What To Expect For SNAP 2018 Exam

Last year various changes were brought into the SNAP exam. For example, the previous year the exam was held in the computer-based test format for the first time ever. Though the pattern was very much similar to that of last year, however, some candidates found it to be tougher than the 2016 paper. There was no sectional cut-off, it made the job of the students a lot easier i.e., they could focus on maximizing the overall score instead of trying to improve their sectional performances in the tougher sections.

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Though the exam date for SNAP 2018 has not been announced yet, however, it is held in the month of December every year. Hence, with SNAP 2018 just around the corner, all management aspirants must gear up and accelerate their preparation. As from above, it is understood that the SNAP exam gets difficult and difficult every year, the candidates preparing for SNAP 2018 exam must read this article to know what to expect from SNAP 2018 exam. You can also check the exam analysis for the previous year as well from this page.

How Was SNAP Exam Last Year?

For sure, the overall difficulty level of the exam was higher. Check the broad distribution of the test from the table below:

Name of the Section Marks Number of Questions Good number of attempts Ideal time allocation (min)
General English 40 40 20-22 20-25
Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency 40 40 18-21 35-40
Current Affairs 30 30 7-9 10-15
Analytical & Logical Reasoning 40 40 18-20 30-35
Total 150 150 67+/-2 120

General English

This section was dominated by Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary based questions. Out of the 40 number of questions, 25 were from these two topics only. The reading and comprehension section had two passages with six questions each. The passages were lengthy with around 1,000 to 1,100 words, which made solving them a little more time-consuming. Though they were time-consuming but easy to solve and anyone could get 9-10 of them correct.

On the other hand, Vocabulary was difficult. Questions on Fill in the blanks, antonyms, synonyms all were difficult, whereas, topics like Jumbled Paragraphs, Idioms, Analogies and Grammar and were of moderate to difficult level.

In the table below we have given the distribution of questions in the General English section:

Question Type Number of questions
FIB (Maximum no of times, four sentences) 2
Synonyms 3
Antonyms 5
Analogies (Similar pair) 2
FIB (Single blank) 4
Match the Parts of Speech (Noun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective) correctly with the sentence 2
Replace the underlined phrase (Vocab based) (Two idioms, and one synonym) 3
Replace the underlined phrase (Grammar-based) 1
Grammar – Compound Relative Pronoun in sentence 1
Grammar – Compound Relative Adverb in sentence 1
Active & Passive Voice 2
Parajumbles 2
RC 1 6
RC 2 6
Total 40

Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

The Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation, and Data sufficiency was another lenthy and tricky section. The QA section had 12-14 questions from Arithmetic and Commercial Mathematics. There were 2 sets of Data Interpretation which were not calculation intensive and were easy to moderate level for most of the students. For the past two years, there have been no DS questions.

The broad distribution of the questions from various areas is as below:

Question Type No. of questions Difficulty Level
P&C 2 Easy-Moderate
Averages, Mixtures & Alligations 2 Easy-Moderate
Geometry 3 Difficult
Heights & Distances 1 Difficult
Indices 1 Easy
Line Graph 2 Easy
Logarithm 1 Easy
Mensuration 1 Moderate
Number Series 2 Easy-Moderate
Numbers 3 Easy-Moderate
Percentages 5 Easy-Moderate
Pie Chart 5 Easy-Moderate (one question with wrong options)
Probability 4 Moderate-Difficult
Time & Work 1 Moderate
Sets 1 Easy
Ratio, Proportion, & Variation 1 Easy
Time & Distance 1 Moderate
Simple Equations 1 Moderate
Profit & Loss 1 Difficult (Wrong options)
Venn Diagram 1 Easy
SI-CI 1 Moderate
Total 40

General Awareness

This section had questions from diverse topics. However, candidates found most of these questions were difficult. Around 7 to 9 attempts in the section in around 10 to15 minutes will be considered good.

Major topics which covered this section were identifying personalities, business/economy related questions, sports, science, awards and government programs. Business and Economy related questions, in particular, were tougher than others. Science-based questions and identifying personalities also proved to be a trickier task.

Topics Number of questions
Corporate Entities 4
Science/ Technology 7
Famous Personalities 3
Entertainment/ Media 3
Sports 4
Geo-politics 1
Natural calamity 1
Government Policies 1
Awards 2
Miscellaneous 4
Total 30

Analytical and Logical Reasoning

This section had a reasonable number of easy and moderate questions. Series and calculation based questions dominated the section. The level of this section could be pegged at a moderate level of difficulty. Around 18-20 attempts could be considered to be a good attempt in this section.

The question distribution in this section was as below:

Question Type No. of questions Difficulty Level
Input-Output Flowchart 1 Moderate
Critical Reasoning 1 Moderate
Number/ Letter series 2 Easy
Direction Sense 1 Moderate
Quant-based Reasoning 6 Easy-Difficult
Blood Relationship 6 Easy-Moderate
Missing number 1 Difficult
Analogies 2 Easy-Difficult
Arrangements 2 Easy
Clocks 1 Moderate
Scheduling 3 Easy
Miscellaneous 14 Moderate-Difficult

What To Expect For SNAP Exam 2018?

Last year’s SNAP exam came as a surprise for many candidates and with that, the myth that the SNAP exam is an easy test left many stunned. The lengthy and tricky questions became a painstaking experience for many.

Now the question is that is the same going to happen in 2018 too? Well, it is hard to answer, but there are a few patterns through which we have predicted what to expect from SNAP 2018. Take a look at the pointers below which can help you to shape your preparation for SNAP exam in a proper manner.

Reading Comprehension (RCs) Will Continue To Dominate

For sure there will be two RCs in the SNAP 2018 entrance exam. You may expect that the number of RCs to increase too. However, the length of RCs may get shortened to 800-900 words.

Furthermore, some ‘inference based’ questions can be expected instead of specific detail questions. To prepare for RCs, it is advised to the candidates to read novels, blogs, books, as much as you can. Moreover, solve previous year question papers for SNAP or you can even try to solve CAT Previous Year question paper to get a better idea on how to prepare for RC. This will give you an edge over other students in the General English section.

The arithmetic topic will become the most rewarding topic

In the Quantitative Aptitude section, arithmetic is one of the most important topics. From the past 3-4 years, it has been observed that the management entrance exams are shifting their focus from algebra, numbers and modern mathematics to arithmetic and geometry.

Those who have a strong clutch over topics like Averages, Percentages, Ratios, Interest, Profit & Loss and Time, Speed and Distance will definitely get the benefit. You can expect around 15 questions from these topics.

Logic Vs Calculation

Though last year, the majority of questions were calculation based. However, this trend might change this year. It can be expected that the Logic-Based Data Interpretation might appear in SNAP 2018. This can make the exam less time consuming but will certainly help in maintaining the difficulty level.

GK will always be a game changer in SNAP exam 

It has always been said that in SNAP entrance exam, General Knowledge is a game changer. Since it is a management exam, you should watch or read news related to the corporate sector. Remember the name of the founders of corporations, CEOs, CXOs, major products, taglines and corporate terms. You will need to keep a close eye on current affairs of at least 1 year.

Overall Changes Expected in SNAP 2018

Another important expectation regarding SNAP 2018 is that marks needed for 99 percentile shall increase slightly this year. As last year, the SNAP exam was probably the toughest SNAP paper of all times, it is more likely that SNAP 2018 will be a little easier this year.

If you have any questions, then let us know in the comment section below. 

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