Right Time For CAT Preparation

The Common Admission Test is definitely one of the toughest management entrance tests. It not only test your knowledge on certain topics but also how you manage your time wisely to finish the test. About 02 lakh candidates apply for CAT exam every year, however, only a few total CAT applicants make it to the cream layer of 99 and above percentile.

It is always advised to the CAT aspirants to start preparing for the entrance exam as early as possible. Starting preparing for the exam early would benefit you in gaining knowledge about the kind of questions to be asked. Another advantage is that you can spend time in developing extra reading habits and increasing vocabulary.

Right Time To Start Preparing For CAT Exam

The right time to start preparing for CAT exam according to:

Academic Records

The candidates appearing for CAT exam are from every academic background. Hence, every student has different timings to start their preparation for the entrance exam. CAT Preparation may take a year for those with normal past scholastic record, at least 6-8 months for a student with better than expected past scholarly record and 3-4 months for an aspirant with amazing past scholastic record.

However, a year before CAT is undoubtedly more than enough for any student, average or topper.

High Competition

The number of candidates applying for this national level entrance exam is hitting records and with each passing year, the competition is also rising. In the year 2017, and 2016, about 20 candidates made it to the elite 100 percentile club, However, to obtain such a high score, you still need to invest 10-12 months for your preparation sincerely.

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How Much Time To Invest In CAT Preparation?

There are not fresh graduates who appear for CAT exam. There are working professionals, final year students also who appear for the entrance exam. Let us check the optimal preparation time for each of these:

Working Professional

As a person who has a 9-5 job, taking out time to prepare for the CAT exam is difficult. You will definitely need to devote more time than the other to be in the 100 percentile club. Contribute brief time frames day by day, and divide out your arrangement well early.

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Final Year Graduates

The life of a student isn’t different from the working professionals. College leaves next to zero time for your CAT arrangement. Hence, preparation for the entrance exam as early as possible is definitely the first step for preparation. In an average time of 5 days per the topic of CAT syllabus, including basic learning along with tricks, technique and a lot of practice, you must devote at least 3-4 hours to study.

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