apply for many common entrance tests and Universities. So, while preparing for any one exam, you are automatically prepared for other exams well. Similarly, in REVA MAT if you are clear with basic concepts in quantitative ability and have good command in the English Language then you can easily ace the exam. Though every paper demands preparation on the basis of its particular exam pattern. So, after learning the topics from REVA MAT Syllabus, you must start your preparation accordingly. Practice as mock as possible online so that you will not face any difficulty in the exam. To know the REVA MAT 2019 Preparation exam tips and strategy, read the article given below.

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REVA MAT 2019 Preparation

For the better preparation, you must have access to the right books. From where you can learn topics and practice them as well. Moreover, you can join some class or coaching if you are confident with the level of your preparation. About coachings, it is helpful if you are preparing for many exams. Moreover, it will always help in the long run. As every entrance or competition exam assess you on the basis of aptitude only. You can take help of youtube videos to learn the concepts. Make notes of them and practice from various sources like online test series or books.

Let now look at how you can prepare for each section of the exam. But before that let us have a glance at the exam pattern of REVA MAT 2019.

REVA MAT 2019 Exam Pattern

Mode of the Examination – The exam will take place in online mode only.
Medium of the Examination – The paper will be in English Language only.
Duration of the Examination – Candidates will have a total of  120 Minutes to complete the exam.
Number of Questions – There are total 100 questions in the paper.
Marking Scheme – Each question carries 1 Mark.

Section Number of Questions
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension 25
General knowledge & current affairs 25
Quantitative Aptitude 25
Data Interpretation (Optional: Graphic interpretation and Table Analysis) 25

REVA MAT 2019 Verbal Ability Preparation

Preparation of this section is a continuous process. It can be just learned in few days. So, make a habit of reading pieces of information in English. Read newspapers, blogs, and articles. Moreover, you can also listen to English Youtube channels or watch movies etc. Once you make a habit of these things, follow the tips given below. Further, give atleast 2 hours to English in which you can devote 50 mins to verbal ability, 20 mins to reading comprehension and rest of the time for revision.

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  • Whenever you learn a new word, write it down a diary. Initially, revise it daily and then slowly you can revise after every 5-10 days depending on your retaining power.
  • Instead of just cramming words, try to use them in your day to day life. Use them in conversation or while writing. Try to write an article daily. This way you will also improve your writing skills.
  • Moreover, while learning a word, read its synonym and antonyms as well. Also, learn in which they are used.


  • First of all, take few days and read all the grammar rules and exceptions. Since they are fresh in your head, solve error based questions daily.
  • With time, you tend to forget the rules. So, it is advisable that you revise them atleast after 20 days.
  • While reading, focus on grammar and sentence construction as well.

Reading comprehension

  • If you feel this is your weak section, then start practicing this section bit by bit.
  • In the starting, start with simple RCs then increase the difficulty level.
  • When you start reading the passage, create an array of important points in your head. Atleast make a map that you know the important points of each paragraph of the passage.
  • Try to understand the gist of the passage to know what the author wants to convey through his/ her viewpoints.

REVA MAT 2019 Preparation

REVA MAT 2019 Quantitative Ability Preparation

This section is easy if you clear your basics first. Once you know what is the concept behind any topic, then you will not even need to rely on formulas and tricks. there are some tricks brought you by aglasem which can help you to better for the examination.

  • First, learn a topic daily and attempt atleast 30 questions from each topic. Then eventually move towards the difficult questions.
  • Write formulas in one place, revise them frequently. Make a section in your notebook and write all the formulas there. For example, for mensuration, write all the formulas related to it under this section only.
  • Once you have increased your speed and accuracy, then start applying tricks to save the time.
  • For calculation, learn tables, squares, cubes, square roots until 20 natural numbers.

REVA MAT 2019 Data Interpretation Preparation

In this section, you must be comfortable with numbers and information in pictorial representation. For logical reasoning, practice is the key in this section.

  • Practice each topic every day, for example, if it is pie chart then attempt atleast its 10 set on that day. Learn easy ways to convert percentage to fractions and vice-versa. You should be quick to convert 1/4 to 25%.
  • Write the fractions of first natural numbers into their equivalent percentages.
  • Further, in data interpretation for calculation part learn tables, squares, cubes, square roots until 20 natural numbers.
  • For DI, don’t miss any crucial information as it could lead to follow the same mistake in all the questions of the set.
  • Practice as sample paper and previous question papers as possible.

REVA MAT Preparation 2019

REVA MAT 2019 General Knowledge Preparation

This is the section which scares every student. As does not matter how much you have read for this section, in the paper you will struggle to think for a right answer. As topics are diverse, you can only have the idea of basic things related to each topic. Read atleast all the topics given below. Most importantly, focus on current affairs as well.

  • Read the newspaper daily. Make notes of all the important events in a notebook. Revise them frequently so that they remain fresh in your mind.
  • For the static GK, pick any random topic daily. Search for it on google and make notes of it. You can attempt quizzes available online.
  • You can refer to books like Lucent to read important events of History, Geography, Economics etc.

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