Symbiosis MBA is offered with various specializations. To study MBA in Symbiosis, candidates can choose between 15 institutes. SIBM Pune, SICSR Pune, SCMHRD Pune, SIIB Pune, SITM Pune, SIMS Pune, SIMC Pune, SIOM Nashik, SCIT Pune, SIHS Pune, SIBM Bengaluru, SSMC Bengaluru, SSBF Pune, SIBM Hyderabad, SSSS Pune are under Symbiosis International University and they offer MBA.

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Symbiosis MBA Admission 2018/2019 will be done on basis of SNAP 2018. SNAP is the MBA entrance exam for admission to abovementioned institutes.

Candidates who wish to study any MBA specialization need to first register for SNAP 2018 and then also in the desired Symbiosis Institute. On basis of SNAP results, candidates are shortlisted for institutes and thereafter undergo selection process.

For all candidates who dream of studying MBA from Symbiosis, this page holds all the desired information on fees, placements, entrance exam, admission. Read on to know more.

Symbiosis MBA Fees

The fee structure at each Symbiosis Institute, for MBA, is unique. If you are deciding upon institute, or have to take other action on basis of Symbiosis MBA Fees, then you should check actuals now.

Here we are providing you links of official web pages displaying fee structure of each Symbiosis Institute. Since fee changes every year, you should check the latest fee.

Name of Institute Fee Latest Fee Structure
SIBM Pune First instalment – 5,31,500. Second instalment – 4,96,500. Click Here
SICSR Pune First instalment – 1,05,000. Second instalment – 3,04,250. Third instalment – 3,74,250. Click Here
SCMHRD Pune First instalment – 4,53,750. Second instalment – 4,18,750. Click Here
SIIB Pune First instalment – 431,750. Second instalment – 396,750. Click Here
SITM Pune First instalment – 3,80,000. Second instalment -3,45,000. Click Here
SIMS Pune First instalment – 278,500. Second instalment – 243,500. Third instalment – 243,500. Click Here
SIMC Pune First instalment – 3,48,500. Second instalment – 2,98,500. Click Here
SIOM Nashik 5,83,000 Click Here
SCIT Pune First instalment – 3,54,750. Second instalment – 3,19,750. Click Here
SIHS Pune First instalment – 2,65,000. Second instalment – 2,30,000. Click Here
SIBM Bengaluru First instalment – 4,60,500. Second instalment – 4,25,500. Click Here
SSMC Bengaluru First instalment – 3,56,000. Second instalment – 3,06,000. Click Here
SSBF Pune First instalment – 3,94,000. Second instalment – 3,59,000. Click Here
SIBM Hyderabad First instalment – 4,00,500. Second instalment – 3,65,000. Click Here
SSSS Pune First instalment – 2,67,500. Second instalment – 2,32,500. Click Here

Symbiosis MBA Placements

Main purpose of an MBA degree is to gain knowledge to become better leaders of tomorrow. While many MBA graduates go on to set up wonderful businesses of their own, many more chose to get placed in reputed companies. Therefore, knowing the Symbiosis MBA Placements are important.

Whether a campus has good or average placements, forms a big part of deciding among the institutes. Like fees, we are providing you direct links of placement data published by Symbiosis. Each institute has different placement records. Check them out.

Name of Institute Placement Highlights (of last available data) Check Latest Symbiosis MBA Placements
SIBM Pune 191 offers. 85 Participating companies. 16.23 LPA average CPC. 63 PPOs. 23.05 LPA is the top 50 average CTC. 20.07 LPA is the top 100 CTC. 28 LPA is the highest compensation. 48 recruiters. Click Here
SICSR Pune Maximum Package – 8.00 Lakhs p.a.for a fresher. Average Package: 5.00 Lakhs p.a.for a fresher. Internship Stipend : 25,000 per month. Total Placed : 61. Click Here
SCMHRD Pune Highest domestic compensation was 28.74 LPA. Average compensation was 14.61 LPA. Top 50 compensation was 21.24 LPA. 95 recruiters. 31% PPO. 10.3% increase in average compensation. Click Here
SIIB Pune Average salary offered in domestic compensation was 10.25 LPA. Median salary offered in domestic compensation was 10.45 LPA. Highest salary offered in domestic compensation was 16.23 LPA. Average salary offered in international compensation was 30.59 LPA. Median salary offered in international compensation was 30.59 LPA. Highest salary offered in international compensation was 45.12 LPA. Click Here
SITM Pune Highest annual package in lakhs was 19.15. Average annual package in lakhs was 8.23. Freshers average compensation was 7.16 LPA. Average annual compensation for top 25% students was 12.6 lakh. Also, average annual compensation for top 50% students was 10.26 lakh. Average annual compensation for top 75% students was 8.97 lakh. Click Here
SIMS Pune Max package was 22 lakhs. Average package was 8.5 lakhs. Minimum package was 6.5 lakhs. Click Here
SIMC Pune 92% Placements. Highest salary was 10 lakh. Average salary was 5.4 lakh. Click Here
SIOM Nashik Maximum CTC was 17.5 LPA. Average CTC was 9.74 LPA. Median CTC was 10 LPA. Average CTC for laterals was 10.4 LPA. Average CTC for freshers was 7.18 LPA. Click Here
SCIT Pune Number of participating companies was 41. Highest domestic package was 13.94 LPA. Average package of top 50 was 11.08 LPA. Average package of top 100 was 9.74 LPA. Eligible students placed was 93%. Click Here
SIHS Pune 29 Recruiters. 81 ffers. Average CTC was 5 LPA. Highest CTC was 7 LPA. 3 PPOs. Click Here
SIBM Bengaluru Highest CTC offeres was 25 LPA. Average CTC was 9.67 LPA. Median CTC was 9.5 LPA. Click Here
SSMC Bengaluru Industry bifurcation was between Ad, PR, Market research and media management, Corporate, Digital. Click Here
SSBF Pune 100% placement of eligible students. Highest CTC was 10.25 LPA. Average CTC was 7.05 LPA. Click Here
SIBM Hyderabad 92% Students were placed. Highest package offered was 12 LPA. Average package offered was 6.6 LPA. 48 Companies. Click Here
SSSS Pune Students are placed in Strategic Sports Event Management, Sports Analytics, Sports Marketing, Sports Governance, Managing Sports Facility, Sports Sciences, Legal Aspects in Sports, Media Management, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Sports Economics. Click Here

Symbiosis MBA Entrance Exam 2018

SNAP Test: Symbiosis National Aptitude (SNAP) Online Test 2018 is the entrance exam for Symbiosis MBA 2018/2019. It is a mandatory test.

  • Number of questions – 150
  • Maximum marks – 150
  • Exam duration – 2 hours
  • Exam mode – Online
  • Type of question – Objective

The exam pattern is as follows:

S.No. Sections No. Of Qs. Marks
1 General English (Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability) 40 40
2 Quantitative, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency 40 40
3 Current Affairs 30 30
4 Analytical And Logical Reasoning 40 40

There is negative marking to the tune of -1 per incorrect answer.

Symbiosis MBA Admission 2018

Symbiosis MBA Admission 2018 is announced along with SNAP 2018. Candidates who are interested in getting MBA admission in Symbiosis should register for SNAP and Symbiosis institutes. Candidates should apply for those institutes and MBA programs that they are interested in. They should also pay requisite application fee.

Those who apply can appear in SNAP 2018. Then on basis of SNAP 2018 result, candidates will be shortlisted for selection process. Selection process dates are different for each institute. Then on basis of overall performance, candidates get admission to Symbiosis MBA.

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