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TISSNET 2019 Preparation – Every year, the TISS exam takes place in January for the new academic session. So, candidates who have decided to appear for M.A Programme in TISS institute must start their preparation soon. The TISSNET 2019 Preparation is not that much strenuous if you are already preparing for other management exams. Even, non-management exam students can easily prepare by referring a good aptitude book. The exam is easy but the fewer number of seats in the course makes the exam tough nut to crack. In order to clear the exam, you must practice TISS difficult level questions more and more. Additionally, keep maintaining the accuracy to clear the exam. Even more, for TISSNET 2019 Preparation focus on the general knowledge part to secure a good percentile in the exam. Here in this article, you will find TISSNET 2019 Preparation tips and strategies to crack the exam.

TISSNET 2019 Preparation

Most of the candidates easily able to attempt the English and mathematics section in the exam. The section which troubles the most is the GK section. So, you must start preparing for this section as soon as possible. As other two sections will be automatically prepared if you are taking exams like CAT, XAT, NMAT etc. Non-Management exam students can also crack quant and logical by preparing diligently.

Exam Pattern

In the exam, there are 100 questions of one mark each with no negative marking. Moreover, the paper is divided into three sections comprising of General Awareness, English Proficiency, Mathematics with 40, 30, 30 questions respectively. Candidates have to complete the test in 1 Hour & 40 Minutes. The GK can be attempted in 10-15 minutes, while 30 minutes for English and rest of the time for Maths.

To download the TISSNET 2019 Syllabus, Click Here.

How to Prepare for TISSNET General Knowledge

It is easy to get 30+ in this section if you reading newspapers daily and tracking the latest news regularly. It is not easy to read and remember all the topics due to the vastness of syllabus. What you can do is learn bit by bit daily and revising regularly. Chances are high that in the exam you get the idea of right answers after analyzing all the options of the questions.

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Read News Paper Regularly

  • To keep updated with the latest news, you need to read newspapers regularly. If you don’t have the time for the hard copy then download the news apps on the phones. You can read the newspapers in your meantime or in traveling time. Nowadays, you can also access the audio service of various newspapers.
  • If you are following a news then read about it regularly.
  • Note down the important event details like important dates, the name of the person in news, awards and honors etc. These notes you can revise before the exam to keep everything fresh.
  • You can read newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Economist etc.
  • Download their apps or “In shorts” is also a good app to know the latest news.

“Read current Affairs from January 2018 to December 2018”

Make Notes

  • Pick any topic and access all the information related to it on the internet. For example, take one or two days and read all about World organizations.
  • Take any static GK book and read important rivers etc.
  • Read stats like largest and smallest, first invention etc.
  • Make notes of them to revise before the examination day.

Books to refer for GK section

Check TISSNET 2019 Recommended Books, Here

Practice Mocks

Reading a  lot will not help if you do not attempt daily quizzes and test to prepare test this section. So, daily solve current affair quiz and practice questions from static gk as well.

tissnet preparation

How to Prepare for TISSNET English Proficiency

Preparation for this sections depends on how much you already know. This section does not require any separate preparation. Though you need to learn topics like idioms etc, which are uncommon in other exams. Those who have good command in English can brush up important words, grammar rules. Besides that, keep giving RC mocks to practice the same. For, candidates who need to prepare for TISSNET especially, then follow the given tips for preparation.


tissnet english syllabus - aglasem

  • All the topics written above can be corrected if you improve the vocabulary.
  • To improve the vocabulary, read regularly. Pick anything which is informative and interesting.
  • Try to pick new words and learn their context. Also, read their synonyms and antonyms. This way you will learn different words from the same word.
  • You can also follow root word strategy for example with mal – you can form malicious, malfunction etc. For this, you can refer Norman Lewis, Word Power Made Easy.
  • For idioms, read 10 of them daily. You can refer to a book like SP Bakshi or download the list of idioms from the internet. So, “go an extra mile” to boost your preparation.
  • Similarly, for homophones, read 5 or 6 daily. Because like a wise man who knew everything because he used to learn new every day, you have to learn daily.

Click Here for TISSNET Previous Year Question Papers


  • In grammar, there will question come in the form of sentence corrections and error spotting. So, to attempt such questions, you have to clear the grammar rules first.
  • Read grammar rules form any book and start practicing the questions.
  • Revise the rules after every regular interval to keep them fresh in your mind.
  • Moreover while reading, focus on sentence construction and grammar.

Reading Comprehension

tissnet rc

  • Reading comprehension is not difficult. As much focus on the exam is on vocabulary and grammar.
  • Just practice 2 RC daily to keep a habit of attempting passages.

How to Prepare for TISSNET Maths & Logical Reasoning

This section has nothing to prepare separately if you are already done with quant, DI, LR topics of other exams. What you can do is just practice the type of questions that came in TISSNET.

  • For, quant, revise and practice all the topics given in the syllabus.
  • Same is the case with DILR, though only a few questions come from this section, you can practice the questions according to the difficulty level of this paper.

Candidates from Arts/ Humanities can buy a good aptitude book. Learn one topic of syllabus every day. If there are 20 topics, then learn new topic each day. Besides that, solve atleast 50 questions from each topic. Once you are thorough with the topic then start taking full-length mocks.

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If you have any doubts regarding TISSNET 2019 Preparation, please let us know in the comments below.

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