SNAP 2019 Preparation

SNAP 2018 Preparation – Every year, Symbiosis National Aptitude Test conducted by SIU. This prestigious exam is taken by around 50,000 students every subsequent year. Owning to its tough competition SNAP requires strenuous preparation. The exam is easy as compared to other national management aptitude tests. The things which make it tough to crack is the number of questions and the time limit of the exam. As you have to attempt the maximum number of questions out of 130 in 120 minutes. The key to crack the exam is to practice more and more to gain speed and accuracy. The section which is time-consuming is the logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude sections. So, to know SNAP 2018 Preparation tips and strategy, read the complete article below.

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SNAP 2018 Preparation

The most important section for SNAP is general knowledge. It is the toughest to get good scores in this section. However, if you prepare for it from starting then, you have decent chances to clear the cutoff and moreover score well in the exam.

Speed and Accuracy

For this exam, it is very important to increase your speed. The GK and English can easily be attempted in the short interval of time. So, the problem arises when you stuck to a  particular question. In SNAP 2016, the logical ability questions were appeared to be easy but actually were tricky. Which resulted in the wastage of time for students who were tempted to attempt such questions. So, it is necessary that choose the right questions to increase your number of attempts. This knowledge could only come when you practice lots of SNAP exam pattern questions.

Mock Practice

For SNAP, it is very important to practice sample papers. As this exam will come after exams like NMAT/ CAT, you must have already covered the general topics. So, gather all type of SNAP questions you can find to prepare for this exam. Revise your weak areas, vocabulary, gk notes etc. Most importantly, keep the track of time and try to reduce the time in the next mock. Remember you have to attempt the maximum number of questions in the exam this can come only by practicing as much as possible.

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SNAP 2018 Exam Pattern

Before heading to the preparation tips you must check the exam pattern of SNAP first. This will give you an idea of how much time to allot to each of the section.

To Refer SNAP 2018 Recommended Books, Click Here.

Mode of Examination

  • The exam will take place in online mode only.
  • Candidates have to complete the test in 120 Minutes.

Marking Scheme

  • Normal Question carries 01 mark and Special Questions carry 2 marks for each question
  • There is negative marking of 25% for each incorrect answer.

Type and Number of Questions

  • The questions will be multiple choice questions with four options (Normal Questions) each and Special Questions.
  • For special questions, each section will have blanks where answers will have to be entered by the candidate by using the virtual keyboard.
    Section Normal Questions Special Questions Total Questions Total Marks
    General English: Reading Comprehension,Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability 30 05 35 40
    Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency 30 05 35 40
    Analytical & Logical reasoning 30 05 35 40
    Current affairs 20 05 25 40
    Total 110 20 130 150

Check Complete SNAP Syllabus Here.

SNAP 2018 Preparation – General English

This section is little different as much focus is there on the verbal section as compared to reading comprehension part. So, it is advisable that improve your vocabulary and grammar to crack this section.

Pro Tip: Try To attempt 29-30 questions within 30 minutes in the exam.

Reading Comprehension

  • In the paper, you will find the maximum of 2 passages of maximum 200-300 words. So, it is easy to attempt these questions. Many students try to avoid RC questions but you must attempt them to increase your scores.
  • To do that you must practice 2-4 RC’s daily depending upon your reading speed and accuracy.
  • Try to read articles on the variety of topics so that you know the background of the passage that will appear in the exam.

how to prepare for SNAP


  • The best way to improve the vocabulary is to read regularly. So, pick anything which is informative and interesting.
  • For antonyms and synonyms, it is necessary that you have command over vocabulary. The candidates can learn minimum 5 new words daily. Write them down on the flashcards. To keep them fresh in your memory, read them regularly and use wherever necessary.
  • Moreover, whenever you learn a word, check its synonyms and antonyms. Moreover, read their contextual usage.
  • To solve the questions like this you must refer books like SP Bakshi, Norman Lewis etc. A well-known website is also helpful to know the synonyms and meaning of sentences.


  • In grammar, questions can come in the form of sentence corrections and error spotting. Thus to attempt such type of questions, you have to clear your grammar rules first.
  • Pick a good book to read rules and start practicing the questions.
  • Most importantly, revise the rules after every regular interval to keep them fresh in your mind.
  • Moreover while reading, focus on sentence construction and grammar.

SNAP 2018 Preparation – QA & DI

This section is the combination of quantitative ability and data interpretation. So, focus on clearing concepts, formulas, and calculation. Moreover, time plays a very important role in this exam. So, manage the time well to attempt questions in this section.

SNAP 2018 Preparation

  • First, try to learn a topic daily and attempt atleast 30-40 questions on each topic. Then move towards to attempt the difficult questions
  • Clear the topics from Class 9-10 NCERT school Mathematics books, if necessary.
  • To improve calculation, learn tables, squares, cubes, square roots until 20 natural numbers.

Pro Tip: Try To attempt 24-28 questions within 40 minutes in the exam.

  • Data Interpretation requires constant revision and good practice. So, solve about 2-3 good problems daily (of each type). This part is comparatively easy as compared to DI in CAT/XAT.
  • You must write formulas in one place, revise them frequently. What you can do is to make sections in the notebook and write all the formulas there. For example, for mensuration, write all the formulas related to it under this section only.

SNAP 2018 Preparation – Logical Reasoning

This section is quite tricky and difficult. You will be tempted to attempt these questions but in last fall in the trap. So, it is advisable that you attempt it in last and keep buffer time for it.

SNAP Preparation

  • The key to crack this section is to practice every type of questions that can be formed from the syllabus topics.
  • Read the information in the questions properly. Moreover, if you are not able to find the crux of the question in 5 minutes then do it otherwise leave it and try to attempt it later.
  • Check sample papers to analyze the type and difficulty of logical reasoning in LR.

Pro Tip: Try To attempt 20+ questions within 30 minutes in the exam.

SNAP 2018 Preparation – General Awareness

It is not that difficult to score average scores in this section if you reading newspapers daily and tracking the latest news regularly. It is not usually easy to read and remember all the topics of general knowledge. So, what you can do is learn bit by bit daily and revise regularly. There are high chances that in the exam you get the idea of right answers after analyzing all the options of the questions.
SNAP GK Syllabus & Preparation

Make Habit of Reading News Papers

  • To get the latest news, read newspapers regularly. If you don’t have the time for the hard copy then download the news apps on the phones. You can read the newspapers in your meantime or in traveling time. Nowadays, you can also access the audio service of various newspapers.
  • Note down the important event details like important dates, the name of the person in the news, awards, and honors etc. These notes you can revise before the exam to keep everything fresh.
  • You can read newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Economist etc.
  • For last year events, you can download yearbooks to revise them.

Pro Tip: Try To attempt 15-20 questions within 10 minutes in the exam.

Make Notes

  • Pick any topic and access all the information related to it on the internet. For example, take one or two days and read all about World organizations.
  • Take any static GK book and read important rivers etc.
  • Read stats like largest and smallest, first invention etc.
  • Make notes of them to revise before the examination day.

Books to refer for GK section

Click Here to know SNAP Important GK Topics

For any doubts regarding SNAP 2018 Preparation, please ask in the comments below.

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