The SNAP 2018 examination is conducted by the Symbiosis International University. This year it will be conducted in the month of December. From this year, the University has made some changes in the exam pattern. They have added a new type of question in the paper. Now each section of the paper will have 5 special questions where the answers have to be typed down using a virtual keyboard. Keep reading this page for more information regarding the exam pattern and tips for preparation. Click Here to know further changes done in SNAP 2018.

SNAP 2018 New Exam Pattern

From this year, the SNAP has introduced a new exam pattern for the SNAP 2018 examination. Before, the total number of questions was 150. Now it is reduced to 130. The type of questions that will be asked now will be normal questions and special questions. In the normal questions, the candidates will have to choose one correct answer from the 4 options. In the special questions, the candidates will have to enter the answer by the typing on the virtual keyboard. The total number of normal and special questions will now be 130 and 20. Candidates can have a look at the new exam pattern from below:

Sections Normal Questions Special Questions Total Questions Total Marks
General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability 30 5 35 40
Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency 30 5 35 40
Current Affairs 30 5 35 40
Analytical & Logical Reasoning 20 5 25 40
Total 110 20 130 150

Marking Scheme

  • The normal questions will be of 1 mark each
  • The special questions will be of 2 marks
  • There will be 25% negative marking for both types of question.

How to Prepare for SNAP 2018?

The students who are going to prepare for the SNAP 2018 examination, can follow these tips given below for preparation. We have provided you with both section wise preparation as well as some basic preparation tips.

  1. Quantitative Ability/ Data interpretation – This section contains the topics such as percentage, time, speed, mensuration, geometry, profit and loss. Practice as many questions as you can for practice. There will be a total 35 number of questions in the paper.
  2. General English – The students must have the following knowledge for preparation this section: Basic Grammar and parts of speech, noun and pronoun usage rules, subject-verb agreement, verb tense and modal verbs, basic usage of prepositions. Prepare for questions of synonyms, antonyms and fill in the blanks using vocabulary knowledge and verbal reasoning.
  3. Analytical and Logical reasoning – The topics in this section are such as cause and effect, assertion and reason, odd one out, coding-decoding, series, blood relations, mathematical operations and number ranking etc.
  4. General Awareness – This section is the hardest part of the question paper as it is very vast and there is no syllabus for the same. The candidates must focus only on the last two year’s current affairs. The candidates must read the newspaper daily to familiarize themselves with the current affairs.

How to prepare for Special Questions for SNAP 2018?

Since this year, a new type of question has been added in the question paper. These are special questions in which there are no options and the candidates have to type the answer using a virtual keyboard. Unlike the MCQs, these questions carry 2 marks each. So here are some helpful tips that will help you prepare for these questions.

  • For General Knowledge – For this section, you can refer to any general knowledge book of last two years as the gk questions of the last 2 years are only asked. Books like Concise General Knowledge Manual by Thorpe Edgar and Thorpe Showick and Manorama Yearbook are very helpful. Because the special questions do not have options for answers, you have to remember the answers. One easy way is to maintain a small notebook. You can prepare your own question bank. Write all the important points and make your own questions and jot them down in the notebook. Also keep reading the newspaper and make notes from that also. Also review what you have written in the notebook once daily or two days.
  • For Quantitative Aptitude – For the quantitative aptitude sections, you must practice as many questions as you can from previous papers and mock tests. But don’t look at the options. Try to solve the questions first and then check the answer.
  • For Analytical & Logical Reasoning – To prepare for this section without the option, you can refer to some best books such as Logical and Analytical Reasoning book By A. K. Gupta. Read and try to understand the tricks to get to the answers. Practice without looking at the options.
  • General English – This section will cover topics such as Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Ability. For this section, clear the grammar concepts such as verbs, active-passive voice, subject verb agreement etc and practice questions related to this. There are various worksheets for grammar available online for practice. For antonyms and synonyms, use the internet. There are various sites which provide the list of antonyms, synonyms. You can make a notebook for this too and jot down the ones you think are important and review it frequently.

Some Basic Preparation Tips for SNAP 2018

And here are some basic preparation tips to help you crack the exams:

  • The students who manage their time well and efficiently can get more studying done in lesser time. So you must make a timetable and manage your daily chores and other tasks.
  • If there is a subject that you are not good at, make sure to give it more time than the other subjects, so that you increase your chances of scoFor Quantitative Aptitudering more in the examination.
  • There will be negative marking in the question paper. So if you are not sure of the answer of the question then you must not take the risk of answering it as you may lose marks. Don’t attempt the questions that are hard.
  • If you want to memorise anything, you can use flashcards. You can write down the question on one side of the paper and answer on the other side of the paper. this is a very easy way to memorise one-word answers that will be helpful for the preparation of special questions.
  • Regularly attempt mock tests. Solve as many previous papers as you can. By solving many questions you will know what are your strengths and weaknesses.

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