The application process of for TS ICET 2018 has begun. Candidates can apply for it and start their preparation. However, to prepare they must know TS ICET 2018 Syllabus and best books for it. For the same reason, here we have provided detailed TS ICET 2018 syllabus and exam pattern. After going through this article you will be able to identify the important chapters that carry maximum marks and can’t be skipped. This is going to make your preparation for TS ICET 2018 exam easy which is scheduled for May 23-24, 2018.

TS ICET 2018 Syllabus

To prepare for the exam, you only have 2 months with you. This is high time and you need to start with TS ICET 2018 syllabus, today itself. To make the task easy below you can find the detailed syllabus of the paper to assist you to score well.

A syllabus is something that you can’t afford to skip and thus preparing for the examination in accordance with it is vital. TS ICET 2018 syllabus has been divided into 3 sections: Analytical Ability, Mathematical Ability and Communication Ability.

In the table below you can find the important topics that have been included in TS ICET 2018 syllabus:

Section A – Analytical Ability

Data Sufficiency
Problem Solving
Sequences and Series
Data Analysis
Coding and Decoding Problems
Date, Time and Arrangement Problems

Section B – Mathematical Ability

Arithmetical Ability
Algebraical and Geometrical Ability
Statistical Ability

Section C – Communication Ability

Vocabulary based Questions
Terminology and concepts in Computer and Business contexts
Functional Grammar
Coding and Decoding Problems
Reading Comprehension

TS ICET 2018 Syllabus – Download PDF File

Click Here to Download TS ICET 2018 Syllabus in PDF format.

TS ICET 2018 Exam Pattern

Below you can find entire exam pattern of TS ICET 2018 exam:

Mode of Examination: Online

Maximum Marks: 200

Total No. of Question: 200

Time Duration: 150 minutes or 2 hours and 30 minutes

The language of Question Paper: English and Telugu for Section A & B. For Section C only English

Section No. of Questions Maximum Marks
Analytical Ability 75 75
Mathematical Ability 75 75
Communication Ability 50 50

How to Prepare for TS ICET 2018 Exam?

Since only 2 months are left for the exam and Application Form have been released, it is time to get ready for the final battle. You need to start your preparation now. For the same reason, we have TS ICET 2018 syllabus and exam pattern has been provided above. You can note it down or download it for easy access.

First thing first. You need to identify the topics you are weak at. Note down the topics which you find easy and hard on different papers.

Now follow the points to complete TS ICET 2018 syllabus well in time and score fairly good marks in the examination:

  • Wake up early: You need to be focused and dedicated to scoring well in just 60 days. Start your day early and revise the topics you have done the previous day. As the general saying goes by: You are more likely to remember the things you study early morning. Keep this in mind and train yourself smartly.
  • Start solving papers: Get access to previous year question papers and solve the questions related to the topics you have done. This will help you revise and also you will be able to understand the type of questions that might be asked in TS ICET 2018.
  • Don’t keep the doubts with yourself: If you have any doubts in TS ICET 2018 syllabus, get in touch with the mentors and your college professors and lecturers. They will definitely provide you with the solutions. And who knows if they have something up their sleeves and might give you some really helpful tips to score in the exam and complete your TS ICET 2018 syllabus.
  • Take mock tests: Mock tests are something that trains you for the real exam. When you solve the questions in mock tests, think of it as your actual paper and try to answer the questions within the given time. In this manner, you will learn time management as well as you’ll get hang of paper.
  • Learn shortcuts and tricks to solve questions: While completing TS ICET 2018 syllabus in accordance with exam pattern, it is important to know the shortcuts for solving the questions without spending much time on a single question.

Best Books to Prepare for TS ICET 2018 as per the Syllabus

To prepare for the exam you must have access to the most recommended books that are going to be helpful for you guys. Below you can find the list of important books for the paper as per TS ICET 2018 syllabus. We have also provided a direct link so that you can purchase it without any difficulty:

Book Name and Author Buy Here
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by RS Aggarwal Get Here
I-CET Model Papers by Vikram Editorial Board Get Here
Kiran’s Icet For MBA/MCA 2007 To 2016 Solved Papers (English) – 1866 by Kiran Prakashan Get Here
AP ICET 2018 (Andhra Pradesh Integrated Common Entrance Test) for MBA/MCA by SIA Experts Get Here

The official website for TS ICET 2018 is


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