TANCET MBA 2019 Preparation – Every year, the TANCET takes place in the month of May. Similarly, TSCHE will announce the dates of TANCET 2019 soon. Before that, candidates who are planning to take this exam must start their preparation as soon as possible. The overall preparation requires focussing on five sections. These sections will have questions which will test your logical, thinking and reading ability. So, you need to prepare equally for all of them to secure a good seat in an MBA Programme. Moreover, the TANCET MBA 2019 Preparation requires a different strategy as its exam pattern is little different from exams like CAT. After checking the TANCET Syllabusyou need to practice lots of previous year questions apart from learning new topics. So, to know more about TANCET MBA 2019 Preparation strategy and tips, refer the article given below.

To check the TANCET MBA 2019 Syllabus, Click Here.

TANCET MBA 2019 Preparation

The section you must give extra attention to is the analysis of the business solution. This part has no specific way to attempt the questions. You need to answer them from the business perspective to crack this section. Moreover, in English section, much focus is given to error finding and correction. So, practice more and more to get comfortable with grammar pattern.

#1. Time Management

If you are preparing for other exams as well, then are you are already prepared for the 50% syllabus of the exam. So, for the rest of the preparation, spare extra few hours for this exam. You can divide the time into 30 minutes sessions. This way you can give time to business analysis, RC and verbal ability section. Even if you devote two months and practice continuously, then you will face not a problem in the actual exam. So, from starting stick to your exam schedule and follow it anyhow.

#2. Practice Mocks

Since there is no specific books and methods to solve some of the sections in this test. So, solving mocks, previous year question papers, and sample paper will help you a lot to prepare for this section. Take atleast one mock daily and increase the frequency as time passes. Even more, revise after taking a mock. This way you will able to rectify your mistakes and ensure that you do not repeat them again. As TANCET is not tough once you get familiar with the type of questions come in this exam.

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Analysis of Business Solution Preparation

In this section, two types of questions can appear based on the business situation. It can be mathematical or theoretical. Moreover, passages are 600 words long. So, it requires that you carefully read the passage to avoid missing any important information. Further, you can follow these tips while attempting any questions related to this topic.

  • Read the passage carefully and mark the important information in the question paper. You can also make a flowchart of the details given.
  • There are chances that question tries to confuse you, so choose options that are ethically and morally correct.
  • Always look for the optimum solution for a problem.
  • Based on arguments given, stick to the information given in the passage. Don’t assume unless question asks to do so.

Reading Comprehension Preparation

This section has direct questions on the basis of the comprehension. You will not find many questions on inference based. Though one can never predict what changes can appear in the exam. Moreover, the basic funda to attempt these questions that you read and retain what is given in the passage well.

  • To improve reading habit, read a variety of topics. This way you will develop how to retain the details given in an article. Ensure that after reading a passage, you know the summary of each paragraph.
  • Focus on transition words, this way you will know the change in the sequence of events.
  • Since this is an offline examination, mark the important points in the question paper only.
  • Then, come to questions. Read questions carefully and rely on the information given in the passage only.
  • You can also use reverse strategy. Read questions first and then move towards reading the passage.

Problem Solving Preparation

The questions in this section are direct and easy to attempt. Given that you are done with all the basic concepts and its formulas.

  • Take a topic each day. Learn its concept and attempt 30 questions based on it. This way you will able register a topic in your mind.
  • Once you are done with individual topics, solve atleast 30 miscellaneous questions daily. Whichever questions you do wrong, go back to its basics and revise it.
  • Wite the formulas in one place and revise them frequently in a period of 15 days.

Data Sufficiency Preparation

Th questions in this section have to attempt according to the number of statements given to reach a solution. For this, you need to be clear with basic mathematical concepts. This way you will able to do these questions better.

  • First, read the question statement carefully to know what actually the question is asking. Focus on words like less than, equal etc
  • Then read the given two statements. Try to solve the questions with the first statement and then with other. Following that with both. If still, you are not able to reach a solution then mark questions cannot be answered with both the statements combined.

English Language Preparation

For this section focus on grammar and vocabulary. It is easy to attempt it if you learn the grammar rules well.

  • Learn all the parts of speech. Like nouns, pronouns, tenses etc.
  • Pay attention to verbs and its parts like transitive and intransitive verbs.
  • Learn uses of punctuations and how to use them in a sentence.
  • Pick new words daily and revise them frequently.

TANCET MBA 2019 Exam Pattern

It is necessary that you know exam pattern of TANCET. It includes the marking scheme, number of questions and sections etc. In the exam number of questions in each section not pre-defined. We can take a rough estimate calculate the average number of questions in each section.

Total number of questions: The test has total 100 questions overall.
Types of questions: MCQ type questions of four option each.
Marking Scheme: Each question carries one mark for every correct answer.
Negative marking: Deduction of  1/3 mark for every incorrect answer and double shading of answers.

Name of the Section Number of questions(Approx.)
Analysis of Business Situation 20-30
Reading Comprehension 20-15
Problem Solving 20- 25
Data Sufficiency 20-15
Verbal Ability 20-15

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