TS ICET 2019 Preparation – The integrated management entrance test takes place in the month of May 2019. So, after checking the TS ICET 2019 exam dates, you can start the exam preparation. Besides that, check the TS ICET Syllabus to know the exact topics that you need to prepare. Focusing on these topics will help you to strategically plan the timetable for the remaining months that are left for the entrance exam. For the TS ICET 2019 Preparation, it requires that punctuality and dedicated towards your study. As well as analyzing your performance and practicing mock test would give a boost to your preparation. To know the complete TS ICET 2019 Preparation strategy and tips, read the article below.

TS ICET 2019 Preparation

The preparation for any exam requires the strenuous following of timetable and must be done according to its syllabus. First of all, analyze the weak and strong areas. Then divide the time that you have to give to each topic. Once you are done with all the topics, attempt a mock test daily and analyze the mistakes frequently.

Download TS ICET 2019 Syllabus: Get the Complete Syllabus Here.

Time Management

For any exam, it is necessary that you give aa fix few hours for its preparation. Sticking to that particular hours is necessary to keep the preparation going. Whether you are a graduate or a working professional, you must follow the routine properly. Remember consistency is the key. If you manage your time well, then you will see progress in your learning level automatically.

Practice Mocks

For the better preparation, it is necessary that you practice what you have learned. This way you will able to remember the concepts much longer. A theory is one thing and doing practice is another. So, after learning each topic revise it through doing atleast 30 questions of it. After the completion of all the topics, revise and practice the miscellaneous questions. So, to get comfortable with attempting questions from all the topics in one go.


This is the most important part of the preparation of an exam. So, whenever you attempt a mock, revise the mistakes you have made in it. This way you can revise the topic where you are lacking. If you often forget the formulas then write it down on a paper and revise it frequently. Make notes of the new points and tips that you learn during the mocks. It will help you a lot at the end.

TS ICET 2019 Exam Pattern

First of all, check the exam pattern of an exam before starting your preparation. It will give you a general idea of the number and type of questions in the exam. Moreover, you will know the marking scheme and total duration of the exam.

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Mode of Examination – The exam is an online computer based test.
Types of Question – All questions multiple choice with four option each.
Medium of test – English – Section-C; English, Telugu, and Urdu – Section-A & Section-B.
Marking Scheme – Each question carries 1 mark for every correct answer. Moreover, there is no negative marking in the exam.
Number of Questions – There are total 200 questions in the paper.
Duration of the exam – The total duration of the exam is 150 minutes.

Section Number of Questions Average Time to give in the exam
Analytical Ability 75 55 – 60 Mins
Mathematical Ability 75 55 – 60 Mins
Communication Ability 50 20 – 30 Mins

TS ICET 2019 Analytical Ability Preparation

For the preparation of this section, you need to go through two topics. They are data sufficiency and problem-solving. Both topics have different types of questions that need practice.

Data Sufficiency

  • First of all, to attempt these questions, you need to clear the basic mathematical concepts. It will help a lot to solve these questions.
  • Read the question properly and don’t assume anything by your side.
  • Then go step by step. Try to solve the question with the first statement and then with second separately.
  • Now, apply both of them to check if you are able to reach a conclusion.
  • In these question do not do full calculation. As most of the questions are asked to check if the given information is sufficient to answer a question or not.


  • For the sequence and series, practice as many questions as possible. Write common patterns in one place. Most of the questions are the combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In one level above there is an inclusion of squares and cubes, reverse patterns etc.
  • In odd one out, try to find the similar pattern. If four places name is given then the chances are odd one is the union territory, capital etc.
  • In Date, Time & Arrangement Problems – Practise as much as possible. Check all the topics from the syllabus and learn a topic daily.
  • Moreover, in coding and decoding problems. There is a code pattern of English Alphabet there in the question. So, save time learn the number for each alphabet orally instead of writing the number of an alphabet every time. Whenever asked ‘T’, then you be should be quick to reply 20.
  • In data analysis, there direct questions based on simple tables and pie charts. You can easily solve then, given that you don’t make mistakes while doing the calculation.

TS ICET 2019 Mathematical Ability Preparation

This is the section which tests the candidates’ the mathematical aptitude of the candidate. So, questions are doable if you are atleast clear with the basic concepts.

  • Pick a topic daily and learn it. If you already know about the topic then practice its questions to make it your strong area.
  • Whenever you find a new formula, write it down on a paper or a notebook. Revise it frequently so they remain fresh in your brain.
  • Don’t focus only on the tricks and short method. They can lend you in a trap. So, learn the theory first and then move towards learning short methods.
  • There are 75 questions in this section. So, there is an apt room that questions from each topic will come in the exam. So, try that you cover every topic from the syllabus.

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TS ICET 2019 communication Ability Preparation

This section is the combination of four parts as given below. The best part about this section is you can score very well in it. If you are


This section has direct word meaning and Fill in the blanks questions. So, to be strong in the vocabulary part is necessary. To do so, read more and write new words daily. Learn them by heart and try to use them in your daily conversation. Moreover, learn the context in which they are used and read the proper definition of a word atleast once.

Business and Computer terminology

This section will have the basic computer terminologies to be answered. So, take 10th – 11th standard book and read the chapters like the Basic introduction to computers. Focus on abbreviation and terminology. You can also attempt online mocks to gather the topics for this section. Moreover, the business terminology is easy to answer if you read the business section of a newspaper daily.

Functional Grammar

For this part, revise the parts of speech. Focus on tenses, verbs, preposition, and conjunction. Moreover, properly revise the rules of active and passive voice. This section only requires the practice of the given topics. Even learning rules thoroughly will help to score well in this section.

Reading Comprehension

For this section, practice 4 passages daily. Length of the passages is not long. So, it is easy to attempt the questions in an exam. For reading part, try to note down the time in which you are to read the whole passage. With time, try to reduce that time. This way you can give more time to the time-consuming section in the paper.

TS ICET Previous Year Question Paper

The previous year question papers are a good source for practice. You must solve to analyze your preparation level and to check the type of questions come in the exam.

Official website: www.icet.tsche.ac.in

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